Links 12/19/22

Just why are we still paying for the TSA??

Public strip search

Tax filing websites sending info to FB

Twitter thread: why newborns are having such trouble with RSV

More info on NYC covid emergency/hospitalizations

Did the Cook County ME cure covid deaths?

MA officials worked with Google to install covid spyware on phones

LA county recommending masking again

High BMI = high covid transmission risk

Twitter thread: masking/hiding from covid doesn’t work

states ask .GOV to repeal health care worker vax mandate

11/15/22 Senate votes to end Covid emergency

China to end Zero Covid?

CDC data on bivalent vax

G20: vaccine passports a good thing

Just Data: USA pediatric respiratory death burden, before and after Covid

NYC’s hospital system never reached full capacity in 2020

Kids are more suicidal.

FDA oversight of clinical trials inadequate

Canadian study finds even higher rate of heart problems in young men after 3rd dose

FDA says banning ivermectin was just a “recommendation”

Remember when “viral interference” was a conspiracy theory??

Pandemic stress aged teenagers brains

Confirmation of pre-existing immunity to Covid

Alberta bans school mask mandates and online only learning

WesternU no longer requiring vax

Long Covid vs Long Upper Respiratory sickness

Vitamin D is good again

Of COURSE masks work, that’s why surgeons wear them….or not.

Daily Skeptic: cancer doc’s observing increase in cancer damage after booster?

Teen gets covid vax, dies 3 weeks later

NYT admits that pandemic learning loss is a thing

US DOE admits that students with disabilities badly failed during pandemic

Remember ZIKA?

MRNA flu vax?

Socialized medicine is BETTER! Unless you’re in Canada with a sick kid right now

Americans spending more time alone, and thats bad.

Biden the Union buster, the deal literally allows ONE paid day off per year

Jan 6 geofence warrant by the FBI

Iranian protests.

100’s of Elementary students arrested nationwide.

Biological male comes in #72 on male team, takes 1st on womens

Trans serial molester told to self manage

Mom handcuffed and jailed for allowing 8yr old to walk half-mile

Driver accused to deliberately hitting police recruits released from jail

Man serving life sentence for murder to be released from jail

NY banning native inspired school mascots/sports team names (I’m kinda waiting for them to notice how many towns/cities/counties are named after natives….)

Cali to ban diesel trucks at ports by 2035

Oil deal with Venezuela

Germany about to have meat shortages too

Netherlands to close 3000 farms

UK once again proves it dislikes self defense

San Fran to arm robots

REAL ID being pushed back again (why are we still doing this?? Obviously its not necessary at this point.

Home Depot Employee dies from injuries caused by shoplifter

Amazon gutting Voice Assistant team

More Micro-transaction hell

Airbag will only save you if your subscription is paid up

New law will require kill switches in all cars

Yuan digital currency has an expiration date

Twitter thread: another look at why people voted for Trump

(now former) Biden admin official charged with felony theft

DOD fails audit, can’t account for 61% of assets

Man who inspired The Terminal dies.

Genetically modified tobacco produces cocaine

French man wins right not to be fun at work

Red meat is not a health risk

Kentucky election decided by coin toss.

Barefoot is better, at least for horses

The Samurai who changed Cali

Please don’t release your goldfish into a nearby pond

Viking carvings found in cave in Ukraine

Neon Blue Lava!

I have so many more links, but thats a long enough post for now