Automated cat feeder update 2

So, it worked very well for the first month or so.  The batteries in the base only last about a month, but thats live-able.

The problem:  Shadow is an asshole

He is clearly not deterred by the moving lid (like Trouble was), and clearly started getting pissed about the fact that there’s kibble RIGHT THERE and I CAN’T GET IT.  So every time Trouble would go get kibble he’d hop up behind her to try to horn in and get some while she was eating.  This would cause the lid to close.  Trouble HATES the moving lid.  Trouble now refuses to eat out of it unless we’re there to guard her because Shadow keeps causing the lid to move while she’s eating.

Moving things around to force him to come up from a different direction helped some, but only some.

Haven’t quite figured out the best way to handle it from here…..

5 thoughts on “Automated cat feeder update 2”

  1. A few years ago, we decided to just feed the cats at the same time as the dogs. It took them a while to figure out that the food only showed up twice a day now! But it’s much easier and there’s no chance of one eating too much anymore. Alex even taught them to sit before they get their bowls!

    • Trouble refuses to adapt :/ she insists on grazing. And so when we tried to force the issue of “meal time only” she started losing weight. To the point where there was risk to her health.

  2. “Shadow is an asshole.” – love that statement 😀 . Sorry to be laughing at your and Trouble’s expense though.

    Sometimes our pets are too smart for us. It is tough when one cat/dog grazes, but won’t overeat (or eat enough in a couple of mealtimes, and the others will not only eat just fine with a couple of established mealtimes, but be happy to gorge themselves if any is left out.

    You seem to be very resourceful and I hope you figure out something that works to everyone’s benefit!

    • Mind, Trouble is also an asshole in her own way lol. But yes, inventiveness is required, I’m sure something will occur to me!

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