In case you ever wondered….

… the stupid and false memes and pictures get spread on social media.

I ran across this on Facebook.  Names and pictures obscured to protect the innocent and the stupid.



Yes, the original person shared a picture with a false caption (without double checking it).  I know this person, she’s a nice lady, but occasionally way too trusting of the internet.

The first commenter posts a link to the snopes page on the photo, and yes, the photo is NOT of a Himalayan flower, but infact of a sea creature.  A very basic search proves that.

The next two commenters (and there has been a 3rd since I took this screenshot) completely ignore the snopes link.

Basic internet search guys.  Its easy and quick.  And saves you from looking stupid infront of the world.

Hands, ankles, and doctor updates

I’ve griped a couple times about my experience with my (now) former rheumatologist and his office.  I’m very glad to be out of there.  It took them a month to print out a copy of my records at my request.  And then they tried to double charge me the fee for the records.  And no, that wasn’t unusual for them.  Every single visit they’d end up trying to double charge me the co-pay.  Apparently their receptionists don’t know how to code payments properly and their billing system (or person) is to stupid to check and see if there’s a payment paid before sending out a bill.

Anyway, the first appointment with the new rheumatologist was yesterday.  We’ll see how it works out long term, but short term I am seeing more progress than I was from the last doctor.

Hands: In college I was diagnosed with a “repetitive motion injury” in both hands, which, like most college students, I shrugged off.  Back in 2008-2009 I suddenly started having much greater problems with both hands, that was eventually diagnosed with the sort of arthritis that happens when you abuse your joints as a child.  Since my bloodwork was normal for the normal rheumatoid markers everyone (including me) just shrugged and went on with life.  Over the last couple years though I’ve seen signs that my hands may be getting worse again, and that was part of why I wanted to see a rheumatologist in the first place.  The last guy looked at the new xrays and said he saw bone erosion, and then decided he didn’t want to treat it.  This guy looked at the xrays the last guy did and says he doesn’t see arthritis at all.  He thinks it’s all mechanical, as in, there’s a joint problem yes, but not an arthritis type one.  Mind, over the last several months I’ve seen definite signs that my hands are getting worse again.  For example, typing has become a bit interesting.  I’m struggling to hit the keys that require extension of a finger.  Such as the “T” button.  I thought at first it was my keyboard, but cleaning the keyboard didn’t help.  A trial run on my husband’s keyboard proved it wasn’t just my keyboard that was the issue.

Ankles: Ankle problems are, as stated previously, fairly new to me.  Despite having sprained them all to heck as a kid.  However the bone spurs are still considered fairly minor despite the discomfort I’m in.  The new doctor is sending me to an orthopedic surgeon, not for surgery, but to discuss options for shoes and support braces etc, as I clearly need something if I’m going to continue working on my feet.  In some ways I’d love a job off my feet, but I’ve learned that I really need a job that keeps me interested or I go batshit behind a desk.

The new rheumatologist ordered new bloodwork, too, so I guess we’ll see what the results are.  I do intend to push to get additional info and help with my hands.  As long as things weren’t getting worse I was mostly willing to deal.  It was frustrating having had to give up alot of the handiwork/craft stuff I used to do because I could no longer do any for more than 15 minutes or so, but the discomfort wasn’t an issue in daily life.  But if whatever it is really is progressing then I wanted it figured out, and if at all possible stopped or slowed.

The gardening process

Ok, so in case it wasn’t obvious previous posts, my current employer is a certain big box store, the one whose employees wear orange aprons.  I’d worked for them previously, several years ago, working at the service desk.  So I had some idea what I was getting into.  This time around I’m working in the garden/seasonal department.  I have to say, if you’re looking for a job that keeps you moving, and periodically changes everything on you (not QUITE literally), then the garden/seasonal department of such a store is the place for you.

Anyway.  When I started there last spring it was late enough in the season that I’d missed almost all of the seed starting “stuff”.  It was still on the shelves, but the only folks who were buying were the folks buying for next season.

This year of course I’m right in the middle of it.  And I’m realizing just how far from “normal” my own personal seed starting process is.

I gave up on using pretty much anything “seed starter” labeled at all.  I don’t use peat pots, or even the little peat expandable bases any more.  I don’t even use a seed starting dirt mix.  Instead I bought a BUNCH of 3.25″ square plastic pots in bulk (the filled pots are placed into a larger tray so I can keep the bases of the pots wet), and I use standard potting soil in them to start the seeds in.  EVERYONE says this is a big no-no.  That you need either a seed starter mix, or those peat things.  And then transplant up when the plants get big enough.  Honestly, my germination rate is just fine this way, and if anything its better than when I used to use such seed starter stuff.

I tend to start seeds early by the standards of the local gardening community and when my average last frost is.  SO MUCH data says that if you let many garden seedlings get to big before you transplant them out that they’ll not handle the transplan well.  But I’ve found the exact opposite.  By transplanting out big seedlings who are close to being too big for their pots I find they take off quite happily as soon as they’re transplanted.  I almost never lose a seedling on transplant, basically the only time I do is when the seedling was looking sickly due to some other issue.

Course, I use a greenhouse as soon as the seedlings are big enough to handle some temperature fluctuations.  So that helps, the seedlings don’t get nearly as leggy as they would if I tried to keep them under lights.  And I have the black tires as my garden beds, so the dirt in the beds is warmer than the ground, so I can plant out a bit sooner than most folks.  If I can ever get a proper, good sized, greenhouse built I’ll probably start them even sooner, with space to put them into bigger pots if needed, where plant height is less of an issue than it is with my current setup (plants will scorch their tops on the top of the greenhouse with my current setup, if I let them get too tall.

That was my seat!



I swear I was gone for all of a minute and I come back to find him pretending to be sound asleep.

Good thing he’s cute.

He’s still not shedding either.  Every other 4 foot in the house is shedding, except for Apollo……

Garden update

The biggest seedlings are out in the greenhouse.  I’m having more trouble keeping the greenhouse from overheating than I am with it getting to cold this year.  Usually thats not a problem till closer to the end of April, not March!

In comparison to last years pictures I definitely started the seeds later this year.  I was having trouble last year with the tallest of the tomatoes scorching themselves on the top of the greenhouse, cause they were just too tall, by the time I could put them in the ground.  Its still some trial and error to tell when I should be starting them.  Not at all helped by the screwy springs we have here.

I’ve added a new post category, 2016 garden, in hopes of helping keep track of things better this year.





They were hanging around earlier this week.  I ran down to the local place that carries live mealworms in hopes of convincing them to stay, and later that day they cleaned out the mealworm feeder.  So I placed a bulk order for live mealworms, and put another bunch from the local store in the feeder.

Course, I haven’t seen the Bluebirds since.  But I know they’re in the area, so I’ll keep at least a few mealworms in the feeder and keep an eye out!

Garden and Carrots for seed!

Since the weather was lovely again this morning I went ahead and prepped the beds for sugar snap peas, radishes, lettuce and carrots, and then went ahead and planted those crops.  It may end up being to early for the lettuce and carrots, but its been such a warm spring I’m crossing my fingers.  Seed is cheap and I have lots more if they fail.

In the process I dug up and turned over one of the containers that had carrots in it last year.  I’d ended up not picking all my carrots last year.  As usual I over planted, and we were having such a mild winter to begin with that I decided to let them go and see if they’d produce seed for this year.

Then of course we had those painful cold snaps.  So much for over-wintered carrots.

Or so I thought.

Certainly most of the carrots that I’d left in the ground were either completely gone or only had a rotted shell left.

But these two little ones not only survived but are now producing leaves!


I’m not even sure which variety this was as I planted at least two varieties of “little baby sweet carrots”.

I carefully replanted them off to the side of the current carrot spots, where they’ll be able to get lots of sun.  Here’s hoping I can harvest some seeds this summer!


Snowmobiler who ran down Iditarod teams faces 12 charges.

Puppy lost at sea 5 weeks ago found.

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.GOV wants to buy your garage bomb idea.

Former FBI says the NSA could crack the iphone.

If your elderly neighbor suddenly goes “missing” it might be worth checking on her, and not just because she might have fallen and hurt herself!

FDA is trying to crack down on fertilizer again.

Play from your PS4 against folks on the XBOX1, finally!

A couple canine cancer studies owners should be aware of.

Hogwarts gets its first IT manager.

The VA finally noticed it let this Vet slip through the cracks.

I laughed, but I don’t think that was the expected reaction!

If you’re going to point out someone’s crimes, make sure you have the right employer!

Probably NSFW even though it might technically slip past the filters!  But worth it for the laugh.

A couple years old, but the Coast Guard gave this Vet a viking funeral!

Things you don’t think about when you think about the Iditarod!

Colorado passes bill to end rain barrel ban.

A 7th grader might just be smarter than the NFL (not that thats hard).

How to survive an 11 story fall.

Evolution at its finest.

Jurassic park here we come…..


And we wonder whats wrong with today’s kids….

I just found the answer:

You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” Harris said. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

Nope, sorry, I don’t have to look at it from his POV.  17 is old enough to hold down a part time job.  17 is old enough to be doing odd jobs under the table to earn money.  By 17 I was working an average of 20+hrs a week, after school and weekends, for minimum wage.  There are plenty of ways he could have been earning the money the get his school clothes.  And that’s without doing his shopping at 2nd hand stores, where it’s entirely possible to come up with entire wardrobes worth of clothes for very inexpensively.

But he chose to break into someone’s home instead.

Regardless of what you think of the shooting, the above comment from the robber’s family should disgust you.  It’s the perfect example of WHY there’s a problem.

On a slightly amusing note, I can’t find a single picture of the home-owner anywhere, so I’m assuming she’s black too.  Guess it’s not fun for the media to persecute someone if they’re not white?


found over at Lagniappe’s Lair.