Been busy

I’m sorry for the silence.

On 8/9/2023 my Tibetan Mastiff Apollo crossed the rainbow bridge. He was 12.5yrs old. His health had been struggling for the last year, but the vet visit was supposed to be a routine check. Instead we walked out carrying his collar and harness and leaving him behind. His ashes are home, we haven’t decided where to scatter them yet.

I took a weekend off to visit my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary.

And I’m still trying to take my chainmaille to as many craft fairs as I can.

Back in May we added two new cats to the household. Siblings, barely a year old. So basically kittens in adult sized bodies. Its been, interesting, having two kittens at the same time.

So free time has been at a premium even when I’ve had an interest in blogging.

2 thoughts on “Been busy”

  1. Condolences on the loss of Apollo. Our furry friends always leave us too soon and it is so hard to say goodbye.

    Hopefully the new kitties put some smile into your days with crazy “kitten” antics!

    • This is the first time I’ve had two kittens at once. Its always been a kitten and an adult cat. And dear god they’re a pair of nutballs. But fun nutballs, I’ll give them that!


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