All the way to the left, directly infront of the rain barrels is one of the Hibiscus, though you really can’t see it in this.

(yes, I’m aware there was a shooting.  No, this is as close as commenting as I’m going to get for now.  Why?  1: we don’t actually know much of anything yet, 2: really, we don’t know much at all, 3: really, 4: I refuse to blood dance)

2 thoughts on “Hostas”

  1. That certainly looks like a happy hosta! Your hibiscus is way ahead of mine. It has been so dry the last week that I have been watering mine to help encourage the little shoots that are starting to show. I do still need to take off last year’s dead stalks though so it doesnt’ look like a totally dead thing from a couple feet away 🙂

    • I’ve been watering too. The other Hibiscus are a bit bigger than this one, but this last week has been so dang dry…..screwed up spring! I’ve had to water the hostas! Not something I expected to ever have to do in that corner!

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