Windows updates—-computers suck

Its times like this that make me wonder why I’m still using Windows…

Installed a bunch of updates and rebooted the computer.  Computer comes back on and I get the icon for no wired internet connection.  Lovely.  The updates musta screwed with a setting.  So I turn on the wireless (for research and fun stuff) and start poking around the computer.  Nothing’s working.  I’m gonna be pissed if one of the updates really did break the wired connection……decide to try one more thing, turn off the wireless…..and HEY!!! I still have internet.  So basically, I HAVE wired internet, the computer just won’t admit it even when I’m connected via it.


I hate computers.


edit: Fixed, updated a couple drivers and found something online suggesting that some security software that does link scanning will do it, so I turned all that off (it wasn’t supposed to be on in the first place, that was annoying), rebooted, and presto, the computer admits its got a connection again!