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I just picked two today, though there were a few more that caught my eye.

Store refuses to accept coins as payment.  I’ve been on both sides of this, both the person buying stuff with coins only, and the cashier having to take them, and its less than plesent from either side, but I really can’t beleive the store outright refused them.  I remember scrounging change in college so I could buy $5 in gas, and I still occasionally scrounge a $1 so I can have a donut with out breaking my budget.  I always feel bad handing the cashier that handfull of change, cause even though the change is usefull they still have to count it so as to make sure their cash drawer stays correct.  I’ll admit that $32 in change is a bit much, but it was in quarters which means its REALLY EASY to count out.  I think the best part of the article though is that the news people called the stores twice, once as newsies, and once as your average Joe, and got two different answers!

Dog bites Halloween Prankster.  So, boyfriend decides it’ll be fun to scare his girlfriend, girlfriend gets so freaked out her dog (a Rotti) feels the need to protect her and bites the boyfriend.  First off the article doesn’t say if the dog has any official history of aggression, but in the over all scheme of things I’m not sure that makes a difference in my feelings on this (it makes a difference to the dog and girlfriend though, if the dog does this could be a final straw).  First off: kick out that boyfriend.  Sorry, if he was doing something that aggressively scary he needs to go.  2nd, I’d be willing to bet that the dog and boyfriend never got along well in the first place, if the dog liked him it would have been less likely to cause actual harm in guarding its master (sorry for the “it” the article doesn’t say if its male or female).  3rd “Eggers told officers at the hospital he knew the dog was just doing its job, protecting Yeida, but that he wanted the dog put down.”  Cause yah, anything that protects your loved ones has to go huh?  Sorry dude, if you were my boyfriend you’d be gone.  And if this incident resulted in the loss of my dog I’d probly sue too.

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  1. Well, there is no FEDERAL statute obligating merchants to accept cash. That being said, it is a bit daft NOT to accept cash, even if it is in the form of change.

    And I'm with you, if the dog didn't like him that muich and if he was that big a donkey then she really should give him a permanent invitation to the world.

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