Links 11/18/2023

Wind Turbine Dump

But it is right wing conspiracy theory that gas stoves will be banned!

The great electric vehicle revolution in one video.

NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study

The results imply that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be sufficiently strong to cause systematic changes in the pattern of the temperature fluctuations. In other words, our analysis indicates that with the current level of knowledge, it seems impossible to determine how much of the temperature increase is due to emissions of CO2.

Viagra could slash alzheimer’s risk (wait, wasn’t it just last year that off label drug use was bad??)

Expired drug research, more, more, more

Belgium plans temporary ban on use of Ozempic for weight loss

UK: using the wrong gender pronouns will land you in jail

Swim competition allows a 50-year-old biological male to swim with 13 year-old girls

Jiu Jitsu Tournament Features All-Male Women’s Podiums in Georgia

Lawmakers probe VA’s failure to compensate vaccine-injured veterans

Pfizer press release: adolescent males at risk of heart problems from covid vax

Covid shots may slightly increase risk of stroke in older adults, particularly when administered with certain flu vaccines

The Justice Department has just posted a new jobs ad — it’s looking for eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases. 

D.C. Council Repeals COVID Vaccine Mandate For Public School Students

A new study found child care centers are an unlikely source for spreading COVID-19, leading researchers to suggest the current testing and isolation recommendations can be revised to align with those for other serious respiratory viruses

Why Did the New York City Medical Examiner Process 11,000 Deaths in Three Days

FDA’s Peter Marks admits current vaccines don’t reduce transmission in a meaningful way.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee sent a letter to the CDC Director yesterday, looking for answers about how the CDC has counted pediatric Covid deaths

Our findings suggest that lockdowns and other restrictions we experienced during the pandemic have had a real lasting impact on brain health in people aged 50 or over, even after the lockdowns ended

Pfizer study on the safety of the vax during pregnancy reduced in size and then results delayed

Totally Covid’s fault

Report finds FDA keeps both a private and an incomplete public version of VAERS reporting system for vaccine injuries.

2018: Among children there was an increase in the hazard of ARI caused by non-influenza respiratory pathogens post-influenza vaccination compared to unvaccinated children during the same period

The flu doesn’t do that!!!!…..(twitter thread)

ACIP voted last week to add the JYNNEOS Mpox vaccine to the child/adolescent schedule and to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for “persons aged 18 years and older at risk for mpox”

Flesh-Eating Parasite Fatal in up to 95% Of Cases Now Endemic in US, CDC Warns

Is boosting bone mass through pharmacotherapy really the best way to prevent fractures in the elderly?

The American Heart Association sabotages its own predictive algorithm by no longer including race of the patient in order to to affirm the trendy dogma that race does not exist biologically

How many times has the UK done this now? Life support removed from child even though another country is willing to pay for medical care.

If you had a procedure done at Salem Hospital in MA between June 2021 and April 2023 you need to go find a good lawyer

FBI’s Washington Field Office explicitly made the decision to let a child pornographer go free to focus on January 6 defendants, they admitted in court docs.

All 44,000 hours of footage from January 6th has been publicly released by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The federal government has mandated that all vehicles sold after 2026 must have a kill switch that can disable your vehicle based on your driving performance. Amendment to stop this failed.

Did the Entire Media Industry Misquote a Hamas Spokesperson?

Kathy Hochul announced that New York is “collecting data” from “surveillance efforts” on social media Hochul says the social media analysis unit will contact people who commit “hate speech”

Its Ok To Be White is a hate message

NY Governor signs ‘Clean Slate Act’, sealing criminal records for employment, housing applications

Protestors block Bay Bridge, organs for transplant delayed


Dozens of bird names honoring enslavers and racists will be changed (web archive link, be patient with it loading)

I guess this is one way to wipe the internet of evidence

How long before they start requiring armed guards on shipping transports?

Teachers will now be able to live and work under one roof at school

Study Shows We are Born Creative Geniuses but the “Education” System Dumbs Us Down

Investigation is underway at a New Jersey high school after reports surfaced of students using artificial intelligence to manipulate real photos to create pornographic images of classmates

Trump has 34 felony charges pending while Biden walks just like Hillary for doing mostly the same thing

Voting machines have been shut down in several Pennsylvania districts due to votes getting flipped.

Truck dashcam footage shows farmer dodging bullets as he saved 120 from music festival

Signal would leave UK if forced by privacy bill

A Personal Flying Vehicle Prototype Can Fly You at 160 MPH

Ohio Auto Shop Employees Use Forklift to Stop a Car Thief in Mid-Air

Humans who look alike also act alike

The correlation between adopted brothers and sisters (genetically unrelated people raised together) shows that the IQ correlation between them falls to zero in adulthood — suggesting shared childhood environment has no impact on intelligence in adulthood.

Significant Neuroanatomical Variation Among Domestic Dog Breeds

Bulletproof vest clad volunteers try to get Israeli dairy farms functioning again