Links 9/25/22

United threatens to drop JFK

2015: getting a flu shot every year might not be better (but yes, lets get a covid booster every 2 months!!)

International crisis due to vax injury/death

Risk/benefit analysis for covid shots for young adults

Twitter thread: a look at the ACIP booster meeting

Danes stop recommending covid vax for under 50’s unless immune compromised

Japanese study finds transplant recipients rejecting transplants after vax

Twitter thread: more Japanese studies, another.

CDC admits that it wasn’t actually tracking vax safety data for covid vax

Previous Covid infection, but not Long Covid, associated with bad reaction to vax

US Navy cancels vax mandate for SEALS

NYS Gov ends Covid emergency right before elections (but don’t worry, we still have the Polio emergency!)

Vax Mandate could cost NYC millions

NYC Mayor admits that there’s no logic to his vax mandates

Judge blocks Head Start mask/vax mandate

Canada drops vax mandate at border, ditto Japan

Feds keep extending Covid Emergency

Sweden’s children had no learning loss (therefor, the problem isn’t covid, it was the reaction to covid), meanwhile CA delays releasing its state data, and Oregon’s numbers dropped.

Reanalysis of Bangladesh mask study

M to F trans girls still reach adult male height

Schools planning on feeding children insects in the UK

Largest Nursing Strike in history

India bans some rice exports, adds Duty to others

CA rice harvest produced half of normal amount

US harvests disappointing, food supply tight. Expect it to take at least two years to recover, assuming nothing else goes wrong.

NJ discovers that reusable bags aren’t all that

Walmart to offer in-home grocery delivery

US nuclear scientists recruited by China

Germans looking at gas heat shortage for the winter

Saturated Fat might not actually be a cardiovascular risk

TN running almost a year behind in testing rape kits

Dutch City bans ads about meat

Blue light from device screens may be the cause of early puberty

CDC in 2021: Racism is a Public Health Threat. CDC in 2022: we can’t declare Fentanyl a public health threat because its not a communicable disease

Climate emergency not supported by the data

100’s of IRS employees failed to pay taxes

Facial scanning for website age verification

Why Progressives undermine civilization

IL law will release 2nd degree murderers without bail

Pallbearer killed by officers

Fedex warns of decline in stock

Uber Hacked

New Orleans takes over as Murder Capital of the USA

Waiting in line to charge your EV

If your father was exposed to these chemicals before you were born you are at higher risk of cancer (but hey, the science on the covid vax is settled!!)

41% of NYC students have chronic absenteeism post pandemic, meanwhile SanFran had close to 90%

Colorado police handcuff woman (in suspected road rage incident), place her in the back of police car parked on the railroad tracks. Police car hit by train. Latest report is that she’s expected to survive.

America’s Racist Roads

Skyrocketing electric bills

A quick and dirty explanation of why railroad employees were going to strike (yes, its a lot more complicated than that, but really, people aren’t widgets).

Air Canada buys 30 electric planes

41yr old admits to running down teenager in political dispute. Released on $50k bail.

Bombings have become normal in Sweden

2020: Blackstone acquires, more, more, more

NYC schools student data hacked

Hotel Chain data hacked

Giant alligator interupts bow-hunt

Captain America helping rebuild roofs in Nola

Get paid to move to Iceland

Endangered horses born at zoo.

Links 9/11/22

American farms suffering from drought

The costs of growing food keeps going up

Flooding in Pakistan, and why this is a bad thing

Shortage of energy adding to European farmers problems

PFizer says vax 73% effective in children under 5

Your face mask may contain carcinogens, twitter thread

Omicron boosters not tested on humans, well, still they start administering it anyway

Infact, they only have final testing data from a whole 8 mice, gosh its so nice, the way they’re being so sure these things are safe.

AND at the same time they’re “de-authorizing” the old boosters, so even if you just got your last booster, you could be forced to get this one to stay up to date

If you’ve recently had Covid you need to wait at least 60 days before getting a booster

Twitter thread: C19 test swabs may contain a carcinogen

Mandatory hospital screenings fueling inaccurate death count (that was another conspiracy theory wasn’t it)

Natural immunity wins again, and again, bigtime

UK to stop offering the vax to healthy under 12yr olds

Cali set to pass law that takes away medical license of anyone who doesn’t toe the party line

Some health systems may start refusing medical exceptions for the vax again

Goldman Sachs orders all WFH workers back to the office

Biden Admin had weekly meetings to discuss who to censor.

Excess under 5 mortality

Tennessee will hold back 3rd graders who can’t pass reading test

If your 3rd grader is still struggling to read, this is your last year to help them catch up

Kentucky floods damaged schools

Your tinted car windows aren’t protecting your stuff

Missouri sheriffs resisting FBI CC audit

There aren’t enough metal and minerals available in order to get rid of oil

Most EVs may not qualify for the new EV credit

Austria sees energy price hike

UK coffee shop see’s its latest energy bill

Oil refinery shut down in Indiana, SOE declared

Less than a week after passing the bill that requires EVs only after 2035, CA requires EV owners to stop charging their cars due to lack of power

Cali decides that they need nuclear power afterall.

EU wants to “flatten the curve” of power use

Switzerland considers jailing people who use to much power

Another reason not to get a smart thermometer

Over 22% of San Fran’s EV charging stations don’t work

Ethanol plants allowed to pollute more than oil refineries

New paypal phishing scam

NY declares SOE over Polio

New Additional Philips Respironics device recall. Philips still hasn’t managed to fulfill the replacements for the previous recall.

Railroad strike imminent

Social worker threatened to take away kids if mom refuses sexual offers

Suicide! With 10 stab wounds in her back.

Cell phone tracking, on a budget

IRS disclosed private taxpayer info

The teenage girls are not all right

The kids, in general, aren’t all right

Legitimizing irrational anxiety is not healthy

Twitter thread: population crash

Twitter thread with links: Greenland ice sheet had the largest mass gain ever in one day

Snapchat gave Republican voter data to Democrats

Deja vue? Ship runs aground in the Suez canal. (they got it moving within a day this time though)

Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx to start tracking firearm purchases

Remote controlled cyborg cockroaches are now solar powered

Arkansas town banned from giving speeding tickets for a year

Gibson Bakery Wins! Maybe.

France to make twice as much champagne this year

Shrooms might be effective depression treatment

Links 8/31/22

NJ teachers union puts out ad calling parents extremists

Physical buttons better than touch screens in cars

Biological impurities in covid vax

Singapore acknowledges that children need to see faces

Wait, so HCQ is good again?

U of I admits that they plan to sell student/employee saliva samples taken as part of covid testing

Western U requiring Vax and Mask for this school year

Georgetown U masking and vax requirements

NJ’s largest school district keeps mask mandate

Twitter thread: 15 million people will lose medical coverage once public health emergency is ended (just in case you were wondering why they don’t want to end it before elections)

Last week I posted a link about how DC was mandating the vax for children for the school year. This week: there will be no virtual school for unvax’d students either. Either get the shot or don’t go to school. Bets on whether they’ll charge the parents for the children’s truancy? Someone must have finally gotten through to her, cause they then pushed the deadline out to January.

I’d swear I posted this before, but maybe not: a recounting of pediatric deaths in LA. Twitter thread.

The Lost Boys of Covid

You know, people literally lost their jobs for saying this over the last two years.

Moderna sues Pfizer

China gets upset when volleyballers are required to wear masks.

Beverly Hills store issues mask BAN due to masked robberies

Twitter thread: 2021 predictions coming true already

Excess Non-Covid Death numbers. Everyone keeps putting these behind paywalls, trying to find non-paywalled (or easily bypassed paywalls) for my links pages has been frustrating. The non-paywalled articles don’t tell me much. But if the data I’m getting is right, our excess deaths, not caused by covid, are through the roof, and not JUST from suicide either.

another 775Mill to Ukraine

RAF recruitment policy puts pause on hiring white males

White people banned from some off Berkeley off campus housing

The earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years

Saudi firm hasn’t been required to pay for water in AZ for years

The amount of water required to grow specific foods

Fire at onion processing plant

Fire at flour mill

Twitter thread: Nitrogen fertilizer producers cutting back

Ford to lay off 3000 workers

80% of the IRS’s revenue will come from small businesses

IRS audits the poor at 5 times the rate of anyone else

Vancouver getting first Canadian electric fire truck, it pumps less water, the batteries will only last for 90 minutes of use, and costs 20% more than the better pumping diesel powered trucks.

Los Angeles tried to get one, but it sprung a leak, and had to be sent back for repairs

Aus bank decides that it will stop giving loans for new gas/diesel powered cars, only used gas cars and electric vehicles, effective 2025

Cost of replacement batteries for cars

VA trying to un-link itself from CA’s car laws

Doctor asks dad to take pictures of toddlers body for medical diagnosis for virtual medical visit. Google decides its child porn, locks dad out of ALL of his google accounts, sends data to police, refuses to let him back into his accounts when police say there’s nothing wrong. (non-paywalled version)

Los Angeles wants to force hotels to house the homeless in any empty rooms

NY Gov says republicans need to leave NY

Some good news about Monkeypox

Canada plans digital ID program

Grand Jury recommends removing 4 Broward school board members over Parkland shooting

Forgiven student loans may be taxed

University of Washington had a study that showed negative results of “gender affirming care” and they hid it.

Twitter thread: French electricity prices just jumped, from 45 Euros to 1000 Euros

East Coast USA faces winter with low fuel supply

The myth of maternal instinct

Tugboat strike in Vancouver

Restaurant to stop catering to vegans due to their attitude

FBI agent destroyed evidence to frame pro-Trump prisoner

The same people keep winning the Maryland lotteries, over and over

Return of the rare Ojibwa horse

Links (8/24/22)

I normally try to only do link dumps once a week, but I didn’t get them done for a couple weeks, and now I have so many…so here’s a 2nd one this week, and I still have more to go

Children who were toddlers or younger during the Covid waves are way behind in speech and ability to read faces.

The CDC keeps putting out bad study after bad study on covid.

Aus recommends vax for under 5yrs old only in cases of extreme immune compromise.

Denmark has stopped the vax campaign untill the fall wave hits. Also, no longer gives the vax to under 18’s without a specific doctor’s reference of severe compromised immunity.

Masks not mandatory in Ontario schools this fall.

Facemask trash harming wildlife

High-school grads starting college, are completely unprepared due to covid

Child vax mandates increase school inequality

New Orleans mandates covid vax for children as young as 5 in order to receive schooling

Philly school district mandates masks for prekindergartners for the year

Comparing European child covid response to the USA‘s

Philippines still hasn’t reopened schools

Covid rules mean 8yr old recovering from being shot/paralyzed can only see his family once a week

1-5 seriously ill black americans were unable to get health care during covid disruptions, regardless of health insurance status. The numbers are worse American Indians, and only slightly better for whites.

Preprint from Thailand: the cardiovascular effects of the vax on children under 18 could be even worse than previously suspected. A look at the study.

Healthcare workers fired over vaccine mandate awarded $10million

Shanghai citizens flee from risk of lockdown in Ikea

Iceland: rate of reinfection from Omicron

.GOV Headstart program requires children as young as 2 to wear facemasks

Cali elementary school calls police after 4yr old refuses to wear a mask

Gasoline demand is lower now than it was in 2020. Which probly don’t say good things for the economy.

France still does all its voting on paper, in person, and hand counted. ID required.

A breakthrough in battery technology, given to China.

Carbon Dioxide shortage

I’m pretty sure thats illegal: NYC Mayor requesting photos of of all applicants applying for city jobs, in order to increase diversity

Princeton to use diversity filter to choose vendors

Minneapolis says it will lay off white teachers first

Sure, zombie pigs sounds like a good idea….NOT

Resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger

New shipping rules could cut shipping availability by 75%

No good deed goes unpunished

Trying to stop the carp invasion

Trans activists admits (on social media) to sending hormones to youth without a prescription. Gets miffed when people notice.

2017: IRS apologizes for targeting people and groups by their political stance.

IRS audits the poor at 5 times the rate of everyone else

UK expects to have power outages in January

Spain cracking down on AC use

2016: FBI ran a website of child porn

FBI agent arrested for crimes against children

FDA expands monkey pox vaccine use to children with no trials

First off: if you love dogs don’t read THIS link. 2nd-first confirmed case of human to dog transmission of monkey pox. 3rd-if you treat your dog in a reasonably humane manner you don’t have anything to worry about

A look at whats behind the farm cuts

Serbian Farmers joining the protests

NY Gov signs law to remove the term “inmate” from use

Biomarker for POTS found

2018: Google bought Mastercard data to use to target ads for items bought offline

I had no idea Phonics had been REMOVED from schools!

Cali math curriculum guidelines

2014 electric car: replacement battery costs more than the car, but it doesn’t matter, cause the batteries aren’t available anyway

Hospital warns of shortage of children’s tylenol and similar meds

The original baby drop box

The most ridiculous duel in history

200 sex trafficking victims found

Your John Deere tractor can run DOOM


Twitter thread: Clive’s Farm

Inflation is making it harder on farmers, even in FL where they did pretty well.

Loss of more farmland

Study: the effect of news media on mass shooting frequency

I see the news media is finally catching up: Thousands report changes to menstrual bleeding after vax

China allows use of HIV drug for Covid

CDC and various .GOV officials ordered Big Tech to censor vax discussion

1200 reported deaths from Pfizer’s vax within the first 90 days

Evusheld however might actually work as advertised.

Leading causes of death from March ’20 to October ’21 (For under 35’s, Covid wasn’t in the top 5, Suicide however was)

NYC finally lifts its toddler mask mandate completely

OSHA fit test on surgical mask (twitter thread)

School districts mandating the Covid vax for children for school

Paxlovid reinfection rate is 40%

Kentucky city is cleaning up vacant lots by giving them to the neighbors

FDA warns of brain-swelling and vision loss due to puberty blockers

That mass grave at a school in Canada might not be

Do dogs prefer praise or food?

New rabies vax on the way

Container shipping is still backed up

US’s biggest container ports also world’s least efficient

Irony at its finest: electric bus bursts into flame one day after electric car law signed

Credit Card that limits your spending based on your calculated CO2

Norway to start tracking all food purchases. More.

Israel tightens restrictions on the use of cash. More.

Modern day slave markets, more.

Hershey warns it won’t be able to meet consumer demand for Halloween candy

Shields Health Care Group announces a data breach

British man arrested for posting meme that “caused anxiety”

State of Emergency announcements for Monkey Pox: 1, 2, 3,

The Best Toy Ever

I’ve a bunch more links, but thats all I have time for today. At least they weren’t ALL depressing this time!


AI Gun detection

A partial list of the things made from petroleum. Aka: how badly will we fuck ourselves over if we stop petroleum production.

Chinese purchase of ND farmland

Meanwhile Chinese equipement could disrupt US nuclear

Average Manhattan rent breaks $5k

Several NYC election sites couldn’t find their R ballots for the primary (but hey, its all good, no fraud here!)

Oh wait, there were MORE issues with the NYC primaries…..

We’re in the middle of a formula shortage that has people begging strangers on the internet to buy formula for them. But hey, lets send random people formula cause they bought something that indicated they might be pregnant!! Turns out its not a new practice either. Which is really creepy. I mean, I always new that store CCs and membership/discount cards were tracked, but somehow it never occured to me that they’d localize by the CC you used. I really want to go back to all cash now.

Uprisings in Panama

And Ecuador

Meanwhile protests are continuing in the Netherlands, and spreading.

The UK is trying to convince farmers to retire.

Low water in the Rhine causing problems

Twitter thread: Canada is trying to force the cut of nitrogen use in farming by 30% (gosh, wasn’t that what the Netherlands farmers are protesting??). Bloomberg article.

NY Health Commissioner admits to exaggerating child risk in order to force vaccination

Bacterial and fungal contamination on masks. Nor is this the first time thats been reported on.

Twitter thread: looking at the various studies on heart damage risks from the various vax

Nope, no fraud here either

quote: In conclusion, COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients.

Aus wants children as young as 10yrs old to WORK to pay of Covid fines

Its going to take 3 to 5 years for children to recover from the learning loss damage of the pandemic. Assuming we stop playing games NOW with their schooling of course.

Children were already at least risk from Covid and its complications, but that risk is continuing to wane as immunity gains.

Meanwhile: the unvaccinated are contagious for LESS time than vaccinated peoples, published in the NE Journal of Medicine infact. I need to start a post of all the things that were conspiracy theories just a few days ago….

NYC continues to fire employees who aren’t vax’d to their standards.

Interesting take on why the current vaxs aren’t doing what we want. Mucosal immunity. 2nd thread.

NOT AN OLD ARTICLE. China locks down Wuhan (approx 12 million people) over 4 cases of asymptomatic covid.

Twitter thread: What was your lowest point over the mess of the last 2 years? I’ve linked to one of the more heartbreaking posts. All anecdotal of course, and most of them not proveable, but I’ve seen enough evidence of similar to believe them.

Turns out that the current method of news coverage of mass shootings only incites more violence (gosh, what a concept….)

The world is WAY less populated than everyone thinks it is.

Sunscreen doesn’t stop melanoma in darker skinned peoples

Amsterdam airport so short handed they’re NOT ACCEPTING LUGGAGE on transfer flights. Meanwhile Iceland Air is sending baggage handlers along on every flight to the same airport in order to handle the luggage of their customers.

At least 181 educators charged with child sex crimes in 2022 so far.

I haven’t laughed so hard from the irony in I don’t know how long. NYC has LONG voted D, including being lax on illegal immigration, declaring themselves to be a sanctuary city, and at the same time shipping their own homeless off to other cities and states around the country. And now its being done to them and they’re all butthurt.

I imagine that this timing is a coincidence, but considering the goings on in NYC, maybe not. Biden administration decides to finish border wall.

Boston Subway train catches fire

Amazon buys itself a set of health clinics

Gosh, its not like shutting down hospital revenue streams off and on for two years was going to have any impact or anything….

Ok, I guess this links post is all about how I laughed at the irony of life

FCC trying to crack down on auto-warranty scam calls. Good luck with that, I had 3 yesterday alone.

US sending another $270mill to Ukraine

So, while everyone is FREAKING OUT about CO2 levels being to high (and shutting down farms and the like), it turns out that plants actually NEED those higher levels in order to be healthy.

Oh hey, more fraud! The last 16 years of alzheimer’s research is useless

Twitter thread: How to read a research paper (this is what schools should be teaching, instead of gender studies ffs)

Russia continues to cut fuel shipments to Germany.

I’m going to stand here and scream I TOLD YOU SO at the whole goddammed world. You have no clue how much I wanted to be wrong. And now the kids are paying for it. And I’m quite confident that we’ve not seen the worst of it yet. Researchers figure out the cause behind weird hepatitis outbreaks. Study. Your immune system needs to work in order to continue to work properly. Deny it the experience and you fuck yourself over.

Maryland school guidelines on “preferred gender” and “right to use the bathroom and locker-room of your choice”. And any child who finds it uncomfortable to use such spaces while someone while someone of the opposite sex is present will be sent to counseling to teach them otherwise.

Nursing homes sueing friends and family over bills they aren’t liable for.

Fear of prosecution causes doctors to hesitate in treating patients. Also, Missouri requires all pregnancy terminations to be reported to the state (cause thats not going to put a damper on anyone…).

Can we NOT??? Scientists turn dead spiders into zombie robots.

I could keep going, but I think thats enough depression for one day

Links 7/17/22

Canada sees no legal problem with denying an unvax’d person an organ transplant

Nope, that was another conspiracy theory. And frankly, untill they finish the ACTUAL study on it, which isn’t due for at least a year, I’m thinking that “no cause for concern” is a bit early to state.

Various areas of Cali are getting ready to reinstate mask mandates. At least one school system just DID reinstate it. Meanwhile a major medical system announced that they are NOT seeing a covid crisis or emergency at all.

Court puts hold on the discharge of vax refusers in the Air Force.

In the subgroup of children aged six months to two years, the trial found that the vaccine could result in a 99% lower chance of infection—but that they also could have a 370% increased chance of being infected. In other words, Pfizer reported a range of vaccine efficacy so wide that no conclusion could be inferred………Referring to Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy in healthy young children, one high-level CDC official—whose expertise is in the evaluation of clinical data—joked: “You can inject them with it or squirt it in their face, and you’ll get the same benefit.”

The above quote came from here, numbers backed up by the Pfizer EUA request here.

Denmark admits there wasn’t much point to vaccinating children.

Meanwhile so much damage done to children by lockdowns.

Covid learning loss is a worldwide problem

A look at Covid infections in Icelandic children

Analysis of a 4th shot for under 50yr olds.

Prior infection boosted immunity against Omicron better than the vax.

China limits future fertilizer exports

Marine Illustrators.

Railroad union authorizes strike

Chinese allow AI to overrule judges

Truckers protest in Cali

Drought in Italy

BMW starts selling heated seats as micro transactions

Guess they aren’t that worried about monkey pox afterall

One sixth of the calls to the suicide hotline never get pickedup

Continuing freight problems in Cali

The learning disabled may be losing their right to having same sex carers.

FDA admits that its at least partially responsible for the formula shortage (which continues, especially for those who need speciality formulas).

The shut down formula plant is finally being allowed to re-open.

FDA backpedals on Juul ban

2nd largest LNG facility in the USA shut down

So, a running meme style is that every time someone big-named dies of unexpected causes its because “they had information on Hillary”. Apparently several big news sites were unaware of this fact.

Canada pushing farmers to reduce emissions as well.

Wisconsin supreme court decides unstaffed ballot drop boxes are illegal.

Nigerian senator on trial for organ harvesting.

Sri Lanka shows the USA what an ACTUAL insurrection and capital attack looks like

The inspiration behind the 2nd amendment.

A fictional story on Reddit (well, I hope its fictional!)


I swear to god, can we have a quiet week so I can stop accumulating depressing links??

Biden administration appears to have sold barrels of oil to the Chinese

Additional oil headed other places too

NYC cashier jailed for self defense

Food crisis in Sri Lanka, and 2, and troops open fire on rioters

European farmers are pissed

Dutch farmers are especially pissed, apparently some bigwig thinks that we can feed the world while cutting nitrogen by 50% in the world’s 2nd largest food importation district. We’ve already got reports of shots fired at the protestors (and video of the shots show that no, the police were not at risk of being run over, no matter what they claim).

Thanks to the Internet Archive: The UN thinks world hunger is a good thing

Some Dunkin Donuts have a shortage on some coffee syrups

No significant increase in myocarditis or pericarditis in un-vac’d post covid patients

Naturally won immunity beats out the vax, still going strong 15 months later

Uruguay suspends covid vax for under-13s

Pfizer refuses to meet India’s testing requirements for the vax

Danish covid testing policy. Sweden covid testing policy. Finland’s covid testing policy. Norwegian covid testing policy.

Red states recovered faster than blue states.

60k Guard and Reserve soldiers cut off from pay and benefits

Nation’s largest teachers/educators union wants to require masking and vaccines, meanwhile Los Angeles (of all places) just made that impossible for schools to do.

NYC mayor states he plans to mandate covid vax for children in the fall

An explanation for the layman of one of the studies I posted last week.

More data showing mask mandates don’t work. And again.

FDA has no plans to require additional safety testing for covid boosters.

Where to read the data on Pfizer’s shots as its released by the FDA.

Washington State makes covid vax and boosters a permanent requirement for state employment.

Reminder that those movies you didn’t actually buy the disk for aren’t actually yours

Secret Service Director moving to…..SnapChat??

Roe Vs Wade is so last week. This week: Not all your devices use the same style charger!!

How the FBI Wiretapped the world

Trials of randomized Universal Income (spoiler: doesn’t solve the problem)

Make your PDFs read-able by human eyes only

In June NYS authorized Medicaid reimbursement assistance providers to work from home. Turns out this isn’t a good thing.

EU Parliament agrees to label nuclear and gas power as green (gosh, guess all those solar and wind farms weren’t so great after all huh? I seriously laughed out loud, and not happily, when I read this.)

Germany looking at rationing hot water

33 hospitals sent personal medical information to Facebook’s Meta company

Turns out you might not be able to opt out of the next controversial vax

Sweden is about to allow parents to take (PAID) time off to care for sick kids.

I gotta say, regardless of whether you believe Biden or Trump won the 2020 election, we’ve got ample proof that there COULD have been fraud. And its not really making me happy about the future of the country. Everytime I turn around we’ve got more reports about things went wrong, audits weren’t done right, gaps in security, and so on. The 2020 election may have been entirely legit, but there are sure are a LOT of holes that need to be fixed.

Nearly Half of all murders in the USA go unsolved.


NYS Supreme Court decision on allowing non-citizens to vote

Supreme court says intention matters when it comes to prescribing pain pills

Supreme court says “may issue” firearms license is against the 2nd amendment. Which is going to make one of those newly passed NYS laws interesting to enforce.

Biden says gender identity protections more important than Title IX

Detroit Public Library finally reopening, after two years closed

Age and Sex specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis after RNA covid vax, meanwhile the USA is the only country to approve them for under 5’s, despite horrid effectiveness rates in studies, and at least one school is rumored to have already mandated them for pre-K students, and Twitter is banning people who point that out. Not to mention that we’re 2years into this, it’s not longer an emergency, by any standard of the definition.

No wait, I KNOW this was a conspiracy theory….”The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials (2.3 and 6.4 per 10,000 participants, respectively).

And here’s ANOTHER conspiracy theory! At least its only temporary…right?

Children are 44% less likely to suffer from severe covid

and yet toddlers are still required to mask in NYC for certain federally funded programs

Children who previously had covid remain highly protected

Paxlovid approval data based on a total of 15 infections, 5 in the treated group and 10 in the untreated group. In a country with supposedly how many infections daily that was all they could come up with to test this on?

Turns out Comirnaty was never actually a thing, basically they made just enough to get the FDA to push approval through (so that the various vaccine mandates could be pushed through), and then stopped.

CDC caught using faulty data, again.

NOLA’s mayor has decided that a hair pick is the ultimate representation of black people

Polio detected in London sewage samples

Germany has had to turn back on coal powered electrical plants

Meanwhile they’re cutting down the Black Forest to make way for wind turbines

Uvalde officers did NOT need to wait for keys

Ohio approving arming teachers

If you had a male puberty you are not allowed to compete in Women’s Swimming (finally!)

Rumors of a DEF fluid shortage may be overblown, or not, only time will tell.

How many flights of stairs to equal a decent workout?

Caterpillar moving to TX

Sriracha sauce shortage?

Digital License plates now an option in 3 states

Smithfields is downsizing

I’m of the opinion that diversity quotas are a bad thing, but this isn’t how you fix that.

There’s a Hall and Oates Emergency Hotline

So, tell me again how you power your electric car?

LA banning gas stoves in new buildings


Toddlers in NYC are still required to mask at school or daycare.

Freak-out over case rates….and yet, if 20% of NYC really did have covid last month, then we have nothing to worry about from it any more, because the hospitals and support services were NOT even slightly overwhelmed!

JHU study on the effects of lockdowns. Worth the read. Basically we did more harm than good (which, duh).

School counselors on the effects of the pandemic response on kids.

Preprint: Study of inhaled carbon dioxide when wearing masks. For the TL:dr folks–the younger the mask wearer and the more active they are the more carbon dioxide you’re re-breathing, children in the study averaged 6439ppm after just a few minutes in a mask. The international standard for safe amounts? 5000ppm MAX.

In Kansas ’20, counties with mask mandates had higher CFR than those without mandates. An attempt to figure out why.

A while back the CDC did a “study” to “prove” that masks reduced covid cases in schools. It was a REALLY limited and badly done study. So someone redid it, looking at a bigger picture, with better controls. (spoiler, no evidence masks made a bit of difference).

A look at covid in children, study.

Quote: The cumulative rate of infection over the course of the pandemic was about 24 percent in the mandate states as well as in the non-mandate states. Their cumulative rates of Covid mortality were virtually identical, too (in fact, there were slightly more deaths per capita in the states with mask mandates).

Editorial: looking at the covid response.

Your at home covid test contains dangerous chemicals, and they may not be labeled well.

editorial: The Nazification of American Medicine

Retail warehouses are now overstaffed. And again.

Mountain lion gets itself trapped inside classroom. Srsly folks, stop leaving the doors open!

Uvalde School District Police Chief sworn in as city council member.

I was not able to verify the numbers: World has 10 weeks of grain supply

Woman undergoing medical procedure given saline instead of pain medication.

Coming grain shortages

Another reason why I don’t want a fancy self driving car.

Blue eyed humans have a single ancestor in common.

Landmark transplant of pig heart results in death from pig virus.

Indian couple sues son over lack of grandchildren.

Researchers find bio-marker that may cause SIDS

Sarin confirmed as the cause of Gulf War illness.

Germany warns of beer bottle shortage

2020 census results released. There’s a pattern to which states were undercounted and which were overcounted…..

since vaccines are on topic, and with the rise of monkey pox in the news: the most dangerous vaccine.

One gas station in CA is charging over $9/gallon for gas.

Gene editing turns hamsters into fluffy rage monsters.

Montana has a law that states if a student rides a horse to school the principle is responsible for the horse’s care.