This time at least it wasn’t unexpected

I got up this morning to find an email from my mother, time-stamped just after 1am EST this morning.

My Grandmother died last night, at, or shortly before, midnight local time (Houston TX).

She’s been failing for years, and my Grandfather’s death hit her hard.  Saturday my Mom got a call that Grandma wasn’t eating, and Sunday she flew down.  Doctors think she had a TIA, and as of Tuesday she was only barely eating, barely acknowledging people, and not recognizing those she did acknowledge.  The Hospice folks were of the opinion that she might linger for a couple weeks.  Personally I’m glad she didn’t, starvation isn’t a pleasant way to go, even if you are out of it.

We’re not sure yet if I’ll be flying down for this funeral or not.  I said my goodbyes back in January to be honest, though I’d hoped she might hang on for me to drag my Husband down for a visit later this spring.

2 thoughts on “This time at least it wasn’t unexpected”

  1. I am sorry for your loss. When my grandfather passed, I didn’t go to his funeral as I had been there a month earlier saying my goodbye’s, knowing that he wouldn’t last much longer after several severe strokes. It was good that you got to see here one last time.

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