I have a baby pumpkin!!!

See!!!  Now if only the season will hold……


And baby honey dews…


Unfortunetly I won’t get this baby sweet pepper….


And does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?  They’re all over the yard (which is in desperate need of mowing….

There are mondays…

And then there are FUCKING MONDAYS DAMMITT!!!!!


BTW, if you can’t get online and you have McAfee its thanks to the software update that went out Saturday night….

Oh, if you just so happen to be the software developer who’s in charge up “updating” Stamps.com’s software do NOT introduce yourself to me.  You’ll be happier that way….

Garden update

Lets see…

The peppermint is HAPPY, and well on its way to taking over its container.  I’ve already made peppermint simple syrup.  I might have to pick up some candy molds to make candy for christmas gifts.

Spearmint and horehound aren’t QUITE as totally thrilled, possibly because they’re sharing their containers this year with the sweet peppers and the honey dews, but they’re doing quite well none the less.

I have jalapenos coming out my ears.  We still have pickled ones from last year, so the first batch from this years crop got turned into jalapeno jelly.  I used the low sugar version and its just as well as Husband says its plenty sweet.  I’ll probly do another batch of pickles, unless husband decides he likes the jelly better for sandwiches, then I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest!

Sweet peppers, there are FINALLY more baby peppers showing, might actually get enough to be worth while!

Honey dew melons….IF the weather holds long enough I’ll have melons as I spotted several itsy bitsy babies.

Pumpkins…..lots of flowers….MALE flowers.  No sign of a single female flower much less a baby pumpkin.  *sigh*  I keep hoping….

I picked up several bags of flower bulbs cheap at Sams, which means I WILL be redoing the front flower beds this fall.  They need it, they’ve been falling apart since we bought the place, so I went ahead and ordered some specialty tulips and iris to go with the generics.

FBI lock out virus or “OMG YOU DID SOMETHING BAD PAY US MONEY” virus

Because I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with three different computers with this virus this week. This is for windows folks, donno if Macs are affected, or how to help if they are…

There are multiple versions of this all with different screens, but in every case a “popup” takes over your screen and tells you that the FBI is aware that you have downloaded illegal files/music/porn/something and you need to pay money to get access to your computer back. In most cases if you have a webcam attached to the computer the virus will turn it on and say its recording you while showing the take from the cam on your screen, in every case using the Task Manager to try to get out of it won’t work. Just about the only thing you CAN do is power off your computer, and sometimes not even that. In one case I had to pull the power cord.

What has worked for me so far (this link details these instructions as well as other options in case this fails): put the computer into safe mode with networking (hold down F8 while the computer is booting till it gives you that option), download the free version of Malwarebytes from www.malwarebytes.org (last I checked the paid version was only $25, but don’t pay for it while your computer is infected please). Install Malwarebytes, and open the program, update the virus definitions, and then run a full scan. So far this is working on every computer I’ve tried it on. I’m about to go for number 4 cause my SIL just called me FREAKING cause her computer’s locked and it was recording her and “NORTON WAS SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMMIT!!!!”


Hornets are D E A D

And I’m SO glad we didn’t try to do it ourselves.  The guy showed up with a power sprayer with a massively long hose that was attached to a resevoir in his truck, stood back from the nest a good 30 feet, and was STILL slapping at the hornets that made it past the spray.  I took a quick look, the nest is demolished and there are dead hornets and eggs everywhere under it.  To soon to tell if he got every single one, we’ll give it a day and then go out and cut down the nest and burn it (burn ban or not I’m not leaving it up).

For anyone in the Central NY area, I highly recommend Gannon Pest Control of Syracuse NY.  The customer service was very good, and the guy showed up right on time.  Their rate was less than 1/2 of what Orkin and Terminix wanted.  No idea how far out from Syracuse they’ll go, but when I was setting up the appointment the receptionist made the comment he was headed to Oneida after us, which isn’t the shortest drive from Syracuse so they will travel some.


The dead nest: