A short one this time, but there’s a couple important ones here.

There is a shortage of the IV contrast used for various medical imaging. Hospitals have already started limiting scans and even heart surgeries because of it. I warned of shortages of medical drugs and equipement last year, and once again various family told me I was over reacting.

Retroactive study finds that in kids 5-11 the Pfizer vax was a whopping 12% effective against omicron. Explain to me again why it was worth the political mess to push these through?? And why are we still trying to force the same vax on people now? Why haven’t they gotten an updated version out, wasn’t that one of the points of the mRNA vax’s? That they could be turned around to adapt faster?

Some sciFi author predicted this years ago. A transfusion of brain fluid from young mice to old mice rejuvenated the old brain.

East coast diesel inventory is dropping and prices are climbing. Word of mouth among big rig drivers is that they’re being warned of pending shortages. You know what shortages of diesel mean? It means goods stop moving. Including all sorts of fresh food items.

India’s supreme court just ruled that no one can be forced to get vax’d.

There’ve been so many arguments over masks and if they work. And frankly all the “studies” both for and against have kinda sucked. This is the first one I’ve seen that actually looks at something realistic. Participants were placed in a sealed room wearing various PPE and with varying levels of air filtration, and then an aerosolized virus was sprayed into the room. Participants were then swabbed, both face and nostrils to see what made a difference. The ONLY mask that made a difference? A leak checked N95. Adding HEPA filtration also made a difference. ANY OTHER MASK, including non-leak tested N95s made absolutely no difference. And no, that N95 you are pulling on and off at work or in between stores is not leak proof.

But that was a conspiracy theory!! Or not……

15 states want the USPS to use only electric vehicles. To the point of sueing them to stop the purchase of gas powered vehicles. Are we TRYING to screw the delivery of mail even further??

Meanwhile Paris has suspended its electric bus fleet due to fires.

The cities are not ok.

Youth mental health services are completely overwhelmed.

Long covid has little to no impact on children.

Turns out that “long-flu” was a thing too, it just didn’t get the publicity.

A look at mask wearing, mask mandates, and covid cases in Europe (spoiler, not only did the masks NOT help, they might have made it worse).

Saliva tests more accurate than nasal swabs for finding Covid19. So why are we still sticking swabs up people’s noses??

There’s about to be a shortage of pizza crust.

Lack of fertilizer means lack of crops. Which means next winter is going to suck. I keep harping on this, but really, eating is kinda important….

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