Life has been a bit interesting the last month or so.

First husband ends up on strike.  Then they call off the strike, but they don’t have a new contract, which means that they could go BACK on strike at any time.

Then my parents arrive, and well, I already posted about that visit.  Lets just say I’m very glad they’re home again.

Then a week ago today, Husband is leaving to go to work, and walks back into the house informing me that he’s seeing double.  Now seeing double COULD just mean he needs new glasses, the ones he’s currently got are going on two years old, but it ALSO could mean alot of bad things as well, so off we go to the urgent care clinic.  Urgent care promptly freaks out cause double vision combined with the insane headache he’d had the night before COULD mean stroke, so instead of sitting in the waiting room for a couple hours like usual he had a room to himself in about 5 minutes.  Doctor pokes and prods and asks questions and decides that its PROBABLY not a stroke, but we’re going to run an EKG, and a CAT scan just to make sure we’re not missing anything.  CAT scan came back normal, EKG informed us that his heart rate was a bit off the low end of normal.  Doctor says he wants Husband to follow up with a Neurologist and a Cardiologist just in case and sends us home.  So Monday he calls his regular doctor to set up the appropriate referrals, doc says come in so I can look at you first (not a huge surprise).  They do another EKG, and this one comes back normal.  Doc says that he thinks its probably nothing more than a sinus infection from hell, but we’ll check with the cardiologist and the neurologist just to be sure, and since you already have an appointment with an ear/nose/throat specialist Tuesday make sure you mention all this to him.

So Tuesday he goes to see the E/N/T specialist, an appointment he’s been waiting for a couple months now, cause for the last couple years he’s been getting sinus infections every 3 or 4 months, so by now the usual drugs don’t work very well on him, and the newer/less commonly used drugs give him vertigo, which means he basically ends up suffering through several days (and occasionally a couple weeks) of headaches, feeling nasty, and green snot far to regularly.  Cat scan of is sinuses showed some interesting artifacts in the sinus pathways so off to a specialist  you go.  The specialist listens to the whole story, sets him up to see an allergist (so he knows exactly what he’s dealing with), a balance trainer (cause chances are the vertigo isn’t going to be curable), and an appointment to take a closer look at the insides of his sinuses (I don’t want to know).  Specialist also agrees that its possible a sinus infection could cause the double vision, and stop taking the Allegra cause that could be making your sinus infections worse.  Instead take Ommaris and methylprednisone and we’ll see what happens.

So the fun’s not over yet, though by this time we’re  not really expecting the cardiologist or the neurologist to tell us anything bad, I really hope the E/N/T specialist can do something about the sinus infections though.  We were hoping that once we moved they’d go away, but that didn’t happen.

Edited to add: So yes, things could be aLOT worse, but that doesn’t keep it from being frustrating trying to keep up with it all…..

2 thoughts on “Life”

  1. The Wonderful Spouse went thru repeated sinus infections several years ago. I could tell that they were no fun! The doc told him he probably had allergies. We scoffed – who gets allergies after 47 years?

    Apparently a lot of people. WS finally went in to an allergiest, found he was llergic to dust mites, mold, pine pollen, dogs (only a little). Yep, NOTHING that we have around here – LOL.

    He also had some sort of scan of his sinuses and they said he had a deviated septum that needed fixed. Well, somehow all that went away when he got his allergies straightened out. WS also hasn't had a sinus infection since he went on allergy meds.

    This is a long way of saying, I hope it is something simple to fix like allergies for your husband.

  2. Well, he's definetly got allergies, already knew that. We'd thought that the apartment we were in was causing the issue. I KNOW there was a mold problem there. But its not gone away since we moved out.

    And yes, there was a comment about his septum, and there's a cyst in one sinus cavity, and something else the PCP didn't know what it was. Fun.

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