Got my waiver!

In the mail today is the letter from the judge giving me permission to use references from my former home county instead of my current home county in the request for a pistol license.  Nice and quick, basically a week from the time I sent it to the time I got it back.

Next step is to go ahead and get the notorizations done on the application in the appropriate places and call to make the appointment to turn it in.

I will continue to update here.

4 thoughts on “Got my waiver!”

  1. Why does it matter, as long as your references are in the same state? Very strange, but congratulations on your pursuit of the license despite barriers.

    BTW just finished Magic Bites, and loved it!

  2. Cause this is NY and they have to make it as hard as possible? (thats pretty much the only reason I can come up with too, I'm sure the creators of the rule HAD a reasoning……right?)


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