David Hunt, stationed (possibly formerly) in Fort Benning GA, we found Maggie

Saw this on my local news last night.  Maggie is a Golden Retriever found wandering in the Oswego NY area last week.  She had no collar, but her microchip IDed her as Maggie, owned by one David Hunt, stationed in Fort Benning GA.  Attempts to contact Mr Hunt have been without any luck.  The article doesn’t give any details, but it makes me wonder if Maggie was fostered while her owner was overseas and has escaped.  I know some of you who read this are former military, and maybe have some connections to people or places who might be able to help track down Maggie’s owner.  Lets see if we can help reunite a service person with their dog, shall we?



Update:  Mr Hunt’s wife has contacted the Granby ACO, Maggie was his service dog, unfortunetly he died a couple months ago.