Garden update

Garlic is poking through the straw I covered it with.  A check under the straw shows that not every piece sprouted, but over half did.  Which is much better success than last year when none did!

Rhubarb is growing strong, pushing aside its straw cover.

Berry bushes are showing baby leaves.

The fruit trees are only just showing leaf buds, which is probly a good thing considering the way the winter and spring has gone.

Sugar Snap Peas have sprouted, guess its time to get the trellis up for them.

Potatoes have been planted.  As have about half the carrot seeds.   The rest will go in today or tomorrow depending on time constraints and the weather.

Its about time to start the pumpkins and zucchini seeds.  And first of May I’ll start the corn inside, so that it’ll be well sprouted in time to plant once I’m sure frost has passed.  The sunflowers will just get planted into the ground.

In the greenhouse everything’s looking really good.  I’m hoping that by the end of the month I’ll be able to plant the peppers into the garden with just frost protection for those colder nights, but I’ll have to watch the weather, its been a chilly spring.

Strawberry plants are sprouting and happy.  They definetly spread around their tire, enough so that I may have to move some of the flowers I’d planted in it too.  Happy strawberry plants are worth it though!

Crocus have bloomed and are mostly dying back.  Daffodils have started blooming.  The daylillies are sprouting, as are the iris and tulips.

So far so good!

Why nothing’s in the garden yet

My yard didn’t look quite that bad this morning, but there’s a good covering of white out there.  Temps dropped to the low 20’s.

I made the decision to pull in everything that was out in the greenhouse.  It got NO sun yesterday to help keep it warm, I’m not sure that even the Christmas lights would have been enough at those temps.  Just as glad I did, cause when I went to zip it back up the zipper broke.  So one of my tasks today is to swap out the little greenhouse cover with one of the covers from the other ones I bought.  Guess its what I get for buying cheap, but thats ok, now that I know this concept will work I’m willing to spend more money for next year!

The garlic is sprouting nicely, I replaced its straw covering after checking on it over the weekend and I’m glad I did.

Anyone have any tips on getting rid of ants in a raised bed/gardening container without having to dump and sanitize the whole thing?  Last summer I had a horrid problem with tiny ants farming aphids in one of the containers.  Repeated, HEAVY, dustings with diatomatious earth and powdered hot peppers SEEMED to finally convince them to go elsewhere.  But over the weekend when I went through and loosened and turned over the dirt in the containers that one container still had ants in it.  I gave all of them a heavy coat of DE and mixed it in, but the ants are still there.  I’ve been given the advice of pouring boiling water  on them, which I’m going to try today since it won’t harm anything except possibly the ants, but if that doesn’t work does anyone else have any ideas?

I have to remember to grab the camera

….when I step out my door.  That way when I say things like “the Great Blue Heron barely cleared the house!!!” and “The Osprey was low enough I could see his markings with my bare eyes!!!” everyone will believe me instead of rolling their eyes….

Anyway I managed to catch a few pictures yesterday dispite my forgetting to bring my camera out with me at one point.

This Osprey was collecting nesting materials near me:

IMGA3021a IMGA3022a IMGA3023a IMGA3024a IMGA3027a



And then this Red-Tailed Hawk, with a notched wing, which makes it really easy to ID this bird, decided to claim a spot on my neighbor’s property as his, and proceeded to defend the surrounding airspace with great vigor.  I managed to catch some of it on camera.

7 IMGA3080 IMGA3081 IMGA3082 IMGA3083



At any rate, the garden expansion is in progress, which is a good thing since I’ve been told I need to get the sugar snap peas in the ground NOW.  Hopefully I’ll get them planted this weekend…..

Does anyone know how to contact

The person who blogs at : Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitch Fest?  She’s been hacked.  I’ve had repeated issues over the last few months with her blog, random java loads and the like (I left a comment to that effect at one point too), but this morning her page flat out WILL NOT LOAD properly, it re-directs EVERY time to fake downloads for Java and Flash.  I can’t even leave a comment to let her know, much less figure out how else to contact her.  And her’s is the ONLY page I’m having issues with, and yes I’ve run full scans here anyway just to be safe….


IMGA2970a IMGA2971a IMGA2974a



The Osprey are back:




And the ice melting on the pool (just cause it was a cool picture):




I spotted these deer in a field a few roads over a couple weeks ago, they weren’t pleased to see me though!




My little greenhouse got blown over in the gusting winds a few nights ago.  Looks like most of the plants will survive the experience, but several of the peppers lost their tags…..I’ll be planting those peppers in a mixed group together rather than try to guess I think.  Oh well.

This time at least it wasn’t unexpected

I got up this morning to find an email from my mother, time-stamped just after 1am EST this morning.

My Grandmother died last night, at, or shortly before, midnight local time (Houston TX).

She’s been failing for years, and my Grandfather’s death hit her hard.  Saturday my Mom got a call that Grandma wasn’t eating, and Sunday she flew down.  Doctors think she had a TIA, and as of Tuesday she was only barely eating, barely acknowledging people, and not recognizing those she did acknowledge.  The Hospice folks were of the opinion that she might linger for a couple weeks.  Personally I’m glad she didn’t, starvation isn’t a pleasant way to go, even if you are out of it.

We’re not sure yet if I’ll be flying down for this funeral or not.  I said my goodbyes back in January to be honest, though I’d hoped she might hang on for me to drag my Husband down for a visit later this spring.

The things you notice….

….when you have a temperature of 101….

Why is “patent filled technology” a selling point?  Any specific technology isn’t patent “filled”, it might HAVE a patent, but you don’t fill technology with patents….

Reading John Ringo’s Under A Graveyard Sky, when your temperature is that high, right before bed, results in really really screwy dreams…..

(I’m actually feeling pretty good this morning, no fever!  But I thought that yesterday morning too, only to have the fever back by mid-afternoon, so I’m not holding my breath yet.  Yes, I’m on an antibiotic)

In other news: in the tiny bouts of energy I’ve had in between this cold and the dog show this past weekend (yes, I took Apollo to the show when I had a fever, yes I’m an idiot.  I did try to avoid breathing on anyone though), I managed to get my sprouted peppers and tomatoes out into the greenhouse.  It has been maintaining well above freezing with no problem since mid-day Thursday.  If temps take another dip (which so wouldn’t surprise me) I might have to bring them all in again, but so far its doing well, I even had to open it up yesterday to keep it from spiking to over 100 in there!

The snow is finally melting.  The space I want to put the garden expansion is is clear.  If I can get over this cold I will absolutely be working on that this week.  Cross fingers for me!