Thoughts and bits

People who are skilled with big huge power tools like backhoes and lifters and such things are amazing to watch as they do incredibly delicate tasks with them.

There’s something wrong when the gas station at the rest stop on the toll-highway is almost $.10 less than the average price in the surrounding area.

To the idiot in the newer model Audi with the official plates that starts with PD and end with 2F.  This is the 3rd time in 6 months that you have blown by me at an extremely high rate of speed while I was on my way into work.  The only reason I’ve not called that 800# on your license plate to report your mad driving skillz is cause it amuses me to no end when, 15 minutes later in my drive, I pull up behind you in the turn lane at the major intersection.  However the amusement only lasts so long.  If I’m doing 60 in a 55 and you blow by me at such a high rate of speed I have trouble reading your plate, you’re going WAY TO FAST to even consider stopping when that deer steps out infront of you, much less that child….

Also, to another idiot, it behooves you to actually READ the email before having a complete panic over it, doing it in the opposite order just convinces me that I’m right about how stupid you are.