Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? And, why don’t we have a cure for alzheimer’s yet??

Our risk-benefit analysis suggests that among 12-17-year-olds, two-dose vaccination was uniformly favourable only in nonimmune girls with a comorbidity. In boys with prior infection and no comorbidities, even one dose carried more risk than benefit

Vax safety for those 65 and older

FDA advisers upset they didn’t have all the data on the vax/boosters

Fake Doctors pushed covid lockdowns on Twitter

Schools re-instate mask mandates

German court rules to force Holocaust survivor to take covid vax

Study looking at the actual risk of a heart attack after covid infection

Excess (non-covid) deaths continue to soar

Canadian judge tosses case against security guards who killed woman for not wearing a mask

For nearly 3 years – not just “since Omicron” – Covid-19 deaths have been severely overcounted

CDC IDs “safety concern” for some people receiving covid vax

FAA has tacitly admitted that since covid vax rollout the EKGs of pilots has changed

Did you lock yourself away and panic over the idea of meeting an unmasked person during the covid mess? Congratulations, you just increased your risk of poor antibody reaction.

The Epidemic of #DiedSuddenly

Children still not allowed to visit mom or grandma in this hospital cause covid

Covid listed as 2ndary COD for apt fire victim.

CDC requires immigrants as young as 6 months to have the covid vax

mRNA vax for animals

USA no fly list leaked, again

The Wall Street Journal asks “where have all the go-getters gone?“, and one answer.

Jan 6 documents include the SS numbers of involved peoples, published online

TMobile customer data stolen

FBI Official Who Investigated Trump Russia Collusion Arrested for Colluding With Russia

How Equifax became a private IRS

Banning gas stoves, the stupidity of the quoted study, again (note, under the stated testing conditions the average adult human would die from carbon dioxide poisoning in about 10hrs so yah), ban that wasn’t a ban, unless you live in NY state in which case ban

Storing away that evil CO2, carbon offsets worthless

Wyoming wants to phase OUT electric vehicles

Rent an electric car for your road trip they said! it’ll be fun they said! Nobody said you’d have to stop and charge the car 6 times a day….

Jan 1 2023 trucks and busses with engines older than 2010 banned in CA

Ford offering $2500 credit to customers who downgrade their vehicle order, due to supply chain issues

More time outside lowers prescription drug usage

Food waste claims don’t add up

Desecration of war graves for fun and profit

Toxic Period Panties

.GOV home equity theft

1/21/2023 Peaceful but fiery protests

If you’re going to go out of your way to commit a felony maybe leave your cell phones at home

100’s of Chicago Public School teachers accused of sexual assault of their students.

LastPass password manager hacked

Raccoon stuck to railroad tracks by his testicles

Mysterious antenna appearing in Utah

The world’s oldest D20 Die

Why was Roman concrete so durable?

Girl finds megalodon tooth on beach

Solution to Ice Age drawings mystery

Dallas Zoo briefly lost their Clouded Leopard. Someone promptly made a twitter account for it.

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  1. The food waste article is interesting. I always assumed (I know, I know), that the term was for usable parts of the food. I also assumed that it didn’t include things like coffee grounds (and tea leaves). And then even if it is donated to a food bank (or probably, by association, donated to the scouts to supply the food bank). So anyway, I guess the banana peels and apple cores that I throw in my compost pile are “wasted”. Egg shells – yep, those are wasted food too. Chicken bones – oh why didn’t I eat those instead of waste them?

    • I thought it was interesting too. While I’ve certainly had the rare package of food that is bought and then sits till its bad and thrown out, its rare, cause who wants to waste the money?? Like many we compost as much as possible. I can believe that there is waste in the system, but it appears its not nearly as much as we’d assumed.

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