Links 9/14/2023


Was the COVID Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women

There Was No Pandemic

Another Misleading Long Covid Study

NYC’s rising graduation rates bucked national trends. A little-known grading policy may hold clues.

Christians Arrested For Outdoor Church Service During COVID-19 Win $300,000 Lawsuit

Did you live in NYC during the illegal & immoral “stay home”/quarantine-for-healthy-people orders? Many of the ambulance sirens you heard in an otherwise-quiet city were NOT going to hospital.

Retail health company has Chase accounts suddenly terminated, owner critical of COVID vaccines, FDA

even the NY Times admits that Covid deaths were massively overcounted as a result of absurd statistical methods — i.e. classifying as a Covid death any deceased, for whatever reason, who had recently tested positive.

Dismantling The Covid Pandemic & mRNA “Vaccine” Narratives

FDA has changed the status of Pfizer’s subclinical myocarditis study of a 3rd dose of Comirnaty in 16-30 year olds from ongoing to delayed. The original projected completion date was Dec 2022. Moderna’s study of Spikevax in 18+ is still listed as ongoing, even though its due date was Jun 2023.

“Depressive symptoms at the beginning of the pandemic were the strongest predictor of incident persistent [covid] symptoms in both infected and non-infected participants”

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases

A school snowboarding coach sues after being fired for saying males have athletic advantages over females.

New Zealand has been using a “race-based” surgery waitlist since 2020, and people are only now finding out about it

Harvard behavior scientist who studied honesty accused of fabricating data

Tufts’ Food Compass...It’s Worse Than You Thought

Auto Technology that Stops Drunk Driving Now Required by Law

Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

thousands of birth control pills recalled because they may not work

London measles warning: Outbreak could hit tens of thousands

Homeowner Sues Game Wardens Who Snuck onto His Property and Swiped a Camera

Celebrity forensic scientist Henry Lee liable for fabricating evidence that sent men to prison

US cannot ban people convicted of non-violent crimes from owning guns-appeals court

you need a wiretap order if you want real-time Facebook snooping

Unsolicited Smartwatches Received by Mail

Two workers rescued from Omaha drain system; one traveled about a mile in sewer pipes

interstate credit card skimming scheme

Humans will trade pain for useless information

Many do not fully understand that, upon retirement from the military, you are not really “retired”. You just go into “ready reserve” status. They can call you back to active duty.

America’s Lead Cables

Light Bulb Ban

Supreme court justices & health services researchers cite bad science in Affirmative Action debate

Teen Stranded in Florida After American Airlines Cancels His Ticket for Planning to Leave the Airport at Layover

Are School Libraries Banning Thousands of Books? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Left’s Narrative

NASA Data Show Volcanic Eruption, Not Man-Made Climate Change, Likely Cause of Record Heat Wave

Toxic Foaming Watermelons

Local Indian tribes are now squabbling over who should get the “stolen land” at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters


Aging candlepin bowling alley held together with gum and heart

Treat Trauma with Tetris

Been busy

I’m sorry for the silence.

On 8/9/2023 my Tibetan Mastiff Apollo crossed the rainbow bridge. He was 12.5yrs old. His health had been struggling for the last year, but the vet visit was supposed to be a routine check. Instead we walked out carrying his collar and harness and leaving him behind. His ashes are home, we haven’t decided where to scatter them yet.

I took a weekend off to visit my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary.

And I’m still trying to take my chainmaille to as many craft fairs as I can.

Back in May we added two new cats to the household. Siblings, barely a year old. So basically kittens in adult sized bodies. Its been, interesting, having two kittens at the same time.

So free time has been at a premium even when I’ve had an interest in blogging.