As much as I’m not looking forward to winter…..

…..I do have to say that I AM looking forward to getting rid of the mosquito’s.  I know some area’s of the country are dry as hell, but here we’ve had the opposite problem, its been so wet as to having low grade flooding almost constantly all summer (which the exception of the month of July), seriously, we’re talking standing water in my yard every time we get even a little bit of rain.  And that doesn’t even take into account what Irene and her ilk dumped on us.  So the mosquito’s are a constant voracious pest, even at high noon they’re all over.  I can’t wait till they’re gone!

Just came in from taking the puppy out for a potty break and even with the Off Clip On (which normally does a pretty decent job at keeping them off) I’m itching in several spots.