Normalization of deviance

I need to find a way to send this article to my store manager.

I’m watching this happen within the store I work for over some very specific safety issues which have the potential to be very very deadly.  I suspect (am, infact, 99% sure) that the excuse is that they’re trying to give this one employee “enough rope to hang himself” so that they can fire him rather than just take away his licenses.  But they’re playing roulette with customer and employee safety as they do it.

And his stupid shit is spreading, as other new employees see him getting away with it.

And to top it off those of us who’re horrified at it are being reprimanded for “lack of respect for fellow employees” because we’re refusing to put up with said stupid shit.

Yes, there are other avenues to report unresolved safety hazards, and I (and at least one other employee) have started using it.  I just hope that no one is injured or killed in the time it takes for corporate to deal with the reports…….

A couple more links

These two deserved a bit more than just a line.

“adopt” a dairy cow and her milk production for that period will be donated to a food pantry!  I thought this was an awesome program, and I wish something like it was a bit wider spread.  According to a post on Facebook though not everyone agrees with me.  Apparently a group of vegans had an absolute cow (and yes, I had to phrase it that way) over the idea and got quite rude.  To say I disagree with them would be putting it mildly.  So, adopt a dairy cow and give milk to some kid who needs it!

Now, I’m not against a good firm swat on the bottom when a child misbehaves.  But I absolutely draw the line at anything that leaves marks on the child.  But I’m not sure I blame this mother at all.  Assuming the media got the story right, she found out that her three pre-teens had broken into a friends home and stolen stuff.  She turned around, grabbed an electronics cord, and beat the three of them black and blue and possibly bloody.  Though technically child abuse (as she has now been charged) I’m not sure I agree with the charges.  We’ve an epidemic in this country of a certain subset of children growing up and thinking they can take what they want because they don’t have the money to buy it.  Mom sounds like she got her ass in gear and built herself a reasonably successful company and a job, and was utterly horrified to discover that her children weren’t prepared to do the same.  By the time they’re preteen ages sending them to their rooms and grounding them isn’t the most powerful of punishments.  And this wasn’t “I forgot to pay for a candy bar” sort of theft, this was outright breaking and entering.


The Poison Garden.

Hope for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Yah know how its hard to get a solid sleep when you’re in a new place?  Its not your imagination.

Spare room Gin, no, it really is alcohol, and it won big!

John Hopkins is going to study lyme disease.

How to lose your lease in one simple step.

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Fake leg allows man to commit murder.

Internet Mapping Glitch.

Why gun control can’t be solved.

Why forced watch lists aren’t the answer.

Rare birds steal undies.

Fake jobs.

Arrested for bacon vodka.

A study on who gardens and who preserves.


New York state wants to create a public terrorist registry

Bill numbers are A06129 and S03464.  S03464 has passed in the state Senate!

Text here.  Duplicated here.  Article on it here.

The ONLY maybe good thing I can see is that because it’ll be a public list you might be able to realize you’re on it, and maybe start the process to get yourself removed, before it causes actual problems for you.  Maybe.

If they were going to stick to requiring an actual conviction for terrorist offenses I’d not mind so much.  But no, they’re also going to use the .GOV “terrorist lists” to fill out this registry.


If you live in NY state please contact your Assembly person and let them know what you think!

Deer repellent

I bought a single, small, bottle of Plantskydd from a locally owned place back in 2013.

That first year either I didn’t apply it right, or the insane rains we had that year reduced its effectiveness, not sure which.  But ever since it has worked wonderfully.  As long as I re-apply once a month or so it has done an awesome job of keeping deer and rabbits out of my garden.

Did I mention I’m still using that original bottle?  Plantskydd’s site says once opened they’re only good for 3 months or so.  But if the bottle I have has lost any of its effectiveness I can’t tell.  I was slow getting it out on the garden this year, and something was sure munching, but once I sprayed the Plantskydd all munching stopped.

Oh, and I don’t usually spray it ON the garden plants either, though it’s technically safe to do so.  I generally just spray it in a circle around the garden and it does just fine!

I will warn you, it REEKS until it dries (which is about a day).  Seriously puke worthy reek too.  Not an issue where I am, but if you’re gardening in your urban garden and your neighbor’s bedroom window overlooks your garden they may not appreciate you spraying Plantskydd about, just to warn you.  The dogs do find it quite interesting though, till it dries, so if you have a dog who’s allowed to run loose by your garden you may want to restrain them till its dry, else your dog may smell extra bad for a while.

Plantskydd isn’t available from any of the big box stores, at least by me.  I found it at a locally owned garden place, or you can order it off their website.

note: I bought the Plantskydd with my own money and this review is completely unsolicited, well, by Plantskydd anyway, I had a friend ask me what I used to repel deer!

Garden update

The weather has been insane.  Hot.  Not quite record breaking, but close on more than one occasion.  Dry too, rain barrels are coming in handy.  Then we get a “cold” snap, which drops us to normal seasonal weather for a couple days, then back to hot.

End result, the garden is GROWING FAST.  Since I tend to pick for short season, cool weather tolerant, varieties we’ll have to see how this works in the long run, but most of the plants are growing huge.


Buena Mulata Peppers



Black Icicle tomatoes, those plants are pushing 4feet tall now

KIMG0946 KIMG0944

Volunteer SOMETHING growing in one of the Black Plum Tomato tires.  I was originally figuring cantaloupe, but looking at those leaves I’m wondering if they’re a hybrid with something, time will tell I guess!

KIMG0948 KIMG0953



Miniature White Cucumbers, last two years I put them on a trellis, this year I decided to just let them spread and see if it makes a difference.  So far they’re quite happy as they are.


Sugar Snap Peas, I grew a bushing variety this year, they might be smaller plants, but so far I’ve gotten far more peas off of them!


Onions and lettuce.  This is one my bed failure, that white tube is supposed to allow me to feed water into the sub-layer of gravel, and on this one container it has somehow gotten blocked and water isn’t feeding right.  So I’m going to have to dig up the container and figure out what happened.


Blue Berry Tomatoes.  According to Bakers Creek, where I bought these seeds, this variety came from Wild Boar Farms, not the European GMO variety.  I’m not rabid anti-GMO, but I do like growing different things than what I can get in the stores!


Long Pie Pumpkins






White CHerry tomatoes


Tzimbalo Melon Pear, and volunteer something…..

In addition I didn’t get photos of the watermelons, zucchini, okra, sunflowers, carrots, Hot Wax peppers, paprika peppers, habenaro peppers……

I’m starting to get really sick of the comparison

“Lets regulate guns like we do cars!”


Lets do that.

That means that if I tell you I’m only going to use the gun on my own property then it doesn’t matter who I am, what I’ve done, what my health is like, what gun it is, so on, etc.  There’s no legal reason for you to deny me the purchase.

That means that my NY state pistol license is good in every state.

That means that my state legal gun, legally purchased in NY, is legal in every state.

Is that really what you want?  No?  Then stop spreading that stupidity……

BTW, the number of people who are apparently completely unaware that it’s legal to run a car on your own property without any registration, inspection, insurance, license, actual functional vision, etc is a little scary.

I’m not personally against basic safety training and the like before a license can be issued, though I’m not saying that I know the right way to implement it without infringing on rights, but can we please just stop sharing the stupidity around??  Its not THAT hard to look up the actual laws (and not the media’s interpretation of them) and figure out whats legal and whats not.  But the number of people who’d rather take the media’s word for it……..

Sigh, someone remind me why I hang out on social media??

Its time to stop the shaming

For those of you for whom the Facebook plugin doesn’t work, here’s the text, and direct link:

Parents, I beg of you, stop blaming and shaming other parents.

35 years ago, a mom shopping in a Sears department store went to go look at lamps, and left her six year old with another group of boys, who were all trying out the new Atari game at a kiosk. That boy’s name was Adam Walsh.

30 years ago, an 18 month old toddler playing in her aunt’s backyard fell into a well. Rescuers worked nonstop for 58 hours, finally freeing “Baby Jessica” from the well.

In both cases a tragedy happened, an unforeseen tragic accident took place which left Adam dead, and a toddler fighting for her life deep underground. But they also has something else in common; they had an entire country of moms and dads supporting the grieving parents.


No questions asked, not one single “Where were the parents?” comment. Just a country of other moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas watching in horror as a set of parents, one of their own, went through the unthinkable. Adam was our son. Jessica was our baby daughter.


Flash forward to 2016, the year of THE PERFECT PARENT.

Yesterday, a two year old boy, splashing in the magical lakefront waters of a Disney Resort, succumbed to the wilds of mother nature. An aggressive alligator scooped him out of the water, right under the watch of his father, who attempted to fight with the alligator to free his baby son. Pure horror. Sheer Terror. Parents who actually had to watch their baby be taken from them, as if they were in some African nature documentary.

A tragic and unforeseeable accident. An accident.

I weep for this mother and father. I am sick with anguish for the pain, agony, misery, and regret pulsating through their viens this very second. And I bet you are too.

But not everyone is.

You see, we now live in a time where accidents are not allowed happen. You heard me. Accidents, of any form, in any way, and at any time, well, they just don’t happen anymore.

Why? Because BLAME and SHAME.

Because we have become a nation of BLAMERS and SHAMERS.

And how are accidents allowed to happen if we can’t blame someone? Surly, they can’t, right? I mean, random acts of nature, unpreventable tragedies, and fateful life changing events that take place in a matter of nanoseconds cannot possibly take place if everyone is being a responsible parent, right? NOPE.

They can’t, because this country and its population of perfect pitchfork carrying mothers and fathers sitting behind keyboards needs to accuse. They NEED TO BLAME, to disparage, to criticize in every damn way and at every damn corner, the parenting of another.

And when do they really get to lick their blaming chops? When a tragic accident happens. That’s when the pouncing is at its freshest, when raw emotion and ignorance collide, and they dig their word claws in, and take hold of whatever grace these grieving mothers and fathers have left in their souls.

And then they tear it out.

Listen to me very clearly perfect parents, VERY CLEARLY.


I’ve had enough of scrolling through comment threads and seeing over and over again questions like “Where were the parents?” and thoughts like, “This is what happens when you don’t watch your kids.”

I have simply HAD ENOUGH.

I have one question for the blaming and shaming moms and dads. You know the ones who immediately blame the parents, the ones who go on the internet and type comments like, “This is nothing but neglect by the parents,” and “They should have known better. Who was watching that little boy?” and my favorite, “I would never let that happen to my kid.”

Here is my question,

Have you ever been to a child’s funeral before?

I have.

The funeral of a child is an event in life that you never, ever want to experience.

Now let me ask you another question.

In the coming week these parents will fly back to their home in Nebraska without one of their children. They will leave a vacation resort, packing up his Buzz Lightyear pajamas and his favorite blanket, and they will make an excruciatingly difficult journey home. A journey that they never in a million years thought they would be making.

They will meet with a funeral director, pick out a tiny casket, a tiny burial suit, and surrounded by family, they will bury their baby boy.

And they will suffer every single day for the rest of their life.

At the funeral for this two year boy who died in front of his parents, can you do me a favor? Can you walk up to the mother and say the words that you just typed out last week? Can you? Can you greet her, hug her, shake the father’s hand and then say, “ Who was watching that little boy? You should have known better. I would never let that happen to MY child.”

Can you do that for me? I mean, you felt those words so deeply in your heart and soul that you typed them for a million people to read. Certainly you can say it straight to the faces of the people you meant it for, right?

Here, let me help you.

Put away your pitchfork for a moment and try this.

To the mother and father who went for a walk on vacation for the last time with their little boy yesterday, I am deeply sorry that you had to experience the worst kind of tragedy possible, an accident. I grieve with you. Your baby was my baby. Your son was my son. I have nothing but love for you, love to help you get though the pain yesterday, today, and for what is gonna seem like a thousand tomorrows. I wrap my thoughts and prayers around your aching heart and soul. May the God of this universe in some miraculous way bring peace to you and your family.

That is what you say. THAT. And just THAT.

Stop the blaming.

Stop the shaming.

In their darkest hours, can we please just LOVE other parents. Please?

I keep seeing this behavior too.

I’m not talking about the teenagers who clearly had some lack in their rearing.  I’m talking about the infants, toddlers, and 2-3-4yr olds who get into trouble.

Every parent out there, if they’re being honest, will admit that they have looked away from their small child “for just a second” and turned back and discovered the child wasn’t where they were left.  It happens to every parent and caregiver out there.  It is simply, physically, impossible to have your eye on your child every second.  You do your damndest to make sure that during those seconds of distraction your child won’t be able to get into serious trouble.  But shit happens.  It’s a miracle, and a testament to the stubbornness of parents, that more small children don’t end up dead or seriously injured during those seconds of inattention every year.

My mother was HUGELY OCD about my safety as a child, and I still ended up in the ER a ton of times for my share of stitches.  I figure it’s just pure luck that I never tried to climb into a gorilla pen.

When my younger brother was 7 or 8 or so my mother saw, for the first time, those child harness-leash sets, and turned to me and said “god, I wish I’d had those when you two were toddlers”.  I still remember her telling me that.

Course, there’s a set of people out there who’d shame parents for using those harness-leash combos.

You can’t win.

Would I like to see zoo’s re-evaluate their fences on exhibits?  Sure, even if they’ve been accident free it’s probably time for an update regardless.  But I don’t blame the zoo either.

Would I like to see Disney take a closer look at their signage?  Sure, after all, a “no swimming” sign doesn’t mean the same thing to a New Yorker (or an Nebraskan), as it does to a Floridian.  Maybe it’s time to change up those signs to “Don’t approach water, alligators”.  But I don’t blame Disney either.




All the way to the left, directly infront of the rain barrels is one of the Hibiscus, though you really can’t see it in this.

(yes, I’m aware there was a shooting.  No, this is as close as commenting as I’m going to get for now.  Why?  1: we don’t actually know much of anything yet, 2: really, we don’t know much at all, 3: really, 4: I refuse to blood dance)


DEA wants your medical records, without a warrant.

PSTD may not just be “all in their head” after all, at least in some cases!

Your BSL is stupid, really, really, really, stupid.  I looked up the law in question, it really is stupider than usual.

Viking sagas are real!

Best investment ever!

Another unspoken hero.

Goose vs Eagle.

I’ll be avoiding OK next road trip.….

The things you learn when you follow people from birth to death.

The heros.

Prince didn’t die from pain pills.

Maple Syrup kills cancer.

Paris plans to ban cars over 10yrs old.

I think these kids just beat all those “in my days” stories cold.

Gardening under fire.

Hmmm, I wonder if they could fix my favorite heels?

Women live longer when surrounded by nature.