Toddlers in NYC are still required to mask at school or daycare.

Freak-out over case rates….and yet, if 20% of NYC really did have covid last month, then we have nothing to worry about from it any more, because the hospitals and support services were NOT even slightly overwhelmed!

JHU study on the effects of lockdowns. Worth the read. Basically we did more harm than good (which, duh).

School counselors on the effects of the pandemic response on kids.

Preprint: Study of inhaled carbon dioxide when wearing masks. For the TL:dr folks–the younger the mask wearer and the more active they are the more carbon dioxide you’re re-breathing, children in the study averaged 6439ppm after just a few minutes in a mask. The international standard for safe amounts? 5000ppm MAX.

In Kansas ’20, counties with mask mandates had higher CFR than those without mandates. An attempt to figure out why.

A while back the CDC did a “study” to “prove” that masks reduced covid cases in schools. It was a REALLY limited and badly done study. So someone redid it, looking at a bigger picture, with better controls. (spoiler, no evidence masks made a bit of difference).

A look at covid in children, study.

Quote: The cumulative rate of infection over the course of the pandemic was about 24 percent in the mandate states as well as in the non-mandate states. Their cumulative rates of Covid mortality were virtually identical, too (in fact, there were slightly more deaths per capita in the states with mask mandates).

Editorial: looking at the covid response.

Your at home covid test contains dangerous chemicals, and they may not be labeled well.

editorial: The Nazification of American Medicine

Retail warehouses are now overstaffed. And again.

Mountain lion gets itself trapped inside classroom. Srsly folks, stop leaving the doors open!

Uvalde School District Police Chief sworn in as city council member.

I was not able to verify the numbers: World has 10 weeks of grain supply

Woman undergoing medical procedure given saline instead of pain medication.

Coming grain shortages

Another reason why I don’t want a fancy self driving car.

Blue eyed humans have a single ancestor in common.

Landmark transplant of pig heart results in death from pig virus.

Indian couple sues son over lack of grandchildren.

Researchers find bio-marker that may cause SIDS

Sarin confirmed as the cause of Gulf War illness.

Germany warns of beer bottle shortage

2020 census results released. There’s a pattern to which states were undercounted and which were overcounted…..

since vaccines are on topic, and with the rise of monkey pox in the news: the most dangerous vaccine.

One gas station in CA is charging over $9/gallon for gas.

Gene editing turns hamsters into fluffy rage monsters.

Montana has a law that states if a student rides a horse to school the principle is responsible for the horse’s care.

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