Something went THUNK against the window…..

….and both cats promptly went nuts trying to get at whatever it was.  So I put down my book, and got up to look outside.  Sure enough a bird had run into one of the front windows.  Kinda that surprised this is the first one (that I’m aware of anyway), though the windows aren’t oversized in anyway.

Figured I might as well go out and see if it was still alive, and if it wasn’t toss the body into the woods for the scavengers.

Little guy sat on my hand for several minutes before deciding to take off.  Very cute.

My husband asked if I’d have done the same for a starling…..and I advised him I wasn’t stupid.  I’d have still gone outside to check on the bird, but I’d have worn gloves and would not have held him till he recovered!  (and yes I scrubbed my hands afterwards!)