Memes 1/22/23

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Links 1/1/23

Fibonacci day!


Covid boosters likely cause net harm to young people under 30

FDA approves EUA for bivalent boosters for children down to 6months in age

Boosters not usefull against current covid variants

No more military vax mandate

Canadian Judge tears apart the shutdown of club

the date upon which our mistakes become more deadly than was Covid, backs up to 17 Oct 2023.

Why observation only studies on vax effectiveness suck (aka: unvaxed people are more likely to get in car accidents)

Lingering symptoms after respiratory sickness is normal and not special to covid

Meanwhile the CDC considering studying long covid

Two new studies show mRNA-jabbed people have a much higher risk of getting Covid than unvaccinated people

Study dated 2009: to many vaccinations in a short period of time results in autoimmune disorders

Pro tip: dead bodies are yucky. Don’t lick them. (quote source)

FDA links Pfizer’s vax to blood clots

police used covid as an excuse to expand surveillance

However, the judge changed his mind during the hearing and decided that since CDC recommends masking, no citizen can challenge a public health order mandating masks AS A MATTER OF LAW. Note, this affects way more than masking, women and alcohol comes to mind, as does pregnant women and a WHOLE LIST of things….

Hanging out with your germy grandkids results in less severe covid outcomes (gosh, really?? what a novel concept….)

Cambridge public schools are requiring covid vax in children above 5 for participation in all extracurricular activities.

Lack of correlation between school mask mandates and paediatric COVID-19 cases in a large cohort

2021: ACLU on why vax mandates are good things

China opens boarders

The Young were not Spared: What Death Certificates Reveal about Non-Covid Excess Deaths with Rob Arnott, 2022

Why do fact-checkers debunk obviously silly ideas (“vax makes you magnetic!”), while ignoring important wrong ones (“vax stops disease transmission”)?

Reason 1million or so on why people don’t trust the government on why these shots are good things

Climate change debate divides scientific community

Greenland once covered in forests

Switzerland considering banning electric cars

Attacks on power stations in FL and NC, and why they were so slow to get fixed, now attacks in WA state

Wyoming came close to blackouts during last week’s storms

Electric garbage trucks can’t handle the snow

TN to increase registration fees on electric cars

NY says no more gas or oil furnaces

Coal consumption hits record high

Oxfordshire county to restrict car travel

Remote work devastating cities

startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate

12/5/22 Iran to shut down morality police

The Twitter files, some background, more

Twitter refused to remove info on the sexual trafficking of minors

DC council unclear on how taxes work

9 million people get emails stating their student loans are forgiven (spoiler, email was wrong)

Hold on for more inflation

76% of all women murdered, were murdered by someone they knew

Roundup contamination in foods

New Zealand to ban future generations from buying tobacco

HOA tows truck for flat tire

Philly gas station hires armed guards

NY strengthens restrictions on TOY guns

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates that the employment data was vastly overstated in 2022. 10k jobs added instead of 1.1 million reported from March to June of 2022.

The effort to create a program for Black federal civil servants is not going smoothly

a new report confirms clean-water challenge for low-income Mississippi residents is a symptom of massive fed funding gap nationwide.

A school field trip: Alice in Drag, plus, masks on the kids

Lesbian Norwegian filmmaker gets 3 years in prison for saying men can’t be lesbians

Twitter thread: paraplegic woman on why she doesn’t want male carers

The biggest threat to middle aged men isn’t smoking, its loneliness

The loneliest generation

Body armor for women was never actually tested on real life women

California gun owner data breach

Stanford U’s list of offensive words

Exercise is white supremacy

Tiktok spied on journalists

Drug makers raise prices on 350 drugs

Identical twins score identically on tests

CDC removed defensive gun use stats

For Sale on eBay: A Military Database of Fingerprints and Iris Scans

Good girl takes bad guy’s gun and shoots him with it

Mississippi improves literacy by use of phonics

Female snakes have clitoruses (Australia rather than FL if you must know)

Gene editing cures incurable cancer (if you read Mira Grant books you just ducked for cover).

Subaru apologizes for Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special

Hallucinogenic spinach caused by nightshade weeds

Blood test may be able to detect alzheimer’s years before onset

What can we learn from Barnes and Noble

Snowplow train

Awesome photos of clouds

Dogs evolved special muscle that lets them make “puppy eyes”

Dogs can smell time