About me

I’m a 30 40 something woman, with a husband, a mortgage, two cats and two dogs.  Born and raised in MA just north of Boston, now residing in central NY state.

Please note, if you are selling something, don’t contact me.

I am NOT interested in SEO, or other ways to “improve” my blog.

I am also not interested in “guest posts” or advertisements, or anything else that improves you.

If if any of those is your sole purpose of emailing, don’t.

Extra especially don’t email me to try to get me to put a link to your blog or page on here.  Extra extra especially don’t email me to add a link to your blog “because you posted this post that is similar” while linking to a random date page on my blog.  And if you DO email me with an email asking me to add a link to your blog with such a link in it, and you can’t take a hint when I don’t respond to your first email, and you send it again with a comment “did you miss my first email”, you will get a profanity laden response that you will not appreciate.

If you’re emailing me for a legit purpose, and I don’t respond in a reasonable time frame, be aware that I get over 400 spam emails a day at this address.  And though I do try to scan through them to catch any legit emails that might have been sorted as spam, thats alot of emails to sort through.  If you need to contact me and I don’t respond to the original email your best bet may be to leave a comment on the blog letting me know you tried to email me.

If you need to contact me you can reach me via my Contact Me page.