McAfee SiteAdvisor blackmailing and slandering sites

Yet another reason not to use McAfee.  It was bad enough when their SiteAdvisor was flagging sites based on one single review, or for software flagged as good on other sites.  Now they’re flagging sites as RED for no reason! is the free-ware I recommended back in my post on piracy protection on ebooks.

I took this screenshot of the listing on McAfee’s SiteAdvisor page just a minute ago:


See something, anything, that might be causing that red flag?  Yah, me neither.  Here’s a screenshot of the comments:


And Calibre is by no means the first this has happened to.

At least one site was blackmailed into paying $32,000 to get their listing fixed! (link may be a bit wonky, I think the Calibre folks have over-loaded it reading it)

Another article.

And another.

More info.