Links 11/12/22

Life got busy again, so I’m a bit behind and some of these links are a bit older than I’d intended to let them get. They still apply though.

Arrested in 2020 for taking her children to the playground, still fighting in court.

11/2020 Woman arrested for removing mom from nursing home

More from the Ethical Skeptic: the CDC had a problem.

The new booster might not be all that. (I mean, they only tested it on a handfull of mice before releasing it, why would there be a problem with it??)

Guy who approved the new booster based on a study involving 8 mice, says the new studies on humans are to small to be useful.

Japanese study on vax induced myocarditis vs general pop. Folks, every time I see numbers on this they just get worse. Seriously, think twice before getting a shot, or a booster.

Scientists from Switzerland show that the MRA vax’s may injure the hearts of ALL recipients, even if they don’t end up needing medical attention. Guys, damage to your heart is a bad thing, even if its “minor”.

One of the most respected cardiologists in the world is being stripped of his credentials due to his take on the vax.

Vax trials in children noted that there was a concerning spike in RSV in the kids involved. Now that RSV numbers are spiking nationwide the .GOV wants to vax even harder.

Italy ends health worker vax mandate

10/28/22: Shanghai lockdown (again)

Shanghai Disney locks down and won’t allow visitors to leave without a negative test

NYC First responder vax mandate ruled unconstitutional

Records of federal pressure on the FDA to approve boosters

Effectiveness of Pfizer vax turns negative within a few months (note, this is not the first study to show NEGATIVE, not just zero)

Newest booster may be causing immune imprinting instead of helping

Serious cases of covid in kids to few to actually evaluate vax effectiveness

Triple vax’d more likely to get symptomatic covid than unvax’d.

Triple boostered have higher Omicron infection rates than the unvax’d w/previous infection

Sweden stops Novavax for <30

Meanwhile the LA Times is still trying to harass the unvax’d

Study looking at vax’d 6th graders, in a primary school (where they are the only vax’d students), vs in a middle school (where there’s a much higher rate of vax’d students). Results: But our estimates of indirect effects are small and statistically insignificant: despite a 20 percentage point increase in vaccination rates across all grades, we find essentially no difference in COVID-19 incidence between sixth graders in middle schools and sixth graders in elementary schools.

In Germany the vax’d make up most of the patients in the ICU

Additional data on NYC hospitals in 2020

Yale Vax policy

Proof of vax still required to enter the USA (legally) through Jan 2023

Paper showing “covid is leading cause of death in children” was thoroughly debunked, so they just narrowed the time studied and re-issued the study. Spoiler, covid is still only #8 on the list with less than 3% of the deaths.

Disney ends vax mandate for actors

“…we believe that universal masking may be especially useful for mitigating effects of structural racism in schools, including potential deepening of educational inequities.”

Study on how effective masks are accidentally proves that covid rates are higher in vaccinated students

Finland (who already had one of the lowest covid death rates) says its covid death rate may be to high by 40%.

Lockdowns: they didn’t ACTUALLY happen, people weren’t ACTUALLY arrested for taking their kids to the park, or wave boarding by themselves, or going camping, or…

Sweden refused to lock down, and had the least covid restrictions, also has lowest covid caused death, and lowest pandemic response caused deaths, and lowest excess mortality

CUNY’s testing policy is costing a fortune and not doing a single useful thing

NSW teacher wins court case for “phycological injury from vax mandate”

One of the reasons why amnesty isn’t going to happen

FB and Twitter created special portals for .GOV employees to report “misinformation”

Oxford England looking to issue permits: you’d only be allowed to drive in the city 100 days a year.

The TikTok app sold to the world is not the same app sold to the Chinese

Student Debt Relief was a driving factor in Biden’s election: and! days post election its officially unconstitutional

Dry shampoo recall

Diversity quotas result in lower interest rates

Guns and parts stolen from the ATF

Judge suspends large portions of NYs new gun restrictions

Florida Man

Stress during pregnancy causes psychiatric disorders in the child.

The new threat to science and research

DeWalt battery powered zero turn mower catches fire for reasons unknown.

20yr old wind farm being pulled down to open coal mine in Germany

The fun of trying to find a place to charge your EV

In the UK it is now more expensive to charge your EV than to buy desiel.

Hummer EV taillight costs $4k (I mean, its a Hummer, so yah).

Watch out for parking garages if you drive a Tesla

Greenpeace admits that recycling plastic isn’t worth it

Billionaires emit more greenhouse gasses than the average person

More student sexual abuse by teachers

Please stop licking the toads

Wondering why in hell so many of the GOP candidates that were up for election were on the batshit side of the party? Wonder no more: the Democrats promoted them on the assumption that people would vote Dem instead of crazy.

Poll worker removed from poll site after trying to influence voters, more

Mercer County NJ voting machine outage, more

Luzerne County PA ran out of paper for the voting machines

Dead man elected in PA

White man chokes black woman. But its not news cause the white guy is a Dem and the black lady is GOP.

2nd railroad union veto’s deal that would have stopped the strike.

Officers who locked a woman in their patrol car and left it parked on the train tracks to be charged with attempted manslaughter

Montreal police handcuff black man, discover he’s innocent, have to call for handcuff keys in order to release him

Blind Man arrested after cops mistake cane for weapon

CDC releases new opioid guidelines

.GOV aid for high heating prices

Dutch wolves are becoming to tame

Russia turns Ukrainian children into spoils of war.

Chinese police stations found in Netherlands

Diesel shortage, more

Small Town highschool stabbing

No Bail system strikes again

Salesman steals dog from home (folks, please don’t let your dogs run loose…)

Royal Mail Strike

Turkey to institute digital currency tied to your digital ID

Dormant volcano waking up

3 day work week is popular

Aldi and Walmart to price foods at 2021 prices for Thanksgiving

Cali is about to be very broke

Norwegian man identifies as disabled woman, uses wheelchair “almost all the time”

Halloween Stampede in Seoul

Town dresses up police horses for halloween: discovers idiots are universal

Idiot calls 911 because she doesn’t understand how smoking meat works

Google puts out new search tool to help you manage your online presence.

Homemade bread dough enhancer?

Painting has been on display upside down for 75 years

Directory of things still Made in the USA

Farmer injured in car accident: whole town comes together to help bring in his harvest

Business owner puts up “now Hiring” sign

500m year old fossil found in Wisconsin

Strange mineral growth on dead bodies turns them blue

Twin elephants born at zoo

And last, but not least, a smile for your last link of the day

Links 10/24/22

Ethical Skeptic on twitter: rate of infection V vs un-V, CDC may be hiding cancer deaths in the covid numbers, I haven’t checked his numbers.

Pregnancy complications spiked during the pandemic

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but apparently this is a novel concept for some people. When you stop exposing your immune system to things it stops working right.

Also, apparently when you terrify people into not leaving their houses they don’t exercise correctly and BMI increases, which also increases various risk factors for immune malfunction.

Social Security offices still dealing with the aftermath of covid closure

Pfizer exec admits vax was never tested on preventing transmission. Meanwhile, here’s an article from 12/21 where Twitter says that saying that will get you censored.

Paxlovid may cause clots

1 in 500 children given the covid vax require hospitalization

Biden Admin extends Covid Emergency through Jan

Meanwhile CA plans the end of the emergency.

Fauci must testify about covid censorship

ERRMIGAWD!!! We’re all GONNA DIE (again). Actually, “nightmare covid variant” would make an awesome band name….Oh wait, now its a TRIPLEDEMIC!!!! (*sigh*)

Also, apparently the .GOV didn’t actually learn anything from this whole mess

While the media insists on telling us that hospitals and ERs were overwhelmed by covid, records show otherwise.

Meanwhile: hospital kills down syndrome teenager who’s covid positive

Gov paid media to make fun of people who were reluctant to get the vax.

Pushback on Fordham U’s vax policy

Harvard announces booster requirement.

Finland says 2nd boosters make no difference for working age peoples

Nordic study of vax vs myocarditis

For the under 70 age group, the IFR of covid in 2020 was under 0.1%

ACT scores drop to lowest in 30 years

Turns out that if you actually TEACH MATH, and tutor the students who need it, you can raise your math scores. Who’da guessed??

Australia admits that closing schools wasn’t a good idea, also, if you die from the shot they’ll cover your funeral

Alberta Canada premier apologizes for covid response

I thought video games caused violence, but apparently its actually heart attacks (rlly?? thats right up there with saying global warming is causing heart attacks)

A historic look at vaccines and the associated sicknesses (I didn’t check the numbers)

USDA opens People’s Gardens initiative to nationwide

It had taken “10 months, thousands of dollars of fees, a retired (Air Force) officer familiar with bureaucracies, a pro-bono lawyer, two senators” and articles in the Review-Journal, Scott Hoffman said. “With all of that, Benny’s two parents are still in Pakistan, praying to be rescued before they will be deported and killed,” he said.”

Dumbass causes his own accident

The Railroad strike might be back on.

Resistance training and mortality

Press gets ahold of military records of sexual assault of a public figure, releases them, public figure not amused

Dolly Parton will be sending children under the age of 5 in CA free books

Med Students recite woke pledge during ceremony.

Its Rolling Stone, so take it with a grain of salt

Viking textiles

Social Credit in the UK

Ancient flood might have been real (gosh, really? Even I knew that)

I know there are good cops out there, but every time this sort of thing happens it makes it harder and harder to see them.

Drought is seriously affecting CA crops

Dutch plan to force buyout of farms from the farmers who refuse to comply

Butter shortage?

Adderall shortage

Diaper Crisis (totally the fault of the pro-life movement don’tcha know)

Mosque collapses in Indonesia

Baltimore high school senior with a GPA of 0.13 (no, I did not misplace that decimal point) ranks 62 out of 120 students in his class.

Gov reclassifies what classifies as contractor vs employee

Images from James Web Telescope might screw with theories

Canadian police at a USA gunshow

Europeans turn to wood heat in hopes of staving off the cold this winter.

National Grid planning on 3hr blackouts in the UK

New England (USA) looking at rolling blackouts this winter

Gov/media admit that they’re trying to buy voters by releasing more oil from the reserves

Italian rules for 2022 on how you can heat your house

A guide to strike anywhere matches

Alternative to gmail

Signal Messaging removing SMS support from its Android app

Canada bans the buying, selling, or transferring of ownership of handguns

The boys feminism left behind

People are overdosing on wasp spray.

Communications cable to Shetland island cut

FDA recommends pulling drug from the market

Tufts shut down pediatric dept this past summer.

Well, if this is how they’re spending their budget for homeless shelters, no wonder they can’t afford it

Gut bacteria and rheumatoid arthritis

Female highschool volleyball player injured in game, all other schools in the district promptly refuse to play against the team that caused the injury. Turns out that the player who spiked the ball is a biological male playing on the girls team.

Vermont suspends father who’s daughter objected to biological male in the girl’s lockroom

Hospital denies life saving surgery to woman who wanted all female care team (specifically because she objected to a male in drag who looked in on an appt).

State Dept funding drag shows in Ecuador

Mercedes convertible found filled with concrete and buried

Gov restricts usage of chinese processing chips. More. Is it just me or is this VERY atypical for this .GOV?? I’m trying to figure out where the other shoe is going to drop.

Biden might block Twitter purchase

Mythbusters rerun helps free wrongly convicted man

Chainmaille inspired fabric is very very strong

Group of teen girls run their own auto repair shop

Uvalde school district suspends entire police force

3 weeks post hurricane FL has a temporary cause way back up to Sanibel island.

Gosh, its almost like Lawdog had a clue!

Covid19 vax and bivalent booster added to CDC recommended childhood vax schedule

Title says it all. I’ll add links to this post specific to this.

First up.

NY already has legislation pending to add the covid vax to the mandated list. Please note that NY refuses to acknowledge religious refusal of such, and has a history of refusing medical exemptions with the covid vax.

NH states it has no intention of forcing the Covid vax.

ICANN getting ready to challenge laws requiring it

CDC and ACIP to Discuss adding the Covid Vax to the Childhood Vax schedule

Meeting is Oct 19th

Twitter thread with links


Twitter thread with links


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Edit: ok, the 10/19 vote was to add it to the Vaccines for Children program (which they did do), the vote today 10/20 is to add it to the childhood vax schedule. Lots and lots of blue checks reminding everyone that the CDC doesn’t mandate the shots on the schedule. Lots and lots of normal people shouting back that several states DO mandate large portions of the vax schedule and are set to have the mandate for the Covid shots go into affect as soon as its on the list. Also apparently adding a shot to the childhood vax schedule is an automatic protection from liability (gosh, if I had wondered WHY the childhood vax schedule had become so large in the last several years now I know why), which is not a good thing considering the complete lack of testing done on children.

LawDog’s blog

I discovered LawDog’s blog years ago. If you’ve not been reading it you need to do so. He tells awesome stories from his childhood and officer of the law days. And he has a good head on his shoulders when it comes to identifying bullshit.

However, its possible, that when you click the link above it may not work. Or that the front page will work, but not the older stuff.

See, when the Nordstream pipeline had its issues LawDog dug up his memories as a child of an oilfield engineer and typed up a couple posts. And they went viral. And then some idiot decided he needed to be punished for it and set bots to blowing up his bandwidth allowance.

I have issues when it comes to letting the idiots win. So when another member of the community pointed out that LawDog’s posts are still available via the WayBack Machine I decided I had to help share the love.


Nordstream II

The wayback machine can be slow to load, so be patient with it. And bookmark LawDog’s blog’s main link while you’re at it. He’ll be back up on Nov 1. He’s worth reading. Don’t let the idiots win, k?

Links 10/9/22

Alzheimer’s might not be a brain disease

New drug shows mild promise to slow alzheimer’s progression.

FDA approves ALS treatment

Paypal shuts down acct of parents group

Paypal’s new UA says it will fine users up to $2,500 for “misinformation”. Discovers that “go woke get broke” isn’t just a meme and retracts new UA. Not sure thats going to save them though.

Time to undo the damage done to pain patients

LAUSD schools to get naloxone to combat drug overdoses

Unfinished Ford trucks visible from space

CDC says covid vax status should no longer be used to determine controls

Also that masking in medical settings is no longer required

JAMA Pediatrics twitter thread with links. Basically it turns out that telling pregnant and nursing mothers that getting the vax was safe for their babies was mis-information.

Tufts University requires community members to get new vax booster

Fordham U requires new vax booster, AND proof of vax for infants as young as 6 months

Amherst policy on masking in classrooms

NYPD ordered to reinstate members fired over vax mandate

CA paid (a LOT) less for covid tests than NY, company owned by Hochel buddy

Germany wants to bring back masks in schools

Study from England: vax may have INCREASED reinfection rate

Twitter thread: fentanyl overdose recorded as covid death

HCQ is good again (turns out it depends on your cholesterol)

Covid (or more correctly, the covid RESPONSE) caused personality changes

NIH gives money for bat corona virus research

Biden calls coast guard swimmer who rescued people during Ian. Coast guard swimmer due to be fired due to vax mandate. (I’d not have been nearly as polite as that dude)

FB lifts ban on posts stating Covid was man-made

CDC required to turn over Covid vax safety data. The numbers aren’t pretty.

Twitter thread: Shanghai quarantine

Twitter thread: Biden admin wanted schools to use extracurriculars to force student vax

30,000 Americans killed by ventilators in April 2020

Mouthwash helps kill covid germs

This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

Twitter thread: NYU fires teacher because students aren’t willing to work in class. Link. Be very carefull choosing your doctors and engineers in the next several years!

CA bans natural gas heaters and furnaces

Charging your electric car at night makes the grid unstable

NYS to adopt CA rule requiring EVs by 2035

Norway wind farm destroyed by….the wind

Battery powered ferry runs out of power

Electric Hummer might take up to 4 days to fully charge

UN agrees to electricity power restrictions and caps due to energy crisis

Average gas prices in LA approaching record highs again

German bakery hit with $330,000 gas bill

Are EVs able to evac ahead of a hurricane?

Biden Admin wants to block offshore drilling completely

EVs and water damage

Bangladesh electrical grid failure

FBI lies on warrant

Your spellcheck might be allowing access to your passwords

Big name brands blast Twitter over their ads being put next to child porn

An honest to god street shark during Hurricane Ian

USA sends another Billion to Ukraine

America’s new gun owners

Sysco strike

Developing world problems in the USA

Student loan forgiveness? Maybe not

Turns out that running down a teenager is murder afterall

Hudson tunnel damaged in 2012, still not repaired, might take till 2038

FDA looking to change whats defined as healthy foods

NY pro life clinic sues police

CA restricts use of rap lyrics as evidence in trials

Gay couple sues to be allowed access to surrogacy.

Children conceived from frozen embryos at higher risk for cancer

NYC rolls back diversity programming in schools

Girls take state to court over boys in their sports

Pro-trans group plans to rehome kids who hate their parents

Scottish infant mortality rate spikes

Suicide rates spiked in 2021, actual mainstream news has noticed, wow

Twitter thread: Hurricanes are NOT becoming more frequent or intense

Hillary setting up presidential bid?

Biden Admin wants to create digital dollar

2000 steps a day helps prevent premature death (gosh, being active keeps you healthy, what a concept)

Infact, being active for 3 months results in genetic changes in mens sperm

Conservative women report being happiest

Twitter thread: the books your children are reading in school

Election software CEO arrested

Boston Dynamics promises NOT to weaponize its robots

Barge groundings in the Mississippi, more

Russians seek asylum in Alaska

CA to hand out stimulus checks to “help deal with inflation”

School counselor admits to sex with trans student

Amazon selling suicide kit

Cook County IL trying guaranteed income pilot program

Nope, still laughing at the irony here.

Federal judge strikes down portions of NYS’s new gun laws

Medicare fraud

Progress in predicting earthquakes