Supreme Court ruling triggers scams.

Snowplows required, to clear the bugs?

Police decide not to announce themselves, for safety of course.

Authorities say his parents weren’t involved….

Thats one way to have your own honey.

Just go ahead and shoot him now.

A little girl’s hero.

Those’re some clouds.

What are they teaching kids now that standing under a tree in a thunderstorm seemed a good idea??

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  1. In defence of the soccer players, there is no good place “outside” to stand during a storm the produces lightning. You are supposed to avoid open spaces, where you are taller than anuthing around you. But, you need to avoid being around anything taller than you. Also, don’t be near water, or touch wet ground. Even laying down in an open area is no good because you present a large area to be targeted by lightning.

    So, if unable to get to a building (and not a small outbuilding – they offer no protection), there is just no good alternative; the best being to stay as small as possible by crouching, in a relatively open area (but don’t be the tallest thing there).

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