There is NO Blue Buffalo Recall for canine Chicken Jerky

I think I need a new label for “just cause you found it online doesn’t make it true”.

Anyway, I posted a few days ago about an FDA caution on chicken jerky treats.  Apparently there is someone out there spreading the rumor that the FDA has issued a recall on Blue Buffalo brand items for the exact same problem.  This mis-information was being spread initially via Facebook (sigh), and from there upset animal people took it to various forums where its spread around the web.  So lets get this straight.  Not only is there no recall on Blue Buffalo, the FDA hasn’t issued ANY recalls for this issue.

There WAS a Blue Buffalo recall last year, due to excessive amounts of  vitamin D in the foods.  This was a voluntary recall and not forced by the FDA.  Some of the end symptoms were similar to the symptoms to look out for now.  I can only assume that some IDIOT one was attempting to look up the FDA caution, ran across reference to the Blue Buffalo recall, and didn’t check the dates on that information.  They promptly had a freakout and that was the end of that. 

Look people, Stop spreading rumors, AND CHECK YOUR FACTS before spreading any further lies.

Edited to add:

People are now reporting that their local news media have picked up on the “Blue Buffalo Recall”.  Folks, if there’s a recall neither Blue Buffalo or the FDA are aware of it.   You can check on pet food recalls listed by the FDA here.  The only Blue Buffalo recalls listed are OLD.

Blue Buffalo stated the following on their Facebook page:

Blue Buffalo chicken jerky products are safe and NOT made in China.Normally, we wouldn’t post about an issue that does not impact us, but we feel it’s necessary to clear up some confusion about the latest FDA warning. The FDA is warning that there might be a danger to pet health associated with chicken jerky dog treats that are made in China (see link with this post). Blue Buffalo makes NO products in China and does not source proteins/fruits/vegetables/grains from China. All BLUE products are made in the US. Also note that the FDA has not yet described any recall action for other brands, though that doesn’t mean they will not at some point. Regardless, it will not impact BLUE. Thanks for your support. –BB

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  1. That is so true.

    There was absolutely no solid information on a Blue Buffalo recall. (Exception Oct 2010: Voluntary Recall-Vitamin D issue.

    Many people never bother to read close enough and they are so eager to get on our soapbox.

    People need to READ…

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