Spam and Scam week at the Yankee Chick Household

So….I posted Monday about the spam EA sent me.  And my reaction to it: EA got a less than completely polite email telling them to never ever send me emails again.

Then yesterday morning I open my email to find a “newsletter” from the Facebook version of CivWorld.  Now I did give it a try when they first annouced it, afterall I like the computer game AND the PS version, but quickly decided it wasn’t for me.  The whole reason I don’t do games on Facebook is cause I’m not on it often enough to keep up with games, so many of them require regular attention (as in every few hours!) or you loose horribly, and since I’m on there less than once a day, that just doesn’t work.  Course, when I deleted the app I forgot to make sure they took me off their email list.  Sigh.  At least THIS email has instructions on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list……right?  Well, it DOES, but the email address you’re supposed to send your email to bounces.  Lovely.  I hate marketing people some days.

Then last night, husband was checking over his credit card statement online in preperation for paying it, and discovered a charge that he didn’t recall making.  $39.99 to “” (which I am deliberetly not making a link, but yes its a website).  A quick check of their website proves that yes, not only did we NOT authorize this purchase, its a through and through scam and not someone trying to use his card.  The front page includes statements like:

Customers that receive a charge on their statement(s) that show ‘Cscalllog.COM’, can use this site to obtain membership information, submit billing and support related questions or contact a representative for support directly by phone.


We will be more than happy to help you if you are contacting us regarding a charge on your credit card statement from and have questions.

And there is NO mention of what exactly you GET for this charge, and all reads like they’re trying to get you to retroactively approve this charge on your card. 

Oh, and “refunds will be issued promptly for your first months subscription fee if you ask.”  Uhuh, I’m sure they will.  We didn’t even bother.  We informed the CC company that we did not authorize that charge, and canceled that card.  The charge was placed monday.  So since this is the only card used for online purchases, AND its a reletively new card cause the older version had been used on the Playstation network before THEY got hacked, I can assume it was a recent purchase that let slip our information.  I’m in the process of putting together a polite email to the last few vendors we purchased from advising them that one of them may have had a database leak.

Wonder what the rest of the week will bring me……

2 thoughts on “Spam and Scam week at the Yankee Chick Household”

  1. I appreciate this blog entry – I just got the same charge on my account, along with a couple of other ones that weren't authorized.

  2. Welcome.

    I've found it interesting to watch the blog stats and see that I get hits on people searching for information on this company on a regular basis. Whoever they are they haven't stopped trying at least.

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