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According to educators, this will be a kind of lost generation: under-educated to the point where it drags down their future, and ours.

Last year this would have been classified as mis-information: The World Health Organization has tailored its COVID-19 vaccination recommendations for a new phase of the pandemic, suggesting that healthy children and adolescents may not necessarily need a shot but older, high-risk groups should get a booster

New Study on Long COVID in kids and young adults FAILS to link COVID to Long COVID

Twitter thread: I may never get over the fact one of the most important findings of the last 3 yrs: That transmission rates of infected people to others (secondary attack rate) was unrelated to # of vax doses received was buried in the supplements of this Danish study

Twitter thread: For 3 years, Americans have been given the impressions that Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NYC, was the “epicenter” of overwhelmingly high patient volume fueled by sudden spread of covid-19.

Occupancy Data for New York’s Covid “Epicenter” Hospital Contradicts Perception

Were masks in hospitals a waste of time? Hated NHS policy made ‘no difference’ to Covid infection rates, study finds

Study finds that masking reduces blood ox, increases blood co2

CDC data shows wearing an N95 for longer than an hour at a time causes bad things

The Harms of Masking

Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents

Review shows mask-wearing may contribute to stillbirths, irreversible cognitive deficits in children, testicular dysfunction, and much more.

Switzerland stops the Covid vaccinations: All vaccination recommendations have been withdrawn, doctors can only administer the controversial vaccines in individual cases under certain conditions – but then bear the risk of liability for vaccination damage.

The “Covid Death” Reckoning

The Shifting Narrative on Vaccine Effectiveness

New Study Looks at Vaccine-Associated Cardiac Deaths in Young People

Healthy, athletic 14 yo girl dies 2 days post Pfizer dose 3 diagnosed w/”vaccine-related multiple-organ inflammation.”

British Man Died of Rare Blood Syndrome Linked to AstraZeneca’s Vaccine

Elevated Rate of Facial Paralysis Identified After Pfizer COVID-19 Booster in Elderly: FDA

Chinese Load Cow’s Milk with mRNA Exosomes–Successfully Immunize Mice

Untangling The Adderall Snafu

Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine in Pregnant Women

Coincidences happen, but the fact that the IRS showed up at Matt Taibbi’s house the same day he testified before the new committee investigating weaponization of the federal government is both ironic and highly suspicious

Missouri v. Biden will test the government’s ability to suppress speech in the name of fighting ‘misinformation’

Biden rule will redistribute high-risk loan costs to homeowners with good credit

Biden Administration ‘Facilitating’ Trafficking Of Child Refugees, Florida Grand Jury Charges

Doctor shortages distress rural America, where few residency programs exist

The Paradox of “Clean” EVs and the “Dirty” Lithium Mining Business

EPA approves California rules phasing out diesel trucks

Biden Admin Going Full Steam Ahead with Light Bulb Ban

Japan Breaks With U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil at Prices Above Cap

Federal Court Blocks California City’s Gas Stove Ban, Turning Up The Heat on Democrats

New York becomes the first state to ban natural gas stoves and furnaces in most new buildings

Farmer: Wind turbine fire in rural Western New York caused contamination to family, livestock, and land

Tokyo winters have been cooling since 1984

The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library

A proposed new law would give the government the power to filter what Canadians see in their news feeds, on YouTube and on social media

NYC jury finds Douglass Mackey GUILTY in first-ever meme trial after making memes that disparaged Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election

Transgender athlete research rejected after professor called trans women ‘males’

After Massachusetts superintendent candidate wrote ‘ladies’ in email, the School Committee rescinded its offer

Oregon mother sues after state refuses adoption for not affirming trans procedures

UN-linked report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, says children can consent to sex

Is having no social life as bad for you as smoking?

ChatGPT’s history bug may have also exposed payment info, says OpenAI

ChatGPT falsely accused me of sexually harassing my students

Schumacher family planning legal action over AI ‘interview’ with F1 great

Cracker Barrel follows Walmart’s lead in shuttering its remaining locations in Portland

Walmart closing half of their Chicago stores

Whole Foods FLAGSHIP San Francisco store shuts after just one year

REI to shut down Portland store

Professor Eric Stewart, accused of faking data that makes racism against black and hispanic Americans seem more common than it is, suddenly exits FSU.

Federal judges announce they will refuse to hire clerks from Stanford Law School

A major commodity trader received containers full of painted rocks instead of the $36 million shipment of copper it paid for

Sudan conflict threatens supply of key soft drink ingredient gum arabic

Manhattan garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting thief. Oh wait, never mind.

The NYPD Can Now Shoot GPS Trackers at Your Car

Turn off Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE to protect your Android from Samsung hijack bugs

Hackers hacking computerized farm equipment

The Billionaire Who Controls Your Medical Records

Cop warrant orders Ring to cough up footage from inside this guy’s home

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors has quietly added a proposal on Tuesday’s agenda that seeks to “decarcerate” and “depopulate” LA jails by directing law enforcement & courts to vastly expand the use of “cite and release” & return to COVID emergency bail schedule.

This woman left her AirPods on a plane. She tracked them to an airport worker’s home

Man tracks down stolen truck using Apple Airtag

Turns out the 2017 Las Vegas shooter lost $1.5 million gambling just weeks before the shooting

Here’s how the media covered the arrest of a Florida kid who threatened to shoot up a middle school

If you may need a passport or to renew your passport in the next two years you need to get it done NOW.

Agatha Christie novels reworked to remove potentially offensive language

To comply with a new sesame allergy law, some businesses add — sesame

Indiana Public School Officials Admit Lying to Parents About Critical Race Theory

Fridge explosions, more, more

A Farmington man was denied homeowners insurance after describing a plan to disconnect his oil burner and replace it with a mini-split heat pump and pellet stove

Ohio School District Arms Staff

heist at Toronto Pearson airport leads to $20M in gold, high-value goods stolen

Dog allergen levels in homes with hypoallergenic compared with nonhypoallergenic dogs

Now, however, the state of Colorado has become the first to give farmers the legal right to repair their equipment without being forced to pay for a manufacturer’s repair teams.

Bowyer’s Corner-A Forgotten Ancient Technique

The Gallery of Regrettable Foods

The World’s Blackest Cars

Awbi The Guardian Dog vs The Red Foxes

Little girl keeps stranded octopus alive till rescuers arrive

Sailing boat rescued by the Götheborg

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  1. I saw the headline about the IRS showing up at Matt Taibbi’s house and had the exact same thought – a bit suspicious. Even if it was regrettable timing to begin with (something like that would probably take weeks/months to plan and put into action) you would think the IRS might put off that little incursion once they found out when the date of his testifying was.

    Yep, let’s punish those with good credit so those with more cloudy credit can get better rates on a loan.

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