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In no particular order, cause I’m too lazy to sort them today:

ADHD drugs can affect later generations

How to fake your positive on a covid spit test

Using looks to judge a person

Turns out some people are naturally immune to ebola

as much as 10% of Europeans may be immune to HIV

yes, prior to 2020 we did indeed have hospitals getting over-run with flu patients

and again

Did we really need more proof that the media LUVs hype over truth?

A certain drug (aka “horse wormer”) has anti-cancer properties

Mask mandates made no difference on hospital consumption

At breakdown of a study on miscarriages and the C19 vax

Pfizer’s vax trials might have had…..issues….

Face masks and social distancing may have caused a 23% reduction in child development

UK: an estimated 740,000 cancer cases missed due to covid response

Elder abuse rose during pandemic

How to see actual bed usage at your local hospital

Vaccines are not foolproof and can and do cause more problems than they fix on occasion, and sometimes it can take years for it to be noticed (aka, there’s a REASON why we don’t rush vaccines)

a twitter thread on the various pandemic policies prior to C19

a genetic marker for C19 outcomes?

a twitter thread looking at things that were considered conspiracy theories and resulted in people being blocked and shunned by family, friends

covid outcome by blood type

asthma not actually a risk factor for covid

Ethanol might be worse for the climate than gas

Gosh, wasn’t that a conspiracy theory? MA admits that it counted as C19 death if the deceased had a positive test in the prior 60 days, regardless of actual cause of death.

CDC reduces pediatric C19 death count by 24%, blames “coding error”

small children are still at higher risk of drowning than from C19

Pandemic disruptions caused at least 228,000 childhood deaths in S Asia (by comparison, at the time of print, S Asia had a TOTAL C19 death number of 186,000 in all ages)

UK: 5 times as many kids died of suicide than of C19 in 2020

in 202021 more adults (18-45) died of fentanyl overdose than of Covid

alcohol related deaths spiked by 25% in 2020 (I had family tell me I was exaggerating the numbers when I posted something warning of this early in the shutdown)

Infact, alcohol related deaths, in the under 65 age range, was just slightly higher than the C19 deaths in 2020 (can I go rub this in my mother’s face?)

Twitter thread: Columbus OH, speech/language/hearing testing failure at near double previous numbers in children

Pandemic kids have ALOT of catching up to do

Proper ventilation alone can cut covid cases by 80%

Sweden: open schools and covid (spoiler, VERY low incidence)

Sweden’s inconvenient Covid victory

What Sweden got right

Twitter thread by someone living through the ShangHai lockdowns

Twitter thread: the state of commerce in China, I haven’t verified most of this, but remember China is (like it or not) a major supplier and hub for just about everything, if this thread is even half right we’re going to be continuing to see growing shortages for a WHILE.

ShangHai lockdowns continue to fuckup the supply chain

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