No Snow

Thursday we got the barest hint of white stuff falling from the sky (though area’s not much south of me had a couple inches to deal with).  I was not amused, and was dreading Saturday when they said there might be accumulation.  Probly not much, but some.  We got missed, thank god.  Not sure if the storm ended up a bit more east than expected or what, but we didn’t even see flurries.  After seeing pictures from the people who got hit I’m just as glad!  (Apollo’s not though, he broke the ice on his kiddie pool this afternoon cause it was “so hot” he wanted to dunk himself, he’d have been delighted with snow!)

Poor Apollo

Poor pup is suffering through his 2nd set of antibiotics after the UTI made a comeback.  Course, since it came back (or its sibling did anyway, different bacteria this time), the antibiotic this time is a stronger one.  We’re a bit worried by the fact that it came back, males (human or animal) are MUCH less prone to UTIs in the first place due to body structure (if you don’t get it go Google it, I’m not explaining the birds and the bees to you), and neither his line or his breed have a predisposition to them.  One happens, twice is worrysome.

Anyway, the new antibiotic is screwing with his system.  Both drying him out, and at the same time making him not hungry, and possibly mildly nauseous, so he’s drinking alot but barely eating.  Since he’s still a growing pup not eating much is extra not cool, so today I headed down to Petco and picked up a can of Puppy Gold.  His breeder recommended it to us when we first picked him up, but he’s been weaned off it for months and months now.  But he LOVED it, and it can be given as a liquid.  Picked up a package of raw boneless chicken breasts too.  Came home, chopped up a raw chicken breast into bite sizes, mixed it with a serving of Puppy Gold…..and he licked his bowl clean.  Just gave him a 2nd serving and he licked that bowl clean too.  Sweet.

Note: for anyone looking to buy Puppy Gold, unless you only need a little bit (such as we do right now) its MUCH cheaper to buy it in bulk, we got a huge bag from Amazon for something like half the price it would have been to buy that much by the 1lb can.

Disclaimer: I did not get paid, reimbursed, or even asked, to do this post, so the .GOV can go screw itself.

Spam update

CivWorld got back to me today about my complaint about being unable to unsubscribe from the newsletter.  Basically saying that they didn’t know why it bounced but they’d removed my email from the list manually.  While double checking the email address I’d sent the unsubscribe to I realized what exactly had gone wrong.  When they coded the template for the newsletter they coded the email address incorrectly.  Basically if I manually type in the address as shown it works fine, but if I click on the email address (cause its clickable) the coded version was incorrect.  Simple typo from the looks of it.  I advised them of the error along with thanking them for taking me off the list.


Ok, had a total girly freak out moment this morning when, Before Coffee, I discovered that Apollo had picked up two ticks.  Totally gross.  Had the creepy crawlies all day (much to the amusement of my male coworkers), and my husband watched me freakout with a great deal of amusement, and then when I told him he could deal, refused.  Thanks.  At least the vets office will have a tech do it for free.  I’d never even SEEN a tick on a live person/animal before much less removed one!  Ticks are gone, and I’ll be picking up a Tick Twister tomorrow after work!

Spam and Scam week at the Yankee Chick Household

So….I posted Monday about the spam EA sent me.  And my reaction to it: EA got a less than completely polite email telling them to never ever send me emails again.

Then yesterday morning I open my email to find a “newsletter” from the Facebook version of CivWorld.  Now I did give it a try when they first annouced it, afterall I like the computer game AND the PS version, but quickly decided it wasn’t for me.  The whole reason I don’t do games on Facebook is cause I’m not on it often enough to keep up with games, so many of them require regular attention (as in every few hours!) or you loose horribly, and since I’m on there less than once a day, that just doesn’t work.  Course, when I deleted the app I forgot to make sure they took me off their email list.  Sigh.  At least THIS email has instructions on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list……right?  Well, it DOES, but the email address you’re supposed to send your email to bounces.  Lovely.  I hate marketing people some days.

Then last night, husband was checking over his credit card statement online in preperation for paying it, and discovered a charge that he didn’t recall making.  $39.99 to “” (which I am deliberetly not making a link, but yes its a website).  A quick check of their website proves that yes, not only did we NOT authorize this purchase, its a through and through scam and not someone trying to use his card.  The front page includes statements like:

Customers that receive a charge on their statement(s) that show ‘Cscalllog.COM’, can use this site to obtain membership information, submit billing and support related questions or contact a representative for support directly by phone.


We will be more than happy to help you if you are contacting us regarding a charge on your credit card statement from and have questions.

And there is NO mention of what exactly you GET for this charge, and all reads like they’re trying to get you to retroactively approve this charge on your card. 

Oh, and “refunds will be issued promptly for your first months subscription fee if you ask.”  Uhuh, I’m sure they will.  We didn’t even bother.  We informed the CC company that we did not authorize that charge, and canceled that card.  The charge was placed monday.  So since this is the only card used for online purchases, AND its a reletively new card cause the older version had been used on the Playstation network before THEY got hacked, I can assume it was a recent purchase that let slip our information.  I’m in the process of putting together a polite email to the last few vendors we purchased from advising them that one of them may have had a database leak.

Wonder what the rest of the week will bring me……

Seriously EA??

Ok, so a year or two ago I bought Spore to play on my computer.  Enjoyed it, but don’t play it all that often.  Course EA required me to download their manager software to play it, which always drives me nuts, but I’d already bought the game and opened it before I discovered THAT fact so what the heck.

Then just recently EA “updated” their manager software, now named Origin.  And pissed me off again once I read the EULA.  I’ve not played Spore since, cause I’m sure it’ll require me to update to the new software.

One thing I HAD done, not to long before EA did their update, was confirm that my email preferences with them were up to date, basically: DON”T SEND ME A DAMN THING.

So whats in my email box today??  Spam from EA about Battlefield 3. And there isn’t even an “opt out” option in the email.  They get around that by having the line “If you have opted out of Marketing Communications this is the only email you will receive”.

Seriously EA??  Are you TRYING to piss off the world?  I highly doubt I’m the only one looking at that email and thinking “WTF??” 

It gets even better when you realize that the ONLY game I’ve played through them is Spore which is rated E10+, and Battlefield 3 is rated M17+.  Yes, these games are JUST alike!!


The lady in the house south of us (the one with the miniature poodle….) informed me today that she saw a fox in her yard yesterday.  I’m less than confident of her ability to correctly ID said fox, but that WOULD explain Apollo’s sudden attention to following trails across the yard and peeing on them in strategic spots this last week or so.