Wild life

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve got wild turkeys out back.  We see them off and on, though I don’t believe Apollo has ever actually seen them, I know he’s smelled them though. 

This morning when I took the dogs out for their morning potty break I could hear what sounded like (at first listen) a bunch of kids laughing/yelling off the back of the property.  Which didn’t make sense since thats miles of forest….then I realized it was turkeys making all that noise.  Apollo was not amused.  He braced into a very aggressive stance and started huffing.  Arty was oblivious.  Since Arty had finished his business, and Apollo showed no sign of starting I coaxed them back to the house…only to get DRAGGED in the door by Apollo.    When I left for work Husband took the dogs out again, normal schedule, and he says that shortly after I left the turkeys started back up again.  Apollo turned and booked it for the house with all speed and determination.  Since he weighed in at 98lbs a couple weeks ago there’s not much that’ll stop him from going in the direction he wants to go……when Husband texted me to tell me I had to laugh at my goofy puppy…..

Then this afternoon on my way home a BIG dark and white bird, with a white head soared over the road….and just now when I took the dogs out an equally big bird soared overhead….I’m thinking we got Bald Eagles nearby!