NYS Supreme Court decision on allowing non-citizens to vote

Supreme court says intention matters when it comes to prescribing pain pills

Supreme court says “may issue” firearms license is against the 2nd amendment. Which is going to make one of those newly passed NYS laws interesting to enforce.

Biden says gender identity protections more important than Title IX

Detroit Public Library finally reopening, after two years closed

Age and Sex specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis after RNA covid vax, meanwhile the USA is the only country to approve them for under 5’s, despite horrid effectiveness rates in studies, and at least one school is rumored to have already mandated them for pre-K students, and Twitter is banning people who point that out. Not to mention that we’re 2years into this, it’s not longer an emergency, by any standard of the definition.

No wait, I KNOW this was a conspiracy theory….”The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials (2.3 and 6.4 per 10,000 participants, respectively).

And here’s ANOTHER conspiracy theory! At least its only temporary…right?

Children are 44% less likely to suffer from severe covid

and yet toddlers are still required to mask in NYC for certain federally funded programs

Children who previously had covid remain highly protected

Paxlovid approval data based on a total of 15 infections, 5 in the treated group and 10 in the untreated group. In a country with supposedly how many infections daily that was all they could come up with to test this on?

Turns out Comirnaty was never actually a thing, basically they made just enough to get the FDA to push approval through (so that the various vaccine mandates could be pushed through), and then stopped.

CDC caught using faulty data, again.

NOLA’s mayor has decided that a hair pick is the ultimate representation of black people

Polio detected in London sewage samples

Germany has had to turn back on coal powered electrical plants

Meanwhile they’re cutting down the Black Forest to make way for wind turbines

Uvalde officers did NOT need to wait for keys

Ohio approving arming teachers

If you had a male puberty you are not allowed to compete in Women’s Swimming (finally!)

Rumors of a DEF fluid shortage may be overblown, or not, only time will tell.

How many flights of stairs to equal a decent workout?

Caterpillar moving to TX

Sriracha sauce shortage?

Digital License plates now an option in 3 states

Smithfields is downsizing

I’m of the opinion that diversity quotas are a bad thing, but this isn’t how you fix that.

There’s a Hall and Oates Emergency Hotline

So, tell me again how you power your electric car?

LA banning gas stoves in new buildings

Garden and flowers

Since I was on crutches and generally not mobile during the garden prep season I didn’t really do much of a garden this year.

Some peppers in pots on the back porch. Some melons in the raised stock tank beds.

A zucchini plant, a pumpkin plant, and a cucumber plant.

I picked two tires to become (hopefully) permanent plantings, Bakers Creek seeds had hardy figs that are supposed to be hardy down to zone 5, which I am. Apparently they’re more bushes than trees here, so this should work about right.

The rest of the garden is going to hell right now. I’ve weed-whacked it, put down a pre-emergent, and roundup, and its still full of weeds and grass. 3 years of neglect coming home to roost I guess. I’ll have to decide how I want to go about getting it back into a condition I can plant in as I continue to become more mobile. I’m off crutches except for work at this point, but the ankle is still not back to full strength (probably another 6 months per the ortho), and so there’s limits to how much I can do at one time.

The fennel in the tractor tire bed is coming back, as are the snap dragon flowers, I’d also planted some purple balloon flowers for early color and as you can see they’re doing well too.

I also planted some flowers in the half barrel planters by the back porch.

NYS to require license to purchase semi-auto rifle, plus more

Actual text of bill S9458 here


Relates to the purchase or taking possession of a semiautomatic rifle; requires a license to purchase or take possession of a semiautomatic rifle; establishes the crimes of criminal purchase of a semiautomatic rifle and criminal sale of a semiautomatic rifle; requires recertification of licenses to purchase or take possession of a semiautomatic rifle every five years.

This was apparently part of a 10 bill package, summary list here.


Requires the creation and imposition of restrictive commercial practices and stringent recordkeeping and reporting to prevent gun sales to individuals with a criminal record; provides that such measures shall be promulgated by the superintendent of state police; restricts premises of sales; requires employee training;  prohibits straw purchases; imposes additional license conditions; requires reporting on a seized or recovered gun to the criminal gun clearinghouse.


Establishes the crimes of making a threat of mass harm and aggravated threat of mass harm.


Requires DCJS to certify or decline to certify that microstamping-enabled pistols are technologically viable and if certified as viable, to establish programs and processes for the implementation of such technology; and, establishes the crime of the unlawful sale of a non-microstamping-enabled firearm


Requires social media networks in New York to provide a clear and concise policy regarding how they would respond to incidents of hateful conduct on their platform and maintain easily accessible mechanisms for reporting hateful conduct on those platforms


Eliminates the grandfathering of large capacity ammunition feeding devices that were lawfully possessed prior to the enactment of the Safe Act or manufactured prior to 1994.


Makes unlawful the purchase and sale of body vests for anyone who is not engaged in an eligible profession. Eligible professions include law enforcement officers and other professions designated by the Department of State in consultation with other agencies. Also requires that any sale of a body vest be done in person.


Creates a new Task Force on Social Media and Violent Extremism in the Attorney General’s office to study and investigate the role of social media companies in promoting and facilitating violent extremism and domestic terrorism online.


Expands who may file an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) petition to include health care practitioners who have examined the individual within the last six months; requires police and district attorneys to file ERPO petitions upon credible information that an individual is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to himself, herself or others; requires the State Police and the Municipal Police Training Council to create and disseminate policies and procedures to identify when an ERPO petition may be warranted; amends the firearm licensing statute to make it clear that when an individual has been reported by a mental health practitioner and a county mental health commissioner has concurred with such practitioner that the individual is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to themself or others, such report is considered in determining whether or not to issue a firearm license to the individual; and, expands the mental health practitioners who can make such reports.


Expands the definition of a “firearm” to include any weapon not defined in the Penal Law that is designed or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of an explosive. This is intended to capture firearms that have been modified to be shot from an arm brace, which are evading our current definitions of firearms and rifles.


Toddlers in NYC are still required to mask at school or daycare.

Freak-out over case rates….and yet, if 20% of NYC really did have covid last month, then we have nothing to worry about from it any more, because the hospitals and support services were NOT even slightly overwhelmed!

JHU study on the effects of lockdowns. Worth the read. Basically we did more harm than good (which, duh).

School counselors on the effects of the pandemic response on kids.

Preprint: Study of inhaled carbon dioxide when wearing masks. For the TL:dr folks–the younger the mask wearer and the more active they are the more carbon dioxide you’re re-breathing, children in the study averaged 6439ppm after just a few minutes in a mask. The international standard for safe amounts? 5000ppm MAX.

In Kansas ’20, counties with mask mandates had higher CFR than those without mandates. An attempt to figure out why.

A while back the CDC did a “study” to “prove” that masks reduced covid cases in schools. It was a REALLY limited and badly done study. So someone redid it, looking at a bigger picture, with better controls. (spoiler, no evidence masks made a bit of difference).

A look at covid in children, study.

Quote: The cumulative rate of infection over the course of the pandemic was about 24 percent in the mandate states as well as in the non-mandate states. Their cumulative rates of Covid mortality were virtually identical, too (in fact, there were slightly more deaths per capita in the states with mask mandates).

Editorial: looking at the covid response.

Your at home covid test contains dangerous chemicals, and they may not be labeled well.

editorial: The Nazification of American Medicine

Retail warehouses are now overstaffed. And again.

Mountain lion gets itself trapped inside classroom. Srsly folks, stop leaving the doors open!

Uvalde School District Police Chief sworn in as city council member.

I was not able to verify the numbers: World has 10 weeks of grain supply

Woman undergoing medical procedure given saline instead of pain medication.

Coming grain shortages

Another reason why I don’t want a fancy self driving car.

Blue eyed humans have a single ancestor in common.

Landmark transplant of pig heart results in death from pig virus.

Indian couple sues son over lack of grandchildren.

Researchers find bio-marker that may cause SIDS

Sarin confirmed as the cause of Gulf War illness.

Germany warns of beer bottle shortage

2020 census results released. There’s a pattern to which states were undercounted and which were overcounted…..

since vaccines are on topic, and with the rise of monkey pox in the news: the most dangerous vaccine.

One gas station in CA is charging over $9/gallon for gas.

Gene editing turns hamsters into fluffy rage monsters.

Montana has a law that states if a student rides a horse to school the principle is responsible for the horse’s care.