My head is killing me…

Allergies or early sinus infection I’m not sure, though likely the allergies caused the sinus infection if thats what it is.  I was taking Clariton for them, but it wasn’t cutting it any more.  At my doctors suggestion I’m trying Zyrtec now.  We tried to go right to a higher powered prescrition med and my insurance had a cow, so we’re going to have to work my way up to it.  I will say that since I don’t normally have sinus infections in the spring (fall yes, spring no) if thats what this turns out to be we’ll be giving up on the Zyrtec…..

2 thoughts on “My head is killing me…”

  1. I’ve been taking zyrtec almost daily for, like 12 years. Claritin or whatever the other things are called don’t do squat for me. And three allergy shots at least once a month (or twice a month in the spring). Already had my yearly spring allergy attack-turns-into-sinus infection, and am just finishing up the antibiotics. Hopefully it doesn’t come back. I hate spring because it promises such nice weather and then kicks me over and over in the face until summer.

  2. I’m allergic to basically everything on the standard allergy test (except cows, go figure), though individually I’m not THAT allergic to most of it. But usually with the help of allergy meds SPRING isn’t to bad, not pleasent, but not bad, FALL on the other hand…… Allegra has never done anything for me, Claritin USED too, but the last couple years it hasn’t been enough. I can’t recall the name of the high powered prescription stuff my doctor wanted to try, but my insurance had a cow. So we’ll try Zyrtec, and if that doesn’t cut it work our way up to make the insurance happy.

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