whats going on in stores by me

This mornings OSB screenshot:

Also, concrete is going to be the next thing to spike in price. We can’t keep it in stock, and we’re not the only ones. Not sure if its a labor problem, a transportation problem, or a materials problem, but good luck getting it if you need it.

Insulation, and roofing, are short.

Hand powered garden tools, well, lets just say that that aisle is damn empty.

Peat Moss is completely unavailable.

For various reasons I ended up at 3 different grocery stores in the last two weeks. Flour is short across the board, they all had some in stock, but only enough to put one or two in each shelf space. Vinegar is short again. The vitamins shelves just keep getting emptier and emptier. Sugar was the emptiest I’ve seen those shelves since the original shut down. Cat food actually looked decently stocked, till you looked at the selection and realized that they’d just rearranged the shelves. Cat litter has NOT recovered yet.

Bird seed is damn near non-existent again, especially if you’re picky about the type of seed you want.

bird cameras

The videos will be below the fold for the folks with slower connections.

So last summer I added a camera to my bird fountain setup. And I’ve kept it up. This year I added an additional camera, the original intention was to watch the main Bluebird box. However the Bluebird nesting failed when we had that bad cold snap, and they chose to re-nest in a different box that I’m not able to set up a camera at. So instead I shifted the camera to watch the hummingbird feeder.

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