Links 5-4-2024

Farmers Who Don’t Curb Emissions May End Up Paying, Banker Says

WEF speaker warns every time we drink coffee, we are ‘putting CO2 into the atmosphere’

Blue state’s bag ban meant to protect environment backfires at staggering rate

Individually wrapped cheese could be targeted under New York legislation

FDA has finalized a rule allowing certain clinical trials to operate without obtaining informed consent from participants

Brand name of an inhaler many kids need for their asthma is abt to be discontinued, and multiple insurers (including some public insurances in my state) are refusing to cover the generic

Obesity org chair calls for measuring waistlines of 5-year-olds, fining employers for larger workers

2018: Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under government’s anti-obesity plan

Women who have one fallopian tube removed can still get pregnant with eggs from either ovary.

Study: The Impact of Suppressing Puberty on Neuropsychological Function

We Finally Know The Full Extent of Space Destroying Astronauts’ Red Blood Cells

Google will update Maps to prevent authorities from accessing location history data

Ad Company Claims ‘It’s True. Your Devices Are Listening to You’

How grocery stores are becoming data brokers

Video: Rite Aid to face five-year facial recognition technology ban

Experimenting on the Innocent: The U.S. Army’s Secret Chemical Testing in the 1950s & 1960s

Colorado company banned from producing fake documents

From next month, secondary school pupils in the Netherlands will no longer be able to use their phones in the classroom

Crime Pays: San Diego County woman arrested in $8M shoplifting ring targeting Ulta Beauty stores

A teen hacked Nvidia, got arrested, was released on bail under police supervision. Police confiscated his laptop and put him in a motel room. He then used the Amazon fire stick connected to his motel room TV to hack Rockstar and steal GTA 6 clips

23andMe was hacked with the profile data of Ashkenazi Jews specifically targeted in the breach

What Really Happened to George Floyd?

Chicago-area Tesla charging stations lined with dead cars in freezing cold

Ford Loses $36,000 On Every F-150 Lightning Sold

California Bill Calls for Tech to Make New Cars Unable to Speed

Hacking voting machines in court

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