Links 11/18/2023

Wind Turbine Dump

But it is right wing conspiracy theory that gas stoves will be banned!

The great electric vehicle revolution in one video.

NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study

The results imply that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be sufficiently strong to cause systematic changes in the pattern of the temperature fluctuations. In other words, our analysis indicates that with the current level of knowledge, it seems impossible to determine how much of the temperature increase is due to emissions of CO2.

Viagra could slash alzheimer’s risk (wait, wasn’t it just last year that off label drug use was bad??)

Expired drug research, more, more, more

Belgium plans temporary ban on use of Ozempic for weight loss

UK: using the wrong gender pronouns will land you in jail

Swim competition allows a 50-year-old biological male to swim with 13 year-old girls

Jiu Jitsu Tournament Features All-Male Women’s Podiums in Georgia

Lawmakers probe VA’s failure to compensate vaccine-injured veterans

Pfizer press release: adolescent males at risk of heart problems from covid vax

Covid shots may slightly increase risk of stroke in older adults, particularly when administered with certain flu vaccines

The Justice Department has just posted a new jobs ad — it’s looking for eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases. 

D.C. Council Repeals COVID Vaccine Mandate For Public School Students

A new study found child care centers are an unlikely source for spreading COVID-19, leading researchers to suggest the current testing and isolation recommendations can be revised to align with those for other serious respiratory viruses

Why Did the New York City Medical Examiner Process 11,000 Deaths in Three Days

FDA’s Peter Marks admits current vaccines don’t reduce transmission in a meaningful way.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee sent a letter to the CDC Director yesterday, looking for answers about how the CDC has counted pediatric Covid deaths

Our findings suggest that lockdowns and other restrictions we experienced during the pandemic have had a real lasting impact on brain health in people aged 50 or over, even after the lockdowns ended

Pfizer study on the safety of the vax during pregnancy reduced in size and then results delayed

Totally Covid’s fault

Report finds FDA keeps both a private and an incomplete public version of VAERS reporting system for vaccine injuries.

2018: Among children there was an increase in the hazard of ARI caused by non-influenza respiratory pathogens post-influenza vaccination compared to unvaccinated children during the same period

The flu doesn’t do that!!!!…..(twitter thread)

ACIP voted last week to add the JYNNEOS Mpox vaccine to the child/adolescent schedule and to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for “persons aged 18 years and older at risk for mpox”

Flesh-Eating Parasite Fatal in up to 95% Of Cases Now Endemic in US, CDC Warns

Is boosting bone mass through pharmacotherapy really the best way to prevent fractures in the elderly?

The American Heart Association sabotages its own predictive algorithm by no longer including race of the patient in order to to affirm the trendy dogma that race does not exist biologically

How many times has the UK done this now? Life support removed from child even though another country is willing to pay for medical care.

If you had a procedure done at Salem Hospital in MA between June 2021 and April 2023 you need to go find a good lawyer

FBI’s Washington Field Office explicitly made the decision to let a child pornographer go free to focus on January 6 defendants, they admitted in court docs.

All 44,000 hours of footage from January 6th has been publicly released by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The federal government has mandated that all vehicles sold after 2026 must have a kill switch that can disable your vehicle based on your driving performance. Amendment to stop this failed.

Did the Entire Media Industry Misquote a Hamas Spokesperson?

Kathy Hochul announced that New York is “collecting data” from “surveillance efforts” on social media Hochul says the social media analysis unit will contact people who commit “hate speech”

Its Ok To Be White is a hate message

NY Governor signs ‘Clean Slate Act’, sealing criminal records for employment, housing applications

Protestors block Bay Bridge, organs for transplant delayed


Dozens of bird names honoring enslavers and racists will be changed (web archive link, be patient with it loading)

I guess this is one way to wipe the internet of evidence

How long before they start requiring armed guards on shipping transports?

Teachers will now be able to live and work under one roof at school

Study Shows We are Born Creative Geniuses but the “Education” System Dumbs Us Down

Investigation is underway at a New Jersey high school after reports surfaced of students using artificial intelligence to manipulate real photos to create pornographic images of classmates

Trump has 34 felony charges pending while Biden walks just like Hillary for doing mostly the same thing

Voting machines have been shut down in several Pennsylvania districts due to votes getting flipped.

Truck dashcam footage shows farmer dodging bullets as he saved 120 from music festival

Signal would leave UK if forced by privacy bill

A Personal Flying Vehicle Prototype Can Fly You at 160 MPH

Ohio Auto Shop Employees Use Forklift to Stop a Car Thief in Mid-Air

Humans who look alike also act alike

The correlation between adopted brothers and sisters (genetically unrelated people raised together) shows that the IQ correlation between them falls to zero in adulthood — suggesting shared childhood environment has no impact on intelligence in adulthood.

Significant Neuroanatomical Variation Among Domestic Dog Breeds

Bulletproof vest clad volunteers try to get Israeli dairy farms functioning again

Links 10/29/23

Cyber attacks on businesses continue. Medical. Transport, more. Manufacturing, more.

NIH-Funded Study Just Vaccinated A Human Using Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

The FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine has omitted key data and is problematic

The Annual COVID19 Booster

Covid Vaccine Makers’ Stocks Crash To Multiyear Lows Monday As Sales Keep Sliding

Covid infection correlates with a lower subsequent rate of hospitalization for other infectious diseases.

School Closures and Student Health

N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

CDC Data: COVID “Deaths” Plummeted Once Federal Money for Hospitals Ran Out

Was SARS-CoV-2 or Pneumonia the primary cause of respiratory Covid-19 deaths

COVID19 Therapeutics & Boosters all need new studies

Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines

A Series of posts on the supposed death toll in NYC in spring of 2020

Remember when the FDA tweeted to tell people to stop taking ivermectin because “you are not a horse”? (twitter thread)

The Vice of Spice

US suicides hit an all-time high last year

Our thesis is that a primary cause of the rise in mental disorders is a decline over decades in opportunities for children and teens to play, roam, and engage in other activities independent of direct oversight and control by adults.

Oregon removes writing, reading, and math mastery from high school graduation requirements

Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says

D.C. to pay $5.1 million settlement after judge finds Second Amendment violations

Adderall Shortages Are Dragging On—Can Video Games Help (excuse me while I laugh out loud)

Ethical boundaries in medical decision-making can be blurred by circumstances

Won’t that remove oxygen? (article is behind a paywall, link is to twitter thread)

Your ceiling fan is a threat to the environment

Man forced to ditch Ford EV truck during family road trip to Chicago

‘Eco-Friendly’ Paper Straws Contain Harmful PFAS Chemicals

Brazen bandit uses blowtorch to steal $448 in skin care products from NYC Walgreens: video

Retailers Lost Billions of Dollars to Shoplifters in 2022

Thieves steal $300k worth of gift cards from GenCon

41% of French population is in favour of a proposal to limit everyone to 4 flights in their entire life.

Zoom wanted to use your calls to train AI, but the backlash made them change their minds (supposedly)

Tom Hanks says AI version of him used in dental plan ad without his consent

Louisiana Man Cleared to Sue Cops After SWAT Raid Over Facebook Joke

The Revolt of Religious Parents in Montgomery County

(Male) Teacher refuses to supervise nude girl in lockerroom.

California to prioritize missing children by color

How a teenager survived a plane crash and 11 day trek out of the Amazon.

(Video) How puppies might save Mongolia.

Maine dairy farmer places in top 15 in world’s longest horse race

Meet Wallace the first mule to win the British dressage competition

Researchers successfully potty train cows

The American marten reappears in Vermont and intrigues researchers

Links 9/14/2023


Was the COVID Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women

There Was No Pandemic

Another Misleading Long Covid Study

NYC’s rising graduation rates bucked national trends. A little-known grading policy may hold clues.

Christians Arrested For Outdoor Church Service During COVID-19 Win $300,000 Lawsuit

Did you live in NYC during the illegal & immoral “stay home”/quarantine-for-healthy-people orders? Many of the ambulance sirens you heard in an otherwise-quiet city were NOT going to hospital.

Retail health company has Chase accounts suddenly terminated, owner critical of COVID vaccines, FDA

even the NY Times admits that Covid deaths were massively overcounted as a result of absurd statistical methods — i.e. classifying as a Covid death any deceased, for whatever reason, who had recently tested positive.

Dismantling The Covid Pandemic & mRNA “Vaccine” Narratives

FDA has changed the status of Pfizer’s subclinical myocarditis study of a 3rd dose of Comirnaty in 16-30 year olds from ongoing to delayed. The original projected completion date was Dec 2022. Moderna’s study of Spikevax in 18+ is still listed as ongoing, even though its due date was Jun 2023.

“Depressive symptoms at the beginning of the pandemic were the strongest predictor of incident persistent [covid] symptoms in both infected and non-infected participants”

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases

A school snowboarding coach sues after being fired for saying males have athletic advantages over females.

New Zealand has been using a “race-based” surgery waitlist since 2020, and people are only now finding out about it

Harvard behavior scientist who studied honesty accused of fabricating data

Tufts’ Food Compass...It’s Worse Than You Thought

Auto Technology that Stops Drunk Driving Now Required by Law

Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

thousands of birth control pills recalled because they may not work

London measles warning: Outbreak could hit tens of thousands

Homeowner Sues Game Wardens Who Snuck onto His Property and Swiped a Camera

Celebrity forensic scientist Henry Lee liable for fabricating evidence that sent men to prison

US cannot ban people convicted of non-violent crimes from owning guns-appeals court

you need a wiretap order if you want real-time Facebook snooping

Unsolicited Smartwatches Received by Mail

Two workers rescued from Omaha drain system; one traveled about a mile in sewer pipes

interstate credit card skimming scheme

Humans will trade pain for useless information

Many do not fully understand that, upon retirement from the military, you are not really “retired”. You just go into “ready reserve” status. They can call you back to active duty.

America’s Lead Cables

Light Bulb Ban

Supreme court justices & health services researchers cite bad science in Affirmative Action debate

Teen Stranded in Florida After American Airlines Cancels His Ticket for Planning to Leave the Airport at Layover

Are School Libraries Banning Thousands of Books? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Left’s Narrative

NASA Data Show Volcanic Eruption, Not Man-Made Climate Change, Likely Cause of Record Heat Wave

Toxic Foaming Watermelons

Local Indian tribes are now squabbling over who should get the “stolen land” at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters


Aging candlepin bowling alley held together with gum and heart

Treat Trauma with Tetris

links 8/6/23

I try to pick links without paywalls, but occasionally things change after I pick the link. Other times I forget I have a subscription. For most of the Substack links, if it asks you to enter your email and subscribe, ignore the enter email box and click “just let me read” or “continue reading” (which ever it offers), and most of them will let you through to read.

California Panel Approves Reparation Payments for Black Residents Up to $1.2 Million Each

Spiraling in San Francisco’s Doom Loop

Owner of SF’s Largest Hotel, the Hilton Union Square, Is Walking Away, Surrendering It to Lender

California Electricity Bills Will Soon Be Based on Income. Here’s How It Might Work

Gas Lines Are Back Baby!

Navy doctors and dentists are told they owe 3 more years of service after military admits to another record-keeping error

The World Health Organization will take up the EU system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats.

We found half of interventional long covid studies did not even require prior COVID.

Lockdown benefits ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the costs’, landmark study finds

Kids in one school district in NJ were still being required to mask in April 2023

Did Covid-19 quarantines hide the flu?

study of 666 Rhode Island childcare centers from June 1st-July 31st 2020: Only 0.6% (4/666) of childcare centers had even possible evidence of secondary transmission & this was without child mask requirements

New Onset Multiple Sclerosis Post-COVID-19 Vaccination and Correlation With Possible Predictors in a Case-Control Study

District agrees to $400,000 settlement over COVID policies

If Your Toddler Isn’t Talking Yet, the Pandemic Might Be to Blame

Two years to late: New York lifting COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers

There Was No Pandemic in 2020

Korean nationwide study reports 8 cases of “sudden cardiac death (SCD) attributable to VRM [vaccine-related myocarditis] proved by an autopsy”

WHO Warns Of ‘Unusual’ Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies

Pfizer’s Maternal RSV Vaccine Clears FDA Advisory Committee

FBI misused surveillance tool on Jan. 6 suspects, BLM arrestees and others

Twitter Files Extra: The Covid Censorship Requests of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs

the prospect of reforming cancer trials

Mammography Screening Is a Failed Experiment

The Infomercial Comes to The Wall Street Journal

Chemical found in ‘widely used sweetener’ damages human DNA, new study says

US Military Is So Worried About Drug Safety It Wants to Test Widely Used Medicines

Shortage of lifesaving chemo drugs adds to cancer patients’ fears

Women who started the pill as teens have 130% higher rate of depression: study

Norway advises against child sex changes, joins Finland, Sweden, and UK in rejecting gender ideology

A reduction in long-term spatial memory persists after discontinuation of peripubertal GnRH agonist treatment in sheep

EPA v. The Grid

Electric cars losing their value twice as fast as petrol alternatives

Texas to charge EV owners $400 to register vehicles, $200 every year

Germany faces electricity shortages and can expect to see industries leave the country due to green energy policy ‘disaster’ that saw nuclear power plants ditched for renewables, business chiefs warn

The surface of the Greenland ice sheet has gained almost 600 billion tons of new snow since September 1, 2022… above the 1981-2010 average

Democrats accuse GOP of stoking culture wars with bills limiting gas stove rules

shows an armed security guard flanking surveyors as they enter private land without permission for a pipeline they don’t even have the permit to build yet.

Telomere Length Correlates with Life Span of Dog Breeds

Egyptian lawyer sues Netflix over Queen Cleopatra

At New Chicago Walgreens, You Can Only Browse 2 Aisles — The Rest Of The Store Is Locked Away

Lawyer apologizes for fake court citations from ChatGPT

A judge has denied the motion for preliminary injunction in our lawsuit challenging Washington’s “assault weapon ban,” saying that the banned firearms “allow a shooter to fire as fast as they can pull the trigger, unlike previous guns.”

2020: DEFUND THE POLICE! 2022: ITS ALL GREAT* crime rate 111% higher than nat’l ave* 2023: FUND THE POLICE!

Edmond parent files lawsuit after daughter ‘severely beaten’ in bathroom by trans student

Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives

To Address The Loneliness Epidemic, The Feds Want To Control Your Town And Friends

I think of this often when I hear trust the science and trust public health officials. Oh like the ones who ran an actual Eugenics Board and sterilized women on the application of social workers? Like that?

Nope, I’m still going to hell. This whole situation still makes me laugh: Eric Adams asks judge to suspend New York’s “right to shelter” policy because this open border thing is just becoming too much to handle

NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to install “resource kiosks” to stop thieves from looting retail stores

NYC Comptroller joined NYC Mayor and Department of Finance in limiting City of New York deposits at the two banks. The Comptroller also voted against designating three others that failed to submit required anti-discrimination plans

The phone-free are finding themselves unwelcome in more places

The Parents Saying No to Smartphones

BREAKING: Senator Chuck Grassley asks USDA-HHS to stop writing Dietary Guidelines until conflicts of interest are fully released 95% of last committee had at least 1 tie to food/pharma Guidelines need transparency to serve the people, not corporations

Lawmakers in the Empire State are following California, where the Assembly just approved a bill to ban key ingredients in certain candies.

THOUSANDS of fraudulent registrations found requesting absentee ballots on NY voter rolls: study

China Hacks Critical U.S. Infrastructure, Microsoft Says

Breathe less oxygen to live longer, study suggests

Twitter thread: Since the WaPo decided not to include this info in their article, here is a review of the books that were removed by the Forsyth County schools

Uber suspends diversity chief over ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’ events

Cavewomen may not have adhered to strict gender roles formed centuries after their deaths, now now these poor prehistoric women are non-binary

400 Grail blood test users were incorrectly told they may have cancer: report

Killer whales are sinking boats off the coast of Europe in orchestrated attacks

Homework Machine Hand Writes AI-Generated Assignments

Amazon Ring, Alexa accused of every nightmare IoT security fail you can imagine

Maybe there is *something* in the water….

Virtual fencing for beef cattle

The Great Electrician Shortage

This Skinny Toronto House Is Listed For Almost $2M & Has A Toilet In The Bedroom

Sheep to Shawl competition

Reserve Marine Foils DC-area Human Trafficking Ring Just Hours Before Fitness Test

The Sound of Freedom: History vs Hollywood

Women who fish are happier and healthier, study shows

Chronic wound healing using glass

Former Philly Starbucks manager wins $25.6 million after being fired for being white

A catatonic woman awakened after 20 years. Her story may change psychiatry.

Want to own a lighthouse?

Parrots learn to make video calls to chat with other parrots, then develop friendships, Northeastern University researchers say

The fastest family on earth

The improbable story of the bra-maker who won the right to make astronaut spacesuits

Brain scans of coffee drinkers suggest there’s more to feeling alert than just the caffeine

‘It’s been crazy’: Meet the I-75 cowboy who roped a steer in now-viral video

Links 7/1/23

According to educators, this will be a kind of lost generation: under-educated to the point where it drags down their future, and ours.

Last year this would have been classified as mis-information: The World Health Organization has tailored its COVID-19 vaccination recommendations for a new phase of the pandemic, suggesting that healthy children and adolescents may not necessarily need a shot but older, high-risk groups should get a booster

New Study on Long COVID in kids and young adults FAILS to link COVID to Long COVID

Twitter thread: I may never get over the fact one of the most important findings of the last 3 yrs: That transmission rates of infected people to others (secondary attack rate) was unrelated to # of vax doses received was buried in the supplements of this Danish study

Twitter thread: For 3 years, Americans have been given the impressions that Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NYC, was the “epicenter” of overwhelmingly high patient volume fueled by sudden spread of covid-19.

Occupancy Data for New York’s Covid “Epicenter” Hospital Contradicts Perception

Were masks in hospitals a waste of time? Hated NHS policy made ‘no difference’ to Covid infection rates, study finds

Study finds that masking reduces blood ox, increases blood co2

CDC data shows wearing an N95 for longer than an hour at a time causes bad things

The Harms of Masking

Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents

Review shows mask-wearing may contribute to stillbirths, irreversible cognitive deficits in children, testicular dysfunction, and much more.

Switzerland stops the Covid vaccinations: All vaccination recommendations have been withdrawn, doctors can only administer the controversial vaccines in individual cases under certain conditions – but then bear the risk of liability for vaccination damage.

The “Covid Death” Reckoning

The Shifting Narrative on Vaccine Effectiveness

New Study Looks at Vaccine-Associated Cardiac Deaths in Young People

Healthy, athletic 14 yo girl dies 2 days post Pfizer dose 3 diagnosed w/”vaccine-related multiple-organ inflammation.”

British Man Died of Rare Blood Syndrome Linked to AstraZeneca’s Vaccine

Elevated Rate of Facial Paralysis Identified After Pfizer COVID-19 Booster in Elderly: FDA

Chinese Load Cow’s Milk with mRNA Exosomes–Successfully Immunize Mice

Untangling The Adderall Snafu

Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine in Pregnant Women

Coincidences happen, but the fact that the IRS showed up at Matt Taibbi’s house the same day he testified before the new committee investigating weaponization of the federal government is both ironic and highly suspicious

Missouri v. Biden will test the government’s ability to suppress speech in the name of fighting ‘misinformation’

Biden rule will redistribute high-risk loan costs to homeowners with good credit

Biden Administration ‘Facilitating’ Trafficking Of Child Refugees, Florida Grand Jury Charges

Doctor shortages distress rural America, where few residency programs exist

The Paradox of “Clean” EVs and the “Dirty” Lithium Mining Business

EPA approves California rules phasing out diesel trucks

Biden Admin Going Full Steam Ahead with Light Bulb Ban

Japan Breaks With U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil at Prices Above Cap

Federal Court Blocks California City’s Gas Stove Ban, Turning Up The Heat on Democrats

New York becomes the first state to ban natural gas stoves and furnaces in most new buildings

Farmer: Wind turbine fire in rural Western New York caused contamination to family, livestock, and land

Tokyo winters have been cooling since 1984

The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library

A proposed new law would give the government the power to filter what Canadians see in their news feeds, on YouTube and on social media

NYC jury finds Douglass Mackey GUILTY in first-ever meme trial after making memes that disparaged Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election

Transgender athlete research rejected after professor called trans women ‘males’

After Massachusetts superintendent candidate wrote ‘ladies’ in email, the School Committee rescinded its offer

Oregon mother sues after state refuses adoption for not affirming trans procedures

UN-linked report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, says children can consent to sex

Is having no social life as bad for you as smoking?

ChatGPT’s history bug may have also exposed payment info, says OpenAI

ChatGPT falsely accused me of sexually harassing my students

Schumacher family planning legal action over AI ‘interview’ with F1 great

Cracker Barrel follows Walmart’s lead in shuttering its remaining locations in Portland

Walmart closing half of their Chicago stores

Whole Foods FLAGSHIP San Francisco store shuts after just one year

REI to shut down Portland store

Professor Eric Stewart, accused of faking data that makes racism against black and hispanic Americans seem more common than it is, suddenly exits FSU.

Federal judges announce they will refuse to hire clerks from Stanford Law School

A major commodity trader received containers full of painted rocks instead of the $36 million shipment of copper it paid for

Sudan conflict threatens supply of key soft drink ingredient gum arabic

Manhattan garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting thief. Oh wait, never mind.

The NYPD Can Now Shoot GPS Trackers at Your Car

Turn off Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE to protect your Android from Samsung hijack bugs

Hackers hacking computerized farm equipment

The Billionaire Who Controls Your Medical Records

Cop warrant orders Ring to cough up footage from inside this guy’s home

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors has quietly added a proposal on Tuesday’s agenda that seeks to “decarcerate” and “depopulate” LA jails by directing law enforcement & courts to vastly expand the use of “cite and release” & return to COVID emergency bail schedule.

This woman left her AirPods on a plane. She tracked them to an airport worker’s home

Man tracks down stolen truck using Apple Airtag

Turns out the 2017 Las Vegas shooter lost $1.5 million gambling just weeks before the shooting

Here’s how the media covered the arrest of a Florida kid who threatened to shoot up a middle school

If you may need a passport or to renew your passport in the next two years you need to get it done NOW.

Agatha Christie novels reworked to remove potentially offensive language

To comply with a new sesame allergy law, some businesses add — sesame

Indiana Public School Officials Admit Lying to Parents About Critical Race Theory

Fridge explosions, more, more

A Farmington man was denied homeowners insurance after describing a plan to disconnect his oil burner and replace it with a mini-split heat pump and pellet stove

Ohio School District Arms Staff

heist at Toronto Pearson airport leads to $20M in gold, high-value goods stolen

Dog allergen levels in homes with hypoallergenic compared with nonhypoallergenic dogs

Now, however, the state of Colorado has become the first to give farmers the legal right to repair their equipment without being forced to pay for a manufacturer’s repair teams.

Bowyer’s Corner-A Forgotten Ancient Technique

The Gallery of Regrettable Foods

The World’s Blackest Cars

Awbi The Guardian Dog vs The Red Foxes

Little girl keeps stranded octopus alive till rescuers arrive

Sailing boat rescued by the Götheborg

Links 6/6/23

Significant rises in mortality do not pre-date major lockdown events, but rather coincide with them, or follow them very closely. From the same twitter thread: Even as late as April 30th — a point at which many practitioners were realizing default venting was dangerous, @ashishkjha was arguing in the NEJM that we needed more ventilators because they were preemptively venting patients awaiting test results who may not have even had Covid, not because they needed it, but to avoid even the possibility of aerosolization.

The U.K. Briefly Considered Killing All Pet Cats Early in the Pandemic

02/2020: People In China Throw Out Pets From Apartments Over Coronavirus Spread Fears

When a Renegade Church and a Zealous County Health Department Collide. A Church, The State, and a Holy War.

I hope it was more than 1 in 4 parents that lied about following this cruel and inhumane guideline

Single-use masks are mostly made of polypropylene (PP), which takes over 400 years to decompose.

02/2021: Central NY school district closes after many staff sick with side effects from Covid vaccine

the actual points made in the document, which include “Increased length of time spent in isolation/quarantine has been associated with increased symptoms of PTSD.”

teachers union pretended to be a small business and stole PPP money

Signs of waning were observed as soon as 2 months after (bivalent) vaccination……Among the chronically ill… vaccination did not reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes

Our use of antimicrobial cleaners spiked during the pandemic. Given the potential long-term health risks, it might be worth cutting back again.

In 80% of cases, the CDC exaggerated the severity of the pandemic. More.

Long Covid no more likely in people those whose first infection was with omicron than in people who’ve never had Covid, Swiss study finds

the mayor that refused to unmask toddlers now wants private business to not allow people with masks to enter due to sky rocketing crime

Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Sank First and Fastest, Whats behind the decline of teen mental health, The underreported rise in male suicide

The U.S. Maternal-Mortality Rate Soared in 2021

We Need an “Urgency of Normal” for Nursing Homes

Committee tells Board of Regent the lower scores are the “new normal”

Twitter Files #19

FBI’s D.C. Office Tried To Sic Local Agents On Innocents After Bank Of America Volunteered Gun Records

Visa, Mastercard pause decision to track gun shop purchases

R.L. Stine Refutes Report, Accuses Publisher of Editing ‘Goosebumps’ Books for Offensive Material Without His Involvement

Why I Decided to Update the Language in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Children’s Books

ADHD meds shortage, more

‘No foul play’ suspected in death of Georgia businessman whose body was found wrapped in a rug

DA drops most serious charge against officer who locked woman in police vehicle before it was struck by train

San Francisco board open to reparations with $5M payouts

UK woman Eleanor Williams, 22, who falsely accused group of men of raping and trafficking her, sentenced to eight and a half years in prison

Lunchables are going to be rolled out directly to students

Vermont Christian girls basketball team refused to play a rival team with a trans athlete

The Sad Truth about Jazz Jennings

an emerging fungus considered an urgent antimicrobial resistance (AR) threat, spread at an alarming rate in U.S. healthcare facilities in 2020-2021

Hospital Officials Sound ‘Hate Crime’ Alarm Over ‘Noose,’ But Surveillance Footage Tells a Different Story

Human Lab Rats

Masked dad accidentally tried to rob son at knifepoint

Twitter thread: a look at the commercial pilots shortage

Metallurgist pleads guilty to fraud after falsifying steel-test results for Navy submarines

The FBI took her life savings. Now she’s fighting to help others get theirs back.

Council fines roofer £300 for having empty crisp packets and sandwich wrappers in his van – because he doesn’t have a licence to carry rubbish

Fortunate Families? The Effects of Wealth on Marriage and Fertility

Extreme flood control measures

Dogs Of Chernobyl Are Now Genetically Different To Others In The World

To be abundantly clear, it is not a crime to give someone the finger

When your dog pays the mortgage

This Custom-Painted Porsche 911 is a Rolling Black Hole for Light, BMW X6.

3,000-Year-Old Greek Olive Tree in Greece Still Grows Olives

New Hampshire ducks ‘sled’ down snowbank

Pilot lands plane on a helipad

Links 5/1/23

Twitter thread with charts and links: A look at ED visits from before 2020 through 2022 and causes and outcomes. Of specific note: despite media reports otherwise Chicago had less ED visits in spring 2020 than in prior years flu seasons.

Do you follow E Woodhouse on Twitter? If you’re on Twitter you should. She’s finding all SORTS of interesting data on covid numbers. This time: Ohio (of all places) had a positive Covid test in Nov 2019 that was then excluded from the data sets. And Covid was in NYC in January 2020 at a minimum.

The plan is super simple: just keep taking these shots annually and we agree to never study them with an RCT. (quote from here)

Revisiting “Covid is a leading cause of death in children” … AGAIN. More (twitter thread with links and charts)

Yes, living through the pandemic was associated with some infant communication impairments

Research Covers How Masks Affect Listeners’ Comprehension

The New York Times admits that mask mandates did nothing

Study finds spike in suicide rates for Black adolescents, young adults in 2021

German Minister admits they went to far with Covid lockdowns

Study on the effectiveness of the C19 vax on college campuses never completed

Alcohol-specific deaths in the UK: registered in 2021 (up over 27% from 2019). Meanwhile the USA is up over 30% in 2021 vs 2019

Updated list of states that won’t force the C19 vax on school kids

Feb 2023: woman in rehab facility forced to wear diaper, given only tylenol for pain, because she tested positive for covid

A federal judge blocks a law that punishes doctors for ‘misinformation.’

Study confirms that NY’s covid policies caused more damage than they helped.

Gear Purchased by City as Part of $224 Million in COVID Contracts Auctioned Off for Just $500,000

The 112-Year Odyssey of Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccines-Mistakes Made and Implications for the Future. quote: Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility.

2016: Medical Errors now third leading cause of death in the USA

No actual data showing aluminum antiperspirant the cause of breast cancer

To be Republican is evil apparently. And god forbid you think Affirmative Action is a bad thing.

Tylenol during pregnancy may increase risk of ADHD, more, more

Connecticut Parents Arrested for Letting Kids, Ages 7 and 9, Walk to Dunkin’ Donuts

The Stranger Danger myth: The actual risk of a teen or child being abducted by a stranger and killed or not returned is estimated at around 0.00007%, or one in 1.4 million annually—a risk so small that experts call it de minimis, meaning effectively zero

A look at the exodus from public schooling

How Ideologues Infiltrated the Arts

Inmates should be able to donate organs or bone marrow in exchange for reduced time in prison, according to a proposed bill in Massachusetts.

Roomba recorded data ends up on Facebook

2010: Scottish sheep farms finally free of Chernobyl fallout

Transporting LiON batteries is no big deal right? Just ignore the car carrier fires….

Alligator-catfish hybrids

Man sues woman who rejected his affections

A short history of saturated fat: the making and unmaking of a scientific consensus

US food additives banned in Europe

A common artificial sweetener might be making you fatter and sicker, a new study says

Study finds common artificial sweetener linked to higher rates of heart attack and stroke

Planting trees in cities could cut heat deaths

Scotland’s wind turbines actually running on diesel.

The logistics required to travel in an EV

Proposed regulations on the energy efficiency of clothes washers and fridges

Ford’s new self driving car will repossess itself if you miss payments

What happens when Cheating becomes the norm?

More on the Twitter files

The family of T.C. Williams would like their $25,000 donation back from the University of Richmond. With interest it comes to $51 million

Some of those Chinese weather balloons might not have been Chinese after all

The Witch Trials of JK Rowling

James Bond books edited

Exercise more to live longer

Eurasian Eagle Owl now happily living in NYC’s Central park

Sewing pattern archive

Of all the conspiracy theories to come true in the last few years, the one that “birds aren’t real” was not one I expected

You Can Now Download 1,700 Free 3-D Cultural Heritage Models

FL suspends tax on baby care items.

NASA spies Martian rocks that look just like a teddy bear

A single set of links

I normally try to repost things in the order I found them, with the exception of trying to keep links on the same set of things together. But this set’s to important.

Remember how in 2021 there was a mass backup of ships off the coast of California? And the problems that caused?

Well, hold onto your panties, cause here we go again.

Link, link, link, link (though they’re all functionally identical). Here’s hoping that the concern is overblown and everyone returns to work today (Saturday). Though I can’t really blame the union workers for refusing to work without a contract, and even if they do return to work today its a hell of a reminder to everyone that maybe they should be working on that contract instead of trying to screw over everyone again.

Edit: it appears that they did indeed return to work on Saturday. Cross fingers folks.


Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? And, why don’t we have a cure for alzheimer’s yet??

Our risk-benefit analysis suggests that among 12-17-year-olds, two-dose vaccination was uniformly favourable only in nonimmune girls with a comorbidity. In boys with prior infection and no comorbidities, even one dose carried more risk than benefit

Vax safety for those 65 and older

FDA advisers upset they didn’t have all the data on the vax/boosters

Fake Doctors pushed covid lockdowns on Twitter

Schools re-instate mask mandates

German court rules to force Holocaust survivor to take covid vax

Study looking at the actual risk of a heart attack after covid infection

Excess (non-covid) deaths continue to soar

Canadian judge tosses case against security guards who killed woman for not wearing a mask

For nearly 3 years – not just “since Omicron” – Covid-19 deaths have been severely overcounted

CDC IDs “safety concern” for some people receiving covid vax

FAA has tacitly admitted that since covid vax rollout the EKGs of pilots has changed

Did you lock yourself away and panic over the idea of meeting an unmasked person during the covid mess? Congratulations, you just increased your risk of poor antibody reaction.

The Epidemic of #DiedSuddenly

Children still not allowed to visit mom or grandma in this hospital cause covid

Covid listed as 2ndary COD for apt fire victim.

CDC requires immigrants as young as 6 months to have the covid vax

mRNA vax for animals

USA no fly list leaked, again

The Wall Street Journal asks “where have all the go-getters gone?“, and one answer.

Jan 6 documents include the SS numbers of involved peoples, published online

TMobile customer data stolen

FBI Official Who Investigated Trump Russia Collusion Arrested for Colluding With Russia

How Equifax became a private IRS

Banning gas stoves, the stupidity of the quoted study, again (note, under the stated testing conditions the average adult human would die from carbon dioxide poisoning in about 10hrs so yah), ban that wasn’t a ban, unless you live in NY state in which case ban

Storing away that evil CO2, carbon offsets worthless

Wyoming wants to phase OUT electric vehicles

Rent an electric car for your road trip they said! it’ll be fun they said! Nobody said you’d have to stop and charge the car 6 times a day….

Jan 1 2023 trucks and busses with engines older than 2010 banned in CA

Ford offering $2500 credit to customers who downgrade their vehicle order, due to supply chain issues

More time outside lowers prescription drug usage

Food waste claims don’t add up

Desecration of war graves for fun and profit

Toxic Period Panties

.GOV home equity theft

1/21/2023 Peaceful but fiery protests

If you’re going to go out of your way to commit a felony maybe leave your cell phones at home

100’s of Chicago Public School teachers accused of sexual assault of their students.

LastPass password manager hacked

Raccoon stuck to railroad tracks by his testicles

Mysterious antenna appearing in Utah

The world’s oldest D20 Die

Why was Roman concrete so durable?

Girl finds megalodon tooth on beach

Solution to Ice Age drawings mystery

Dallas Zoo briefly lost their Clouded Leopard. Someone promptly made a twitter account for it.

Links 1/1/23

Fibonacci day!


Covid boosters likely cause net harm to young people under 30

FDA approves EUA for bivalent boosters for children down to 6months in age

Boosters not usefull against current covid variants

No more military vax mandate

Canadian Judge tears apart the shutdown of club

the date upon which our mistakes become more deadly than was Covid, backs up to 17 Oct 2023.

Why observation only studies on vax effectiveness suck (aka: unvaxed people are more likely to get in car accidents)

Lingering symptoms after respiratory sickness is normal and not special to covid

Meanwhile the CDC considering studying long covid

Two new studies show mRNA-jabbed people have a much higher risk of getting Covid than unvaccinated people

Study dated 2009: to many vaccinations in a short period of time results in autoimmune disorders

Pro tip: dead bodies are yucky. Don’t lick them. (quote source)

FDA links Pfizer’s vax to blood clots

police used covid as an excuse to expand surveillance

However, the judge changed his mind during the hearing and decided that since CDC recommends masking, no citizen can challenge a public health order mandating masks AS A MATTER OF LAW. Note, this affects way more than masking, women and alcohol comes to mind, as does pregnant women and a WHOLE LIST of things….

Hanging out with your germy grandkids results in less severe covid outcomes (gosh, really?? what a novel concept….)

Cambridge public schools are requiring covid vax in children above 5 for participation in all extracurricular activities.

Lack of correlation between school mask mandates and paediatric COVID-19 cases in a large cohort

2021: ACLU on why vax mandates are good things

China opens boarders

The Young were not Spared: What Death Certificates Reveal about Non-Covid Excess Deaths with Rob Arnott, 2022

Why do fact-checkers debunk obviously silly ideas (“vax makes you magnetic!”), while ignoring important wrong ones (“vax stops disease transmission”)?

Reason 1million or so on why people don’t trust the government on why these shots are good things

Climate change debate divides scientific community

Greenland once covered in forests

Switzerland considering banning electric cars

Attacks on power stations in FL and NC, and why they were so slow to get fixed, now attacks in WA state

Wyoming came close to blackouts during last week’s storms

Electric garbage trucks can’t handle the snow

TN to increase registration fees on electric cars

NY says no more gas or oil furnaces

Coal consumption hits record high

Oxfordshire county to restrict car travel

Remote work devastating cities

startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate

12/5/22 Iran to shut down morality police

The Twitter files, some background, more

Twitter refused to remove info on the sexual trafficking of minors

DC council unclear on how taxes work

9 million people get emails stating their student loans are forgiven (spoiler, email was wrong)

Hold on for more inflation

76% of all women murdered, were murdered by someone they knew

Roundup contamination in foods

New Zealand to ban future generations from buying tobacco

HOA tows truck for flat tire

Philly gas station hires armed guards

NY strengthens restrictions on TOY guns

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates that the employment data was vastly overstated in 2022. 10k jobs added instead of 1.1 million reported from March to June of 2022.

The effort to create a program for Black federal civil servants is not going smoothly

a new report confirms clean-water challenge for low-income Mississippi residents is a symptom of massive fed funding gap nationwide.

A school field trip: Alice in Drag, plus, masks on the kids

Lesbian Norwegian filmmaker gets 3 years in prison for saying men can’t be lesbians

Twitter thread: paraplegic woman on why she doesn’t want male carers

The biggest threat to middle aged men isn’t smoking, its loneliness

The loneliest generation

Body armor for women was never actually tested on real life women

California gun owner data breach

Stanford U’s list of offensive words

Exercise is white supremacy

Tiktok spied on journalists

Drug makers raise prices on 350 drugs

Identical twins score identically on tests

CDC removed defensive gun use stats

For Sale on eBay: A Military Database of Fingerprints and Iris Scans

Good girl takes bad guy’s gun and shoots him with it

Mississippi improves literacy by use of phonics

Female snakes have clitoruses (Australia rather than FL if you must know)

Gene editing cures incurable cancer (if you read Mira Grant books you just ducked for cover).

Subaru apologizes for Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special

Hallucinogenic spinach caused by nightshade weeds

Blood test may be able to detect alzheimer’s years before onset

What can we learn from Barnes and Noble

Snowplow train

Awesome photos of clouds

Dogs evolved special muscle that lets them make “puppy eyes”

Dogs can smell time