I’m starting to get really sick of the comparison

“Lets regulate guns like we do cars!”


Lets do that.

That means that if I tell you I’m only going to use the gun on my own property then it doesn’t matter who I am, what I’ve done, what my health is like, what gun it is, so on, etc.  There’s no legal reason for you to deny me the purchase.

That means that my NY state pistol license is good in every state.

That means that my state legal gun, legally purchased in NY, is legal in every state.

Is that really what you want?  No?  Then stop spreading that stupidity……

BTW, the number of people who are apparently completely unaware that it’s legal to run a car on your own property without any registration, inspection, insurance, license, actual functional vision, etc is a little scary.

I’m not personally against basic safety training and the like before a license can be issued, though I’m not saying that I know the right way to implement it without infringing on rights, but can we please just stop sharing the stupidity around??  Its not THAT hard to look up the actual laws (and not the media’s interpretation of them) and figure out whats legal and whats not.  But the number of people who’d rather take the media’s word for it……..

Sigh, someone remind me why I hang out on social media??

He “entered” or he “broke down the door”, there IS a difference….

Had THIS article run across my feed this morning.

New Orleans Pelicans player Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot to death early Saturday in Dallas, with his agent saying it happened because the player mistakenly entered the wrong apartment.

Emphasis mine.

Ok, he “entered” the wrong apartment.  That implies the door was unlocked and he walked in.  Still not sure I blame the legal resident of the apartment for the shooting, certainly not enough details there one way or the other, but “entered” certainly sounds not violent…..

….but wait….

A Dallas resident told police he heard someone enter his apartment by kicking open the front door, police spokesman DeMarquis Black said in a statement. The resident said “he called out to the individual, but was not answered,” and when the resident’s bedroom door was kicked open, the resident fired his gun, police said.

Emphasis mine.

Assuming that the legal resident of the apartment isn’t lying I don’t blame him one single bit for shooting.  Nor does race enter into it, though I’m sure someone will try to insist it does.  Really, I don’t care what color the skin is on the guy who just broke down my door, the reaction is the same across the board.

(Why was Jones trying to break into his girlfriend’s apartment?  What was his intent when he found her?  Did this random guy just save the life of girlfriend and kid?)

Active Shooter Policy?

So those of you who read here semi regularly know that I quit my last job back on Dec 31st after telling my previous boss to go to hell.  After spending a few months doing household projects that had been on hold I started looking for a new job, preferably one I could be happy in for more than 2-3years which seems to be my usual limit.  I just started my new job, and unfortunetly I don’t think its going to make it past the 2-3yr mark, but I have to relate this piece of info I picked up yesterday.

This company is a major (nationwide) retailer.  I’m deliberetly not saying who as I had to sign a confidentiality clause and I can’t figure out from reading and re-reading the paperwork if thats supposed to include the following info…..

They have an “Active Shooter Policy/Procedure”.  When I first saw the title I figured it was more of the “hide and plead” type you see everywhere these days. 

Its not. 

It was 3 steps. 

The first is Run: if you can safely get out of the building while not attracting the shooter’s attention DO SO, and take as many c0-workers and customers with you as you can without endangering your own safety.  Call 911.

The second is Hide: if you can’t get out, shut the door to the room you’re in, turn off the lights and lock the door, block the door with something if possible, and if all else fails find something large to hide behind.  Call 911.

The third is Fight: if the shooter happens to find you while you’re running or hiding, FIGHT, and do so with all violence necessary to save your life and the life of others.  If there is more than one if you in the hiding spot, pig-pile the shooter.


Damn, someone had a head on their shoulders when they wrote that….

Raffle to win a machine gun shoot–fundraiser to help defeat the SAFE act

I’ve already managed to forget who’s blog I saw this on, I guess I need more coffee….

NYSRPA is holding a raffle to raise funds to help in the fight against the SAFE act.  The prize includes:


    • A private shooting excursion hosted by Manhattan Shooting Excursions for two shooters on a range near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    • One night at a local hotel, double occupancy.

    • Professional supervised instruction on the use of all firearms.

    • Use of Full Auto Hardware including: UZI, M-16, AK-74, Glock 34FA, Razorback.

    • Use of Suppressed Weapons including: Sig Sauer MK25 with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, HK USP Tactical with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, Remington M7 .300 BLK. with AAC MK34 Silencer, Sig Sauer Mosquito with Tactical Solutions Cascade-Ti Silencer.



Tickets are $25 each, I bought two.  The raffle ends Dec 31, 2013, and you must be 18 or over and able to legally posses firearms in order to get the prize.

I did not know this

But I find it quite amusing…..


The fact is Florida’s stand-your-ground law is quite common, 33 states are effectively SYG states and have very similar provisions.  In fact there is one state that not only lets you to stand your ground,it explicitly allows you to pursue your assailant if necessary for your safety.  And that state is California [where the station is located].

(emphasis mine)

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing, hopefully I’ll have time later today.

H/T to Clark @ Popehat


No ammo

Ran through Walmart on Monday to pick up a new kiddy pool for Apollo.  Stopped to check ammo prices while I was there.  Found this:



I feel special!

Back on January 18th I posted about a link Ruger had set up to send a form letter to various .GOV officials. 

Of the 10 people mine got sent to, 2 responded.

Till this past Friday, when the following appeared in my email box:


Dear Ruth:

Thank you for taking the time to write.  I have heard from many Americans regarding firearms policy and gun violence in our Nation, and I appreciate your perspective.  From Aurora to Newtown to the streets of Chicago, we have seen the devastating effects gun violence has on our American family.  I join countless others in grieving for all those whose lives have been taken too soon by gun violence.

 Like the majority of Americans, I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms.  In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that has been handed down from generation to generation.  Hunting and sport shooting are part of our national heritage.  Yet, even as we acknowledge that almost all gun owners in America are responsible, when we look at the devastation caused by gun violence—whether in high-profile tragedies or the daily heartbreak that plagues our cities—we must ask ourselves whether we are doing enough.

 While reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge, protecting our children from harm should not be a divisive one.  Most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale.  Most also agree that if we took commonsense steps to curtail gun violence, there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in Newtown.  We will not be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing we can do to reduce gun violence—if even one life can be saved—then we have an obligation to try.

 That is why I asked Vice President Joe Biden to identify concrete steps we can take to keep our children safe, help prevent mass shootings, and reduce the broader epidemic of gun violence in this country.  He met with over 200 groups representing a broad cross-section of Americans and heard their best ideas.  I have put forward a specific set of proposals based off of his efforts, and in the days ahead, I intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality.

 My plan gives law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals, and the public health community some of the tools they need to help reduce gun violence.  These tools include strengthening the background check system, helping schools hire more resource officers and counselors and develop emergency preparedness plans, and ensuring mental health professionals know their options for reporting threats of violence.  And I directed the Centers for Disease Control to study the best ways to reduce gun violence—because it is critical that we understand the science behind this public health crisis.

 As important as these steps are, they are not a substitute for action from Congress.  To make a real and lasting difference, members of Congress must also act.  As part of my comprehensive plan, I have called on them to pass some specific proposals right away.  First, it is time to require a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun.  Second, Congress should renew the 10-round limit on magazines and reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban.  We should get tougher on those who buy guns with the purpose of selling them to criminals, and we should impose serious punishments on anyone who helps them do this.

 These are reasonable, commonsense measures that have the support of the majority of the American people.  But change will not come unless the American people demand it from their lawmakers.  Now is the time to do the right thing for our children, our communities, and the country we love.  We owe the victims of heartbreaking national tragedies and the countless unheralded tragedies each year nothing less than our best effort—to seek consensus in order to save lives and ensure a brighter future for our children.

 Thank you, again, for writing.  I encourage you to visit www.WhiteHouse.gov/NowIsTheTime to learn more about my Administration’s approach.


Barack Obama


It took them almost 3 months to send me a form letter??

Oh boy do I feel special!!!

Lawsuit filed against SAFE act (Or, don’t get your hopes up folks)

Link one

Link two

Now I’m delighted to see this, BUT, unlike a certain someone (*cough*TTAG*cough*) I don’t assume that “OMG the JUDGE said there would be an INJUNCTION!!!” means that “the judge thinks the SAFE act is unconstitutional!!!!”.

Infact one article states:

After hearing motions in that case, state Supreme Court Justice Diane Devlin has ordered the state, represented by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, to show cause before oral arguments on April 25 or face an injunction. An order to show cause is not unusual in these cases, however. In fact it’s standard procedure, said Devlin’s law clerk, Timothy Kane.

These proceedings are always commenced by an order to show cause,” Kane said, adding that the state has indicated it plans to respond by mid-March.

Emphasis mine.

So yah.  Am I thrilled to see it taken to court?  Sure.  Am I getting all excited cause “OMG, WE’RE WINNING!!!!!”?   Nope.  Keep plugging away folks, we got a lot more work to do…..