A couple more links

These two deserved a bit more than just a line.

“adopt” a dairy cow and her milk production for that period will be donated to a food pantry!  I thought this was an awesome program, and I wish something like it was a bit wider spread.  According to a post on Facebook though not everyone agrees with me.  Apparently a group of vegans had an absolute cow (and yes, I had to phrase it that way) over the idea and got quite rude.  To say I disagree with them would be putting it mildly.  So, adopt a dairy cow and give milk to some kid who needs it!

Now, I’m not against a good firm swat on the bottom when a child misbehaves.  But I absolutely draw the line at anything that leaves marks on the child.  But I’m not sure I blame this mother at all.  Assuming the media got the story right, she found out that her three pre-teens had broken into a friends home and stolen stuff.  She turned around, grabbed an electronics cord, and beat the three of them black and blue and possibly bloody.  Though technically child abuse (as she has now been charged) I’m not sure I agree with the charges.  We’ve an epidemic in this country of a certain subset of children growing up and thinking they can take what they want because they don’t have the money to buy it.  Mom sounds like she got her ass in gear and built herself a reasonably successful company and a job, and was utterly horrified to discover that her children weren’t prepared to do the same.  By the time they’re preteen ages sending them to their rooms and grounding them isn’t the most powerful of punishments.  And this wasn’t “I forgot to pay for a candy bar” sort of theft, this was outright breaking and entering.