Planning next years garden

So, garlic has been ordered and will be planted in one or two tubs depending on how I feel about it, so thats all set.

Herbs will maintain in their containers, hopefully anyway. 

I plan to add several more containers for other stuff, how many will depend on what I end up wanting to plant.

Jalapenos for sure.  Hubby loved the jelly, so I may go ahead and up the quantity of plants.

Sweet peppers again, hopefully with better success….

Pumpkins again, mine didn’t produce any seeds, but I found a place that I can order seeds of the same variety from so I’m thinking I’m going to start those inside early and try for a head start this time.

What else?  I’m thinking carrots, but the rest of it….we aren’t big tomato people, though I suppose I could try my hand at sauce or ketchup.  I’d kinda like to try melons again….things to think on over the winter!

2 thoughts on “Planning next years garden”

  1. Too bad the pumpkin didn’t produce seeds – nothing better than fresh roasted pumpkin seeds for a snack (and if roasted right, they stay good a long time).

    I keep thinking about trying garlic, but we aren’t big garlic people and I usually get mine out of a jar of minced garlic. I know it’s better fresh, but I am in love with my excuses.

    • Yah, I haven’t had roasted pumpkin seeds in forever…..

      Our garlic intake varies, but most of the family eats it too. I’m not going to plant lots anyway, this is a trial run basically, but we DO like fresh garlic….

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