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The Osprey are back:




And the ice melting on the pool (just cause it was a cool picture):




I spotted these deer in a field a few roads over a couple weeks ago, they weren’t pleased to see me though!




My little greenhouse got blown over in the gusting winds a few nights ago.  Looks like most of the plants will survive the experience, but several of the peppers lost their tags…..I’ll be planting those peppers in a mixed group together rather than try to guess I think.  Oh well.

1 thought on “Spring!”

  1. Nothing in my yard has bloomed yet, but I don’t know what all is here. It does look like I have some hyacinths whose greenery is poking up, but I may be mis-remembering what the greenery looks like (I know where to look for it at the old house, so never studied the greenery). I did see a couple of crocus flowering when I took the dog for a walk the other day so I guess I don’t have any of those in my yard.

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