Why nothing’s in the garden yet


My yard didn’t look quite that bad this morning, but there’s a good covering of white out there.  Temps dropped to the low 20’s.

I made the decision to pull in everything that was out in the greenhouse.  It got NO sun yesterday to help keep it warm, I’m not sure that even the Christmas lights would have been enough at those temps.  Just as glad I did, cause when I went to zip it back up the zipper broke.  So one of my tasks today is to swap out the little greenhouse cover with one of the covers from the other ones I bought.  Guess its what I get for buying cheap, but thats ok, now that I know this concept will work I’m willing to spend more money for next year!

The garlic is sprouting nicely, I replaced its straw covering after checking on it over the weekend and I’m glad I did.

Anyone have any tips on getting rid of ants in a raised bed/gardening container without having to dump and sanitize the whole thing?  Last summer I had a horrid problem with tiny ants farming aphids in one of the containers.  Repeated, HEAVY, dustings with diatomatious earth and powdered hot peppers SEEMED to finally convince them to go elsewhere.  But over the weekend when I went through and loosened and turned over the dirt in the containers that one container still had ants in it.  I gave all of them a heavy coat of DE and mixed it in, but the ants are still there.  I’ve been given the advice of pouring boiling water  on them, which I’m going to try today since it won’t harm anything except possibly the ants, but if that doesn’t work does anyone else have any ideas?

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  1. We got snow too. Our frost free date isn’t until the end of May anyway, so I’m not even tempted yet.

    • Depending on which zip code I run (we’re less than a mile from the line between 3) our “average last frost” is either the end of April or mid-May. I’m leaning towards the later date this year!

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