Supply chain woes

I get so many comments from customers at work who don’t understand why the supply chain broke the way it did. In addition I see ALOT of comments online in the same vein.

I’ve been slowly trying to come up with an analogy that explains it, but there’s no short explanation. The answer is complicated no matter what. But here’s my best try so far. Note, all numbers and many of the dates used here are made up. In some cases it’s because I don’t know the exact numbers. In others its because I DO know, but that info is likely proprietary to my job. And regardless nice round numbers are easier to work with when typing up examples.

So, I work at a local Home Depot. Lets say that in March of 2020 we’d JUST gotten in our first shipment of lawnmowers. Lets say that shipment is a grand total of 50 mowers. And that 50 mowers was expected to last us till the end of April. Instead the shutdown hit, and that 50 mowers were sold out before April 1.

So the store calls the warehouse and says that not only do we need another 50 lawnmowers a month early, we want you to ship us an additional 50 cause holy crap sales!! (ok, this is all automated, but work with me here)

The warehouse says holy crap! I can send you another 50, but we weren’t expecting you to need them for another month, so I REALLY don’t have that extra 50. I’ll see what I can get! The warehouse ordering person calls the manufacturer (again, this is all automated in RL) and says sales are through the roof, we need to at least double our order!

The manufacturer says I’d love to double your order, but we’re not an essential business so you’re out of luck till we’re allowed to run again.

So two months later, the stores and warehouses are all sold out of lawnmowers and the manufacturer is finally allowed to start running their lines again, but they have to do it with extra social distancing, which means at a slower pace, and they’re at risk for being shut down every time someone tests positive, but at least they can start building lawnmowers!

Except that they only have enough of the various parts on hand to build the originally expected orders of lawnmowers, not this more than doubled sales orders of lawnmowers. So they start making what they can, and in the mean time they call the parts manufacturers and say Hey! We need to at least double our orders!!

The parts manufacturers look at their supply of raw materials and say well, we have enough on hand to make up the parts for the originally expected orders, but we don’t have enough to do double, much less more than double! Plus we’re at risk of the same slowdowns/shut downs you are, but we’ll do our best! And THEY call the raw materials peoples and say hey! We need to at least double our orders!

And the raw materials peoples say geez people, we haven’t been able to mine the raw materials in 3 months! I don’t have it! And we’re at risk of the same shutdowns and slow downs you are, but we’ll do our best!

Meanwhile the store is sold out of lawnmowers again, and the manufacturers are dribbling them in because holy shit no one predicted anything like this mess.

And the orders just keep rolling in.

And the transport between raw material people, to the parts manufacturer, is clogged all to hell, cause covid, and restrictions, and no one expected to have to ship double the number of containers with no warning.

And the orders keep coming.

And the raw materials finally make it to the parts manufacturers, who rush to make the parts, and then the transport between parts manufacturers gets clogged, because now we’re not only running double the containers of raw materials but we’re running double the containers of parts, all with no warning.

And the orders just keep coming.

The parts finally make it to the machine manufacturing line, and they rush to build the actual mowers. And now the transport from them to the warehouse is clogged and backlogged all to hell, cause now we’re running double containers of raw materials, parts, AND finished machines and holy shit we don’t have that many drivers, much less chassis to put the containers on!

And the orders just keep on coming.

AND all those mowers still need to get from the warehouse to the store, with is yet ANOTHER layer of transport doubling.

And by this time the orders have continued to the point where we need to actually TRIPLE our order back here at the store. And we’re not sure THAT’S going to be enough. So go back to the beginning of this and substitute “triple” for all the word “double”.

And then do it again for the word quadruple.

Now do the same math for something like half the products that a store like Home Depot sells.

And multiply by the number of stores that Home Depot has around the country.

And multiply again by all the other stores LIKE Home Depot who found themselves stuck in the same holding pattern.

Add in that the internal USA materials transport system has been running a bit short since well before 2020 for a variety of reasons including the generalized panic over air pollution from the trucks and lack of drivers and constant added restrictions from states, counties, and towns.

Add in that when Covid hit the media did their damndest to panic the world into refusing to work and hide at home. And then the .GOV paid them MORE to stay at home than to work.

And the ones who did work found themselves burning out at an even faster rate than normal. AND not receiving that additional pay that the folks sitting at home were getting. AND doing so while dealing with the same materials shortages that everyone else was dealing with.

And the orders just keep rolling in.

And now we’re short on the parts needed to FIX the trucks and chassis and keep them on the road.

And the costs for the parts we do have keep going up.

And the manufacturers also have to have parts to keep THEIR machines going.

And people are still ordering and ordering and ordering.

This is so over simplified its not even funny, and I KNOW I’m missing out on all sorts of aspects. There’s bottlenecks all along the transport lines for various things. The ships backing up at cargo points is the one currently making news, but keep in mind it’s not JUST a matter of getting all those ships unloaded. Those containers have to go somewhere, and the ports can only hold so many at a time. And while huge portions of that process is automated you still have to have people to keep an eye on the machines. And chassis to put the containers on, and trains and trucks and machinery all need parts to run.

And people won’t stop ordering more things.

I keep seeing people saying that “if we made more things here in the USA we wouldn’t be in this problem!!!”, and while I agree with the underlying concept its not realistic. First of all a huge portion of the raw materials have to come from overseas no matter what, unless we want to open up ALOT of mines here in the USA, and trust me, you don’t want to (plus there’s things we can’t mine here, so yah). So there would still be international transport bottlenecks. Second, we shut down EVERYTHING that the various politicians decided wasn’t “essential” for 3 months. And since politicians are idiots their definition of “essential” had no bearing on reality. Plus the US public is madly materials oriented, I don’t think we could have enough internal manufacturing to keep up with demand these days. I really don’t.

You know

The .GOV coulda used this screaming hysteria over Covid to push general health. Lose weight! Exercise more! Eat healthier! People with healthier bodies, people who are less over weight, people who exercise regularly, eat healthier, all routinely had better outcomes from covid than the folks who were the opposite.

But no.

Instead they advocated for staying home. Locked down gyms, locked off playgrounds, filled skate parks with sand, arrested people walking alone on the beach, closed parks. Convinced people to tattle on their neighbors’ kids for playing basketball.

Which in turn turn made people less healthy, and thus more likely to die from covid. Not to mention the mental health decline. Not to mention the other health issues that went untreated.

yah yah its all beating a dead horse now

FDA approval

yah no, that’s not helping, not helping at all

If I can read the damn letters from the FDA and spot that they’re requiring additional testing to be done, some of which won’t be done until 2027!

If I can read the damn letters and spot the fine print:

The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.

So basically they approved A VERSION of the Pfizer shot, but not the one that everyone got, and they’re extending the EUA on the version that everyone got…..

….and wonder why the hell it’s been “FDA APPROVED!!!” but they’re still looking at needing more data to be sure its safe, and why are they extending the EUA if its approved……

…..and there’s legal distinctions and why does that matter….

…..except that the EUA version means that the company isn’t liable and while the approved one means the company is liable, and BY LAW the EUA vaccines can’t be mandated and FDA approved ones can, and gosh, I wonder how long it’s going to take them to get actual approved one across the USA while everyone who’s now going for a shot is thinking they’re getting an FDA approved shot and legally they aren’t, and just what are the changes/differences, and if it’s been so thoroughly tested why do those tests that aren’t going to be done till 2027 even matter, except clearly they do, so clearly they don’t know that it’s THAT safe and…..

…..and I feel like a goddammed conspiracy theorist, but this whole mess has me wanting to turn into a hermit and say fuck it to the world….

And if I’m having this set of thoughts there’s going to be an awful lot of other people reading these letters thinking the same things I’ve been and thinking that there’s no way in hell.

Zero Covid isn’t going to happen

And “variants” were going to happen no matter what we did.

Look, first of all, we knew from the beginning that this was a virus type known for rapid mutation. I distinctly remember discussion on that way back at the beginning of 2020. As soon as the virus started spreading we were going to get variants. It was the nature of the things.

Second: even if everyone in the whole wide world WANTED the vaccine and was ready and willing and able to go line up for it the instant it became available, it was going to be physically impossible to vaccinate the entire world fast enough to stop variations and mutations. Normal production bottlenecks, manpower bottlenecks, never mind the realities of a post shutdown world, all meant that it was going to be physically impossible to vaccinate EVERYONE in a short enough span of time to stop mutations from happening.

C: none of the vaccines are sterilizing vaccines, and normal immune system variations means that some people take it better than others, which means that even if it had been physically possible to vaccinate everyone within the first few months after vaccine approval, AND everyone was willing to take it, we’d STILL be dealing with mutations and variations and more covid infections.

4th: We can’t convince everyone to get the vaccines that have been around for decades that we know everything there is to know about them! Plus we’ve spent years indoctrinating people that it takes a LONG TIME and MUCH TESTING in order to make sure new drugs and vaccines are safe, that it takes MUCH MUCH MUCH time, YEARS, to be sure that the new drugs aren’t going to have bad side effects, and that sometimes even that goes wrong and years later have to recall previously safe drugs. Hell, mid-2019 we had a massive recall of ALL brands of a major anti-acid reflux med that had been on the market for years and years and years because we suddenly discovered that it might contain a carcinogen! What possibly possessed you to think that we were going to manage to convince everyone that it was ok to take a vaccine that was being rushed through the process?? Whether or not enough testing was being done to be reasonably confident of its safety didn’t matter at that point.

Fifth: human nature means that the more you push, the more the people you’re pushing against are going to push back. Screaming about variants and scare mongering only makes that worse. And an awful lot of the people refusing these vaccines are well educated and knowledgeable people. Who know how to read data, charts, and graphs, and see results for themselves.

Did you know that the USA, CDC, and various other official groups had pandemic plans ready to go in case of a SARS/Influenza/respiratory virus pandemic? And that those plans accurately predicted the how various waves of COVID19 rise and fall and how people would react to various attempts to mitigate it. And pointed out that all the mitigation efforts in the world won’t work if people won’t cooperate so you need to keep that in mind and so DON’T DO THIS LIST OF THINGS. And that our various .GOV peoples panicked and threw them out the window and ignored them completely when it came to COVID.

According to the CDCs data, children aged 0 to 4 years: 150 deaths from Covid. Total.*

According to the CDCs data, In the 2018-2019 flu season children aged 0 to 4 years: 266 died of the flu.

According to the CDCs data, in 2019 children aged 0 to 4 years: 434 died of drowning.

According to the CDCs data, RSV kills between 100 and 500 children under the age of 5 years every year.

But yes, by all means, lets lock down further, insist on masking 2yr olds with masks that don’t work anyway (seriously, multiple studies have shown that you’ll get better results by increasing ventilation than by masking, I’m done with the link thing today, do some research for yourself for once). Let’s continue to push people into corners where their recourse is to lash out. Australia just shot rescue dogs because they couldn’t handle the idea that people were going to have to drive across the country to pick them up. That’s TOTALLY a reasonable thing, I mean, TOTALLY…..NOT. And there’s no way in hell that’ll backfire on them. I mean, they’ve already got riots, what’s a few dead dogs in the mix? And hey, if you get vaccinated they’ll let you have an WHOLE EXTRA HOUR OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE. Woohoo!


There’s a meme: People went from “I’d punch a Nazi” to “papers please” really damn quick.

But it’s for the greater good!!!! Sure, you console yourself with that. And while you’re doing that I’ll start listing all the various atrocities that started out with that sentence.

You feel safer with a mask? Fine, wear one. Feel safer that your kid wears a mask? Well, unless your kid is otherwise sick you’re being stupid, but that’s fine, you do you. But while you’re at it make sure that the ventilation in their school and your home is up to par, cause at least that’ll actually DO SOMETHING to reduce their risk. You want the vaccine, and various boosters that haven’t been updated for the new mutant strains and therefor aren’t actually going to help that much, and that even the WHO says the boosters might not be worthwhile? That’s fine, you do you. But this mandate thing is backfiring hard, and its only going to continue to get worse. And we got WAY bigger problems than whether the guy in the car next to you is vaccinated for not. Like, food on the table, electricity to keep the fridge running, and that sorta thing…..

Mind, I’m not sure why I’m bothering with this. Most of you reading this agree with me, and the ones who don’t aren’t going to change their minds reading my blog posts. But if I don’t vent somewhere reasonably safe I’ll start to do it on FB and horrify half of my friends and all my family, so yah.

It doesn’t help that I’m sitting here wondering if they planned this absolutely horrid evac from Afghanistan in an attempt to distract us all from the Covid mandates only to have that backfire even worse.

*as of the date this was posted

MMR vs Covid

So back in Dec I posted THIS.

I made a note to try to remember to check for more info in a few months, to see if they, or anyone, followed up on it. I almost forgot, but then a couple days ago I ran across THIS.

SARS-CoV-2, MMR and Tdap antigen-experienced T cells share identical TCRs.

T cells with shared TCRs have features of TEMRA, a memory anti-viral T cell subset.

Prior MMR or Tdap vaccination correlates with reduced COVID-19 disease severity.

Now yes, correlation isn’t causation and all that. But I really hope they continue to look into this. Among other things its going to be a WHOLE lot easier to convince skeptical people to get an MMR or Tdap booster than it is a whole new vax that they don’t trust.

Why people don’t trust the government

There’s several articles, and Twitter feeds, and blog posts, out there attempting to explain why people are so hesitant to accept the .GOV’s word for why this or that has to be done to stop Covid. And, aside from the ones trying to blame one particular party or group of people, most of them are generally pretty correct about some portion of the problem. But none of them manage to sum it up all together.

Its not JUST about current day politics (though holy god, if the .GOV was TRYING to destroy people’s trust in the health system they couldn’t have done more damage than what they did).

It’s about the past, and recent, history too.


Crack Epidemic


Operation Sea Spray

MK Ultra

Forced Sterilization Poor And Disabled (multiple links)

Note that I was lazy and mostly just pulled the Wikipedia links. There are LOT more links available, that go into A LOT more depth.

Someone’s going to say the Crack Epidemic doesn’t belong in the list. But it’s a PERFECT example of the use of the media to drive hysteria in a specific direction. Deliberate or not I don’t really care.

And if you look at the dates on some of those “experiments” they continued until the same decade I was born in (or past it), and since I’m only in my early 40’s that means that there’s EASILY still people alive today who were unwitting participants in these experiments. This isn’t something that happened to great great great grandma and is now whispered about in family stories. This is dad and mom’s life for people.

Nor is this a comprehensive list. There are LOT more such in history, and not so far back, as in, during my lifetime, that could be added to this list.

So no, the .GOV frequently doesn’t have the “best interests” of the people as a goal.

And before you believe those screaming headlines, and OMG talking points, or hell, that twitter post telling you how the “local hospital is FULL!!!!! of covid patients!!!!!”, remember that the CDC’s data is publicly available on their website. As is the Covid data from most states. And there are MULTIPLE sites that are tracking that data and collating it into graphs so it can be easily viewed and compared to not only each other but to history.

It doesn’t have to be a grand conspiracy (cause yah, SOMEONE will always end up giving away the secret). Its human nature folks.

So it turns out

that your immune system is like much else in the human body.

If you don’t use it you lose it.

NZ children and immunity debt

RSV running worse than usual through kids returning to normal

Plus multiple reports across FB and Twitter from people returning to work and promptly getting sick.

This isn’t new. Exposure to a new environment results in exposure to new bugs. This is a good thing that keeps your immune system nimble and working, and mild exposure in the normal course of things is easier for your immune system to cope with than when you suddenly dump everything on it at once. Studies have known for a while that kids who’re allowed to be exposed to a wider variety of bacteria and the like tend to have sturdier immune systems than those who’re kept away from everything.

Except that we, as a country and a world, just spent the last year hiding away from the rest of humanity, dousing ourselves and our worlds with sanitizers and bleach, and generally trying to avoid anything that might make us sniffle.

We did this to our children, are STILL doing this to our children in many states, at a point in their development where they need that exposure the most to help their immune systems develop properly. And at a point in their lives where they need exposure to faces and learning emotions the most, we instead forced them and the adults around them to wear masks. Forced them to avoid many of the adult encounters that normally enrich their lives. Forced them to avoid Grandma, and Auntie, who normally are huge parts of their lives and how they learn to talk and interact. Forced them to avoid their friends. At a time when they most need those interactions to learn how to do and act and emote correctly. Never mind all the special needs kids who lost out on all sorts of assistances and services that they need just to LIVE rather than SURVIVE. Never mind the toll on Grandma, and Auntie, when they lost all in person contact with family, something that no zoom call can make up for.

And on top of that, and on top of the “discovery” that healthy, fit people who exercised regularly were far less likely to suffer from severe covid (at a time when many states and cities were forcing people to avoid going out to parks and beaches and even casual walking). It turns out that previous exposure to similar viruses (like, you know, the common cold), actually made it more likely you’d end up with mild to no covid symptoms. But nope, god forbid you get the sniffles.

Of course, there’s folks who are now so freaked out by the idea of getting sick, with ANYTHING, that they want the world to keep masking and huddling away from the rest of humanity.

Never mind that doing so is almost the ultimate expression of bias against the blue collar middle and lower class workers of all races and backgrounds.

The plain and simple fact is that the economy doesn’t run itself.

You need food to survive. Someone has to run the grocery store. Someone has to drive the trucks to get it to the store. Run the processor to processes the food from raw to ready to buy form. Run the farm to grow the food. None of these people have a choice in going out to work because THEY want to food to survive. And to top it off, if you’re going to huddle at home, terrified to go to the grocery store, an additional someone has to go to the store for you, pick out your groceries and deliver them to you.

Someone has to keep the water plants running. The gas stations. The mail (never mind the mess if the water stopped running, can you picture the uproar if the USPS stopped delivering mail because they were scared of the virus?). The doctors offices need not only doctors, but nurses, janitors, receptionists.

Your fridge stopped working? Guess what, the guy who comes out to repair it is suddenly pretty essential huh? What if he can’t fix it and you have to buy a new one, gosh, all those people involved in the manufacture of new appliances, the delivery of the various parts and of the finished appliance, the guys who bring it into your house and install it for you. All pretty essential after all.

Even if the .GOV could afford to pay everyone to stay home and hibernate away from those evil viruses (which, as I just discussed, turns out to be not actually a good idea), it’s just not actually possible for everyone to do so and keep society running. Infact there’s a fairly large percentage of workers who NEED to go to work if society is going to keep running. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not actually understand how things actually work.

The mental, emotional, and physical health toll from this shut down is going to reverberate in the world for a long time. Possibly for generations, as the kids whose ability to learn how to interact with people was stunted by this then go on to raise equally stunted children of their own.

We screwed over our immune systems at a time when we needed them working at their best.

We just set back all sorts of medical treatments for major things, like oh, tuberculosis (they’re predicting an ADDITIONAL MILLION PLUS cases just because of the 3 month lockdown). Or African Malaria.

We forced people to do without “non-essential” medical tests and treatments without regard to what those treatments were actually for, and terrified many many more people into avoiding doctors offices and hospitals until it was to late for them, and even if they could and did try to see a doctor wait times to see your regular doctor went through the roof thanks to covid.

Think I’m exaggerating based on a few news reports?

A couple months ago I ended up sitting in the local ER, listening to a guy a few seats over gripe about how his doctor was only doing video appts for 90% of his appts and how this guy has neither computer nor smartphone and therefor hadn’t been able to get in to see his doctor for damn near a year and how now his blood pressure was through the roof. I happened to be sitting in the back waiting on bloodwork when they did his triage, and the nurse came running out of the door to the triage room to get a dose of meds because she had a guy who’s BP was 294/something I forget. Sure I don’t know his situation personally, so maybe he was lying. But from the discussion the nurses and techs had, he wasn’t their first such case of the day.

Oh, and that ER? So backed up that the ambulances bringing in car accident patients were having to drop them in the waiting room unless they were in cardiac arrest right now.

When I called MY doctors office the next morning, to arrange an appt for the ER followup, the next available in person appt was over a month out. (I’m fine, and if they hadn’t closed half the urgent cares in town, cause COVID!!!! I’d have just gone to one of those instead of the ER. Did I mention how covid fucked over everyone’s ability to get health care?)

To top it off we fucked over the supply chain but good. Don’t let those full shelves at the stores deceive you. The stores are all having trouble getting in products. Home Depot has been paying extra to have products air-freighted into the country, and even just contracted their own container ship, in an attempt to get around some of the problems. But that only gets around the final item shipping problems. Just about every manufacturer out there is having problems getting the components and raw materials they need. Shipping, trucking, mining, manufacturing, building, assembly, around the world is fucked. Another lockdown for just about any reason is only going to break things further.

Did you know that the forced remote learning has resulted in many many school systems “losing” 10,000’s of kids? Kids who just aren’t logging into classes, either because they can’t (due to lack of computer, or internet, or the like) or because they just disappeared off the map. Kids who are logging into classes are still falling behind. Multiple states are reporting significant increases in mental health problems in teens and younger. Significant increases in hospitalizations for attempts at self harm, discussions of self harm, and other similar behaviors. (oh, but don’t worry, FB’s fact checkers will point out that the actual suicide rates are down! You know why? They only count successful suicides, and about the only good point of the shut downs is that with people home more suicide attempts were stopped.)

Crushing toll of lockdowns on children

Teen Mental Health Emergency in Colorado

Pandemic’s Cost To Teenagers

Schools that did have in person lessons this past school year frequently reported noticeable lacking and falling behind of children’s social behaviors. Like, potty training, vocabulary, ability to feed themselves.

I’m not saying that some extra cleaning of public places isn’t a good thing, the general public is a dirty nasty mass and some extra cleaning is by far worth it.

I’m not saying that the sudden proliferation of delivery services, and curbside services isn’t a good thing. The way it opens up both additional jobs, AND additional services and options to those who are sick, or frail, or otherwise home-bound is a good thing.

And the widening of work from home options opens up so many doors for so many people. That is also a good thing.

And I’d LOVE if people came out of this with a better recognition that maybe going into work sick (because I’m not THAT sick) isn’t a good thing.

But the insane panic, that I might get SICK!!!!! that has come out of this has got to stop. We have done SO MUCH harm.

Additional links for consideration:

Consequences of the shutdown on the human microbiome

Type 2 Diabetes doubles in children in the last year

Youth Mental Health Crisis from Covid

Household covid risk with in person schooling

Covid Death Toll 25% lower than reported in Alameda

Covid Hospitalizations of Children Over Reported by 40% in some CA hospitals

CO reduced Covid death numbers by 24%

I could go on, and on. But I think this makes my case well enough.

Edited to add one more link, cause I can’t resist.

The kids were safe the whole time.

whats going on in stores by me

This mornings OSB screenshot:

Also, concrete is going to be the next thing to spike in price. We can’t keep it in stock, and we’re not the only ones. Not sure if its a labor problem, a transportation problem, or a materials problem, but good luck getting it if you need it.

Insulation, and roofing, are short.

Hand powered garden tools, well, lets just say that that aisle is damn empty.

Peat Moss is completely unavailable.

For various reasons I ended up at 3 different grocery stores in the last two weeks. Flour is short across the board, they all had some in stock, but only enough to put one or two in each shelf space. Vinegar is short again. The vitamins shelves just keep getting emptier and emptier. Sugar was the emptiest I’ve seen those shelves since the original shut down. Cat food actually looked decently stocked, till you looked at the selection and realized that they’d just rearranged the shelves. Cat litter has NOT recovered yet.

Bird seed is damn near non-existent again, especially if you’re picky about the type of seed you want.

whats going on in stores by me

First up:

Took that screenshot off the HD website this morning. Hope you weren’t planning on building anything this year.

We’re selling lawn mowers faster than we can get them in, again. Walk behind or rider, doesn’t matter, chances are good we don’t have it in stock.

Powered and unpowered outdoor tools are in short supply, there’s holes in all the bays where we can’t get things, despite corporate throwing as many trucks as they could at us for the holiday weekend.

Patio furniture is D.O.N.E. We can get in TWO sets, and some odds and ends, and that’s it. And when I check online to look at other sets everything is out of stock.

Already seeing shortages in garden hoses and hose supplies.

Pool chemicals are almost non-existent. We got in a pallet of liquid chlorine on Friday, and by 4pm Saturday it was half gone.

SO FAR outdoor patio and wall block seems to be ok, but that season has barely started too, so we’ll see.

I will say, I saw my first case of 409 Multi-surface cleaner this week, haven’t seen that in over a year. Looking closer at the packaging I realized 409 is owned by Clorox, which explains why it wasn’t been a high priority thing this past year.

We still can’t get in toilet bowl cleaners on any sort of regular basis, and neither can either of the grocery stores I regularly shop at.

Paper products appear to have mostly recovered. There’s still random stuff missing, but you’ll only notice if you’re looking for that specialty thing.

Cat food is still quite short, as is some lines of kitty litter all the sudden.

The grocery store had whole wheat flour for the first time, I don’t know, months?, a year? this week. It was store brand, but they had it.

Sugar prices are through the roof, and its suddenly cheaper to buy some random brand of sugar I’ve never heard of instead of the store brand.

Bread yeast is in stock, but only in either packets, or as jars of “bread machine” yeast.

There’ve been no overt holes on the shelves, but if you’re looking for an odd list of specialty products, or specific products in specific sizes they’re often still not there.