It was felt locally to me, including by several of my coworkers, though somehow I missed it despite being in the same room.  A quick check with the folks I personally know who live in VA confirmed everyone ok (including Apollo’s breeder, which is just as well as I pity any emergency personel who would have to enter her property, especially if something brought down any of the internal fences).

Lots of reports of general lack of damage in the Capitol and NYC, I did finally find a report stating what damage happened in VA around the epicenter, all of which sounds reletively minor as such things go considering that 5.9 isn’t a small earthquake.  Cross fingers that the aftershocks don’t cause any more.

Edited to add: THIS is what I was looking.  I still say minor damage all things considered, but I hope for the sake of the folks who live there at they get some help rebuilding since it sounds like the insurance companies don’t intend to pay up!