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Interesting take on which vaccine to take. Note, this is a REALLY basic “study”. But interesting anyway.

Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier of edible palm oil, is set to stop exporting it, effective today. The article looks at this from the POV of India, but if you think this won’t affect everyone you’re not paying attention.

I know I pointed out previously that by attempting to lock down the world, to avoid what is essentially a really bad cold virus, we were doing serious harm to our immune systems. The bill is already coming due.

But teh SciEncE is SETTLED!!!!

The constant call to booster is not only not settled science, it might make it impossible to settle the science.

Children aged 2-5yrs are still required to wear masks in NYC.

So, it turns out that on rare occasion the flu can cause (some really really nasty) vulva ulcers in girls and young women. I had no idea, but apparently it’s a known side effect in some people. So I guess it wasn’t a huge surprise when it turned out that C19 did the same. What did come as a surprise, is that apparently at least one of the C19 vaccines appears to cause them as well. More. More. The youngest known patient was 5years old. The description of what these ulcers do to a woman is horrid. Picture a 5yr old with necrotic tissue inside the vulva, to the point where it hurts to walk or use the bathroom.

The smallest and most helpless are at risk of starving due to shortages.

So it turns out that at least one of the people driving the C19 panic is a liar.

Edited to add one more: technically not a link, but, if you have a twitter account, do a search for “#ImmunizeUnder5s” and just boggle your mind with the damage being done to today’s toddlers. Warning: it just gets more horrifying the more you look at it and think about it.