AI Gun detection

A partial list of the things made from petroleum. Aka: how badly will we fuck ourselves over if we stop petroleum production.

Chinese purchase of ND farmland

Meanwhile Chinese equipement could disrupt US nuclear

Average Manhattan rent breaks $5k

Several NYC election sites couldn’t find their R ballots for the primary (but hey, its all good, no fraud here!)

Oh wait, there were MORE issues with the NYC primaries…..

We’re in the middle of a formula shortage that has people begging strangers on the internet to buy formula for them. But hey, lets send random people formula cause they bought something that indicated they might be pregnant!! Turns out its not a new practice either. Which is really creepy. I mean, I always new that store CCs and membership/discount cards were tracked, but somehow it never occured to me that they’d localize by the CC you used. I really want to go back to all cash now.

Uprisings in Panama

And Ecuador

Meanwhile protests are continuing in the Netherlands, and spreading.

The UK is trying to convince farmers to retire.

Low water in the Rhine causing problems

Twitter thread: Canada is trying to force the cut of nitrogen use in farming by 30% (gosh, wasn’t that what the Netherlands farmers are protesting??). Bloomberg article.

NY Health Commissioner admits to exaggerating child risk in order to force vaccination

Bacterial and fungal contamination on masks. Nor is this the first time thats been reported on.

Twitter thread: looking at the various studies on heart damage risks from the various vax

Nope, no fraud here either

quote: In conclusion, COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients.

Aus wants children as young as 10yrs old to WORK to pay of Covid fines

Its going to take 3 to 5 years for children to recover from the learning loss damage of the pandemic. Assuming we stop playing games NOW with their schooling of course.

Children were already at least risk from Covid and its complications, but that risk is continuing to wane as immunity gains.

Meanwhile: the unvaccinated are contagious for LESS time than vaccinated peoples, published in the NE Journal of Medicine infact. I need to start a post of all the things that were conspiracy theories just a few days ago….

NYC continues to fire employees who aren’t vax’d to their standards.

Interesting take on why the current vaxs aren’t doing what we want. Mucosal immunity. 2nd thread.

NOT AN OLD ARTICLE. China locks down Wuhan (approx 12 million people) over 4 cases of asymptomatic covid.

Twitter thread: What was your lowest point over the mess of the last 2 years? I’ve linked to one of the more heartbreaking posts. All anecdotal of course, and most of them not proveable, but I’ve seen enough evidence of similar to believe them.

Turns out that the current method of news coverage of mass shootings only incites more violence (gosh, what a concept….)

The world is WAY less populated than everyone thinks it is.

Sunscreen doesn’t stop melanoma in darker skinned peoples

Amsterdam airport so short handed they’re NOT ACCEPTING LUGGAGE on transfer flights. Meanwhile Iceland Air is sending baggage handlers along on every flight to the same airport in order to handle the luggage of their customers.

At least 181 educators charged with child sex crimes in 2022 so far.

I haven’t laughed so hard from the irony in I don’t know how long. NYC has LONG voted D, including being lax on illegal immigration, declaring themselves to be a sanctuary city, and at the same time shipping their own homeless off to other cities and states around the country. And now its being done to them and they’re all butthurt.

I imagine that this timing is a coincidence, but considering the goings on in NYC, maybe not. Biden administration decides to finish border wall.

Boston Subway train catches fire

Amazon buys itself a set of health clinics

Gosh, its not like shutting down hospital revenue streams off and on for two years was going to have any impact or anything….

Ok, I guess this links post is all about how I laughed at the irony of life

FCC trying to crack down on auto-warranty scam calls. Good luck with that, I had 3 yesterday alone.

US sending another $270mill to Ukraine

So, while everyone is FREAKING OUT about CO2 levels being to high (and shutting down farms and the like), it turns out that plants actually NEED those higher levels in order to be healthy.

Oh hey, more fraud! The last 16 years of alzheimer’s research is useless

Twitter thread: How to read a research paper (this is what schools should be teaching, instead of gender studies ffs)

Russia continues to cut fuel shipments to Germany.

I’m going to stand here and scream I TOLD YOU SO at the whole goddammed world. You have no clue how much I wanted to be wrong. And now the kids are paying for it. And I’m quite confident that we’ve not seen the worst of it yet. Researchers figure out the cause behind weird hepatitis outbreaks. Study. Your immune system needs to work in order to continue to work properly. Deny it the experience and you fuck yourself over.

Maryland school guidelines on “preferred gender” and “right to use the bathroom and locker-room of your choice”. And any child who finds it uncomfortable to use such spaces while someone while someone of the opposite sex is present will be sent to counseling to teach them otherwise.

Nursing homes sueing friends and family over bills they aren’t liable for.

Fear of prosecution causes doctors to hesitate in treating patients. Also, Missouri requires all pregnancy terminations to be reported to the state (cause thats not going to put a damper on anyone…).

Can we NOT??? Scientists turn dead spiders into zombie robots.

I could keep going, but I think thats enough depression for one day

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