Links 3/10/24

Global Warming predictions keep failing because! Plants absorb CO2.

Twelve billionaires’ climate emissions outpollute 2.1m homes, analysis finds

CNBC has “dismantled its climate desk” amid layoffs and will no longer have a dedicated team to cover our impending doom

The 2022 Hunga Tonga eruption massively impacted the atmosphere. But to keep the climate hoax alive, researchers scrupulously avoid linking those atmospheric impacts with 2023’s crazy weather.

A coalition of over 3,000 US auto dealers are now demanding Biden “tap the breaks” on his Executive Orders on EVs. They not only ARE NOT SELLING, they can’t even get people to test drive them

“Congress at the urging of the Biden administration agreed in 2021 to spend $7.5 billion to build tens of thousands of electric vehicle chargers across the country, aiming to appease anxious drivers while tackling climate change. Two years later, the program has yet to install a single charger.”

No Shit. Electric vehicles less reliable than gas-powered cars, trucks: Consumer Reports

“Nissan, for example, says they can collect information about your sexual activity,” Caltrider said. “Kia says they can collect information about your sex life. I think there were four companies that say they can collect genetic information.”

For parents who have kids dx with ADHD – this was interesting. 75% of kids are started on meds without any parent coaching on behavior training. New research suggests that all kids should be started with parent behavior training (PBT) first.

Employers don’t value college degrees as much as originally thought, recent survey data shows, and the disdain is behind a restored appreciation for blue-collar job-seekers that bring skill and experience over education.

NYC Will Sell Your Car From Under You 10 Days After It’s Towed

Senator Expresses ‘Serious Concerns‘ About Secretive White House Program That Tracks Americans’ Phone Records

A court decision that deemed New York State isolation and quarantine procedures unconstitutional has been reversed. They can now take you away for mandatory quarantine and isolation for any virus at their sole discretion. No court date, no option to fight it. No age limit and no time limit for your quarantine. And they can use any experimental treatment on you.

Red Meat and Dairy are GOOD again!

Wait, meat is bad! Every American who sets foot in the UN from henceforth should do so carrying a bucket of KFC in their arms and just go to town while in meetings.

The key to good sperm is having high quality nuts

“…the incidence of self-reported COVID-19 was 40% higher in those wearing face masks almost always or always, compared to participants who reported wearing face masks never or almost never.”

Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.

Child mask mandates for COVID-19: a systematic review -“current body of scientific data does not support masking children for protection against COVID”.

Scientists conduct study to prove HEPA filters reduce rates of Covid infection, accidentally find the opposite

Kevin McKernan loses entire database of research after NZ health service obtains an injunction to prevent sharing of leaked Covid vax health data

MIS-C was found to occur *pre-COVID* and *is not specific to SARS-CoV2.* Can be caused by regular seasonal human coronaviruses

New concerning study of covid vax safety in kids All data from randomized trials 17,538 in vax group 8011 in placebo Vax group had 3.8x risk of severe adverse events (5-17yrs) 3x risk of lower respiratory infection(6m-5yrs)

Covid lockdowns had ‘catastrophic effect’ on UK’s social fabric, report claims

every couple years, the media finds some “new” disease sensation and tries to run a scare story with it:

NYC Republican city council member was charged with carrying a gun in a “prohibited place.” The next day she goes to turn herself and the gun in but removes the recoil spring before doing so.

There is no voting fraud: An Iowa county supervisor’s wife has been convicted on 52 counts of voter fraud for ballot-stuffing to help her husband win the nomination for Congress.

These students literally terrorized a teacher because they looked at her Facebook post and they’re very proud of it.

Proposed Irish hate speech regulations could have a chilling effect on freedom. Up to 12 months in prison for refusing to give password to your devices if suspected of committing hate speech. 12 months for refusing to allow the State read messages between you and your spouse. It’s authoritarian.

Unless you are wealthy, Americans can say goodbye to having a private doctor to consult due to shortages

In California, and here in Detroit, convenience stores have armed security meet the trucks before they can unload. An armed security guard protecting a large cigarette delivery at a 7-11 in Oakland was surrounded by armed black suspects who stole his firearm and the contents of the truck.

Your cell phone photos are AI manipulated, which means they may no longer be useful as evidence in a court of law

House Republican Confirms that Certain J6 Committee Videos Have ‘Vanished’

Twitter thread: Good morning and welcome to Twitter Law School. Today’s topic is spoliation and this is absolutely a matter that is important yet boring.

Two hundred and seven years after it was started in this Herkimer Count village and two years after their new private equity owners said they weren’t leaving, Remington Arms is packing up its New York state gun factory and moving it to Georgia.”

Jussie Smollett headed back to jail after conviction upheld by appeals court in hate crime hoax

DOJ just fined a Christian Tennessee trucking company $700,000 for asking workers to prove that they’re legal by showing green cards.

Disciplinary judge approves lawyer’s suspension for using ChatGPT to generate fake cases

The real loss of shoplifting: Why America’s ‘great rip-off’ hurts everyone

America’s first congestion pricing program is taking shape in New York City, where drivers could pay $15 to enter some of the busiest streets in Manhattan as soon as next spring

Appellate court stays prison sentence of Doug Mackey, the man convicted for 2016 Hillary meme

Breast Cancer Incidence After a False-Positive Mammography Result

Gallup Study: Teenagers more likely to be mentally healthy if their parents are conservative

The Obama administration wanted more black air traffic controllers. So they designed a new test where you got extra points if you got bad grades in high school science or you’ve been unemployed for a long time

Anti-plagiarism policies ‘harm Black and Latinx students,’ professor argues

….AAAAAND! Thats enough depression for one weekend.

Bread baking

I mostly don’t worry to much about what my bread looks like, as long as its tasty.

But every now and then a loaf turns out so pretty I have to share.

This morning’s bake: a pair of mini, mostly white, sourdough loaves: