Clyde NY man arrested for protecting home from vandals

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So this guy is helping renovate his FIL’s house, which is directly next door to his.  Late at night he hears noises consistent with vandals.  Has his wife call 911 and goes over to confront them.  Finds 4 children, who he recognized, ages 8-10 with hammers and spray paint (estimates are $50k in damages), grabs the hammers and orders the kids into a closet till the police get there.  Honestly at this point I don’t really care if he DID threaten the kids with a hammer (though he says he didn’t) or if he grabbed one or more and forced them into the closet.  8yrs old or not.  These kids just did a HUGE amount of aggressive damage to the house, if all 4 had turned on him with the hammers they had in their hands he’d have been hard-pressed to defend himself empty handed

And then the parents have a complete COW because he “threatened” their children, and forced them into the closet instead of just walking them home…….

The GOOD news in the story is that apparently all charges against Mr Daniels are expected to be dropped AND that the DA is expecting to charge the PARENTS with endangerment and possibly other charges…..

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  1. I hope justice is served in this one sooner or later. What an outrage! I can’t imagine what we would have done if our kids had done something like that.

    • I’d have spent the rest of my childhood paying back the damages (regardless of the court apointed damages) and my parents costs in legal fees…..

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