To the major news network…..

…..who’s name starts with A(BC). If, when I click on a link to your site, you show me a page telling me about your new nifty iPad version of the site “click here to go to the iPad optimized version of our site”, then you can damn well ALSO give me an option to NOT go to the new nifty iPad optimized version. And when I go back and try the link again do NOT automatically load the iPAD optimized version of your site. Mobile versions of sites suck, your’s is no different.

Quick morning thought

Weekend Pundit linked to a page where someone asked for differences between the US and other countries, things that really struck those folks when visiting the USA.  So of course I had to go read.  I am less than halfway through the page, and about to be late for work lol, but I had to comment on this one, less than  halfway through the page, and its been repeated 4 times already with mimimal variations:

there is police everywhere in the US and they are not friendly or helpful, yet they display slogans like “protect and serve” without a hint of irony on their cars. also: they drive like complete idiots.

Yah, its bad when the non-citizens notice it that clearly too.

Satellite photo hoax

So, someone is spreading around this photo:

and telling everyone its a satellite photo taken during the recent power outages on the east coast.

*sigh*  I can’t blame the lady on my Facebook friends list who shared, she’s a perfectly nice older lady who’s really that clueless, so I sent her a private message instead of posting in the comments, though I almost changed my mind after I saw the originial version had 346 shares……

Look, this is the EXACT SAME PHOTO as was spread by email forwarders after the major east coast power outage in 2003.  It was confirmed a photo-shopped hoax then, and it hasn’t changed any.

Really people, don’t believe everything you see online, or are sent via email forward, it just goes to show how stupid you are (and don’t even get me started on the “Proctor & Gamble are owned by devil worshipers” forward…..)

Browser h*ll

Ok, hate IE, have for ever.  Only have it on the computer cause there are things that just don’t work right on other browsers.

Usually use Firefox (latest greatest updated version, bleh).  Except ever since the last update Firefox insists on loading some pages from the cache instead of from the server, and so things aren’t updating right (like, when I head over to the Gun Blog Blacklist, and it shows me post listings from two days ago….) unless I force Firefox to reload by holding shift while clicking refresh.  And I can’t find the setting to tell it to auto clear the cache when I close the browser (haven’t actually dug that hard yet, its been one of those weeks months).  Grrrr

Have Chrome, but I’m pissed at Google, so I prefer not to use it, but Firefox locked up for 15minutes when I forced it to clear the cache, so I want to download Opera to play with, except when I try to download the install file Chrome tells me Opera is an evil virus that’s going to kill my system (ok, I paraphrased). 

Finally get Opera installed, attempt to log into to Blogger to make this post…..and Opera freezes up and I end up Ctrl-Alt-Del to make it go away (Windows has a fix would you like to see it? There’s an updated version of this program availilble…..BS I JUST DOWNLOADED THIS VERSION, arg).

At about that point Firefox unfroze and I could vent my frustration to the world.

All this after attempting to install the latest greatest version of Yahoo Messenger cause the version I was using broke, and it took a half an hour because first it wouldn’t download (check your firewall settings, reboot and try again), then it downloaded but wouldn’t install (so I turned off the virus scanner too), and then it wouldn’t download again…..(so I turned everything back on and tried again, and PRESTO it downloaded and installed no problem)

Remind me again while I like computers??

There was something in the yard last night

Based on the prints left in the frost it has doggy like paws about half the size of Apollo’s.  I’m thinking coyote, but it could be stray dog.  Whatever it was Apollo was NOT AMUSED.  He spent half an hour this morning dragging me around the front yard, sniffing prints, peeing on strategic spots, and huffing away to himself.  He’s now sitting infront of one of the front windows and won’t even come to breakfast.

Today’s links

I just picked two today, though there were a few more that caught my eye.

Store refuses to accept coins as payment.  I’ve been on both sides of this, both the person buying stuff with coins only, and the cashier having to take them, and its less than plesent from either side, but I really can’t beleive the store outright refused them.  I remember scrounging change in college so I could buy $5 in gas, and I still occasionally scrounge a $1 so I can have a donut with out breaking my budget.  I always feel bad handing the cashier that handfull of change, cause even though the change is usefull they still have to count it so as to make sure their cash drawer stays correct.  I’ll admit that $32 in change is a bit much, but it was in quarters which means its REALLY EASY to count out.  I think the best part of the article though is that the news people called the stores twice, once as newsies, and once as your average Joe, and got two different answers!

Dog bites Halloween Prankster.  So, boyfriend decides it’ll be fun to scare his girlfriend, girlfriend gets so freaked out her dog (a Rotti) feels the need to protect her and bites the boyfriend.  First off the article doesn’t say if the dog has any official history of aggression, but in the over all scheme of things I’m not sure that makes a difference in my feelings on this (it makes a difference to the dog and girlfriend though, if the dog does this could be a final straw).  First off: kick out that boyfriend.  Sorry, if he was doing something that aggressively scary he needs to go.  2nd, I’d be willing to bet that the dog and boyfriend never got along well in the first place, if the dog liked him it would have been less likely to cause actual harm in guarding its master (sorry for the “it” the article doesn’t say if its male or female).  3rd “Eggers told officers at the hospital he knew the dog was just doing its job, protecting Yeida, but that he wanted the dog put down.”  Cause yah, anything that protects your loved ones has to go huh?  Sorry dude, if you were my boyfriend you’d be gone.  And if this incident resulted in the loss of my dog I’d probly sue too.